How To Stop Worrying and Finally Start Living


Most people in this day and age are addicted to worrying about all kinds of things, such as their future and so much that they forget the importance of the present moment and living there. They even lack the awareness of the extent their addiction has a hold on them, as they don’t realise they have this addiction in the first place. Nevertheless the obsession to constantly wonder what’s next to come, the fear of the unknown, as well as the desire to control their lives, keeps people stuck in a loop where they become prisoners of their own mind and destiny. It’s fair to say that as long as a person fails to control their perception and remains uncontrollably reactive to their outside circumstances, they are doomed to be led toward a path that’s unfavorable to them personally and lies further away from their true intent.

Worrying comes from an innate inability to trust properly. When a person has faith in a higher power, he generally will face less worry and stress as oppose to someone who’s not a believer and therefore has little to no faith in a creative or godly power. Faith is something that creates peace, tranquillity and trust within us. It gives us the power to surrender to life’s challenges and overcome difficulties with more ease because we trust in something that’s all-knowing and sees the bigger picture before we do. There is an obvious difference in people who come from a religious background than those who are atheists and the difference is in the fact that religious people tend to have more of what’s called a keen trust in life and their future compared to those who are disbelievers. It doesn’t matter what religion a person comes from, it’s the quality of their faith in a supreme power that determines how much or little they are able to go with the flow of life. Religion or spiritual belief itself is merely the driving force behind faith that stimulates and creates the vibrations necessary to overcome worry. However it doesn’t matter what religion someone practices or who or what their God is if they seek to have faith, as long as they have a successful belief system that works for them.

You may have noticed that in this article, I focus a lot on faith in order to overcome worry and how to cultivate faith, I will now discuss further. Possibly the most profound information I came across in relation to write this article comes from a book called “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale and is a worldwide bestseller that has sold over 15 million copies. The book has a lot of religious, that is Christian connotations, that have been used to teach the power of the mind. It includes various Bible verses that explain how to use and direct the subconscious rightly but also how affirmations work and how to use them precisely to your benefit. I found out about the book through a woman who became well-known as “the contest queen”; a woman who won well over 5000 prizes during the course of her life! Her name is Helene Hadsell and she mentioned reading this book in one of her interviews on Youtube and claimed to after reading it discovering the secret to attracting everything she wanted. She developed a deep sense of faith through reading various books that helped her recognize and establish a strong mental foundation and inner power from where she intentionally used her knowledge to manifest her dream life. That’s the power I want to make you familiar with, an invisible but real power that lies within all of us. Helene happened to achieve most of her successes through winning various contests but your wins can come through all sorts of different things, and I don’t mean only material things. My goal in telling her story is not for you to go and apply to every contest like she did, it’s about knowing the power that you have and using it to your advantage.

I just told the story of a woman who became successful and victorious in life because she knew and found out about the invisible powers that govern our universe. We are not different from her and neither is she different from us; the only difference is that she understood how life works or how everything comes into physical manifestation. If you want to stop unnecessary worry and stress once and for all, I highly recommend looking into Helene Hadsell’s interviews on Youtube to get a glimpse on her strong yet unique mind-set. In one of her interviews she says: “I’m not in competition with anyone but myself”. This goes to show what her outlook on life really was like, as she clearly states in other words that no other person or influence can negatively impact her, unless she allows it. She knew that she was fully responsible for everything in her life and that only she had the power to create the life she wants. It’s not a requirement but highly advisable to have true faith and to believe in God or a universal power because that faith will always propel you toward your desires, if you let it be so. It’s not a coincidence that active prayer work works, when used in the proper way. (I will write an article about this on how to do this in the future) Prayer simply works by actively and intentionally manipulating energy to your will in order to work for you. It’s not a negative or bad thing since we are and always have been manipulating energy but when doing prayer, we are consciously using our energetic powers to manifest. Ending worry or worrisome beliefs is all about knowing who you truly are at the deepest level, that is a soul-being. When you know who you are, you automatically slowly but surely drop all limitations that hold you back from you truest potential. From there, you start to work on building your faith and a relationship with the divine, God or the universe. Whatever you name it is personal to you and has little significance. Build that connection and practice prayer, that is how to finally end worrying and start living.