Why Loving Deeply is an Empath’s Greatest Superpower


The ability to care and love deeply or rather unconditionally is often discredited or undervalued, as we live in a world that does not prioritize high emotional EQ and mutual giving love and respect on an above surface level. Empaths or empathetic people are precious people and still are quite rare; sometimes they don’t even recognize themselves how valuable they are in modern society that is driven by egotism, cruelty and personal gain. Many people today unfortunately are very egotistical and self-centered; narcissism or narcissistic traits among the population therefore is extremely present and has made its way very obvious. This makes the empathetic person comparable to a hidden gem, since they have something that sets them apart from what society has been conditioned to become: a large group of apathetic individuals who are emotionally withdrawn or detached from their own emotions and those of others and often are blind followers of the “matrix program”.

I want to start by sharing a comment that someone recently posted on one of Aaron Doughty’s (a famous American spiritual and personal development teacher) short videos on Instagram, where Aaron had a message specially directed to empaths. In this video he explained the importance of individualization, as in one recognising their own sense of self with reference to other people. The reason he marked this as an important statement is - because in his own words - "some empaths or empathetic people have the inclination to tune themselves to other individuals and in doing so, place too much focus and attention on them in order to receive approval of self and get their validation instead of bringing the awareness back to themselves and recognising their own frame”, as he calls it. Someone commented the following to that: “What empaths need to hear is that identifying as an empath is still a trap of the ego. So many empaths feel a sense of superiority in identifying as an empath and they remain unaware that their ego loves it.” I thought this was an interesting comment so I commented back and gave my personal opinion: “I’d say it all depends on how you deal with seeing yourself as an empath”.  They then finally agreed with what I said because that is the truth; being an empath can be positive or negative based on how you deal with it. If you consider yourself an empath but you view yourself or act as if you are above others because of it, maybe you should reconsider whether or not you really are that kind of person. However I also agree that it can be easy to fall into an ego trap but then again, everything has its positive and negative side and which side you are on depends on your level of consciousness, just like that person later stated in another comment directed to me.

That all said, I do believe that having a higher sense of awareness where you feel deeply spiritually connected to other people and all living kind is a true gift from God and really can be seen as a superpower. Such people many times also have the special gift of high intuition, clairvoyance and healing others just by their presence or using their energy in a constructive way. That goes to say that empaths generally are natural healers and should use their powers in a way to give and teach love to others but they can only do so if they themselves have done the inner work and are healed from previous wounds. If you are an empath reading this, consider yourself very lucky and attempt to not get swayed by pity or poor opinions of others who claim that you are “too sensitive” or “too naive”. Yes, you may see the world differently and maybe a little through rose-colored glasses compared to them but that does not mean that you should change or be different or that something is wrong with you. I remember being a young child and being told by my mother countless times how I am so sensitive, as if it’s a negative trait when it’s not. She often said that after I got emotional over something she did or said to me and even though I was a lot more emotionally reactive back then, I never considered my sensitivity as being destructive or mostly unfavourable to me in any way. In fact, it helped me a lot in numerous occasions where I probably would have handled things a lot differently if it weren't for me being spiritually gifted like this. My empathetic abilities go hand in hand with having all of my senses being extremely heightened, therefore I am able to save myself greatly from a lot of unnecessary and unwanted conditions. If you can intuitively feel or see beforehand what an outcome may bring, you are more likely to take the right decision before acting or stepping into it. That is another detail of what makes this ability a wonderful superpower.

Of course having such a great capacity to know love and that is, to be love, on a deeper level is not all sunshine and rainbows. As an empath you will probably get your heart broken a lot, whether that is in a romantic or platonic way. Because emotions are felt so strongly and empaths have a much more significant understanding of what love means, it is easier for a lot of them to get swept up or carried away by their feelings and get hurt. All of my life I have personally felt incredibly sensitive to other people’s energy. Many times it wasn’t necessarily the case that they were in the same room or place as me or that I would physically see or hear them, it was just that I could feel their energy from a distance and whenever I would sense very negative or even malicious energy coming from them, especially when (often subconsciously) directed to me personally, it would impact my mental and emotional state. (as of currently I will even feel physically ill depending on the “vibe” I get from the other person) Nevertheless now that I am much more aware, I can recognize very easily that that energy is coming from thém as opposed in the past and that it’s not my own. That I’d say is the beauty of being an empath, that you have an extraordinary way to know people’s soul and true intentions, especially as you learn to grow your ability. Most empaths are naturally very intuitive much more than they are naive or too trusting; this makes them good at dissecting who’s in their best interest and who isn’t. This is a skill that does develop as they grow older and become more of an adult, because contrary to when they're younger, they might be faced with more opposition when it comes to finding a healthy way to balance their personal wants and needs in relationships.