How to be Comfortable and Happy in an Ever-Changing World


The world as we know it is changing at a rapid rate and faster than ever before it seems like. We are talking about high tech businesses taking over the world, supermarket foods containing high toxicity levels, worldwide depression and emotional suppression, spirituality gaining a new perspective etc. The rise of high technology consisting of machines and AI has altered our society’s future forever, in the sense that people are now becoming even more hooked and socially dependent on technology. Car producing company Tesla uses high technology in order to fabricate electrical cars and it has become one of the major must-haves in the automotive equipment. The majority of people are addicted to their smartphones and social media, unwilling or unable to cut down the amount of time spent on their devices. While many do not really recognize a significant issue with that, meanwhile there is much more happening behind the scenes; we are currently witnessing the rise of big tech companies mass-producing and incorporating humanoid robots within human society. That actually sounds cooler than what it means, cause what it means for many people is loss of financial security. Over the coming years many more people will lose their jobs due to humanlike robots taking over their work tasks, as these modern-day humanoids are mainly developed to carry out human tasks and employment roles. Developers of such companies claim that the pandemic has accelerated the need for humanoids, especially in the healthcare, hospitality and retail industries.

Humanoids are one thing that is changing our world’s future and economy, but that is not the only thing. In fact there are many things happening that are worrisome and should raise society’s attention. We also are seeing a rise within the popularity and consumption of the biological and vegan industry, which is definitely a great thing. But at the same time we are also seeing an increase in GMO foods in our local supermarkets. The danger that these sort of foods bring are not without caution or consequences. The list of effects and risks are as followed;

  • Nutrition loss
  • Inflammation
  • Allergic reactions
  • Organ damage
  • Immuno-suppression
  • Antibiotic resistance
  • Cancer

Because of the worldwide pandemic, its variations and other viruses that are now among us, a lot of people are dealing with depression and (suppressed) emotions of frustration, fear and anger toward others and government figures.  This causes more harm to people’s mental health and for some even physical health. Many individuals have due to this become afraid to closely physically connect with other people and have therefore become more socially distant and more seclused from the outside world. This raises alarm bells since people are nonetheless social beings and have a natural need to emotionally and physically connect with other mankind. The pandemic has caused a great number of inflation in global depression rates. NBC Universal's American News Channel CNBC reported that depression cases have tripled over the course of the first year of the pandemic, this according to research from Boston University. It is reported that about 8% of U.S. adults experienced depression before the pandemic. But a survey of 1,161 people taken between March and April of 2020 shows that that statistic has jumped to 28%. What’s even more profound is that these researchers surveyed the same people a year later and recognized an increase to even 32%. This shows merely an example of the daunting effects of the global pandemic upon people’s mental well-being.

One positive manifestation as a result of the pandemic is that many more individuals all over the world are rising in consciousness or awareness. Because people are spending less time with others and instead more with themselves, it for many causes a greater interest in self-reflection and particularly analysing life in general. What has become notably common and interesting, is that spirituality is no longer a subject that is only engaged by people of religious and esoteric backgrounds. The spiritual community has greatly expanded even more during the pandemic to where people now are openly discussing and sharing related topics and personal experiences on their social media more than ever. What seems to be obvious and often talked about within the community is the topic of “spiritual awakening”. Awakening or spiritual awakening is basically a process where one “awakens” to a new profound realization of reality and who they  are, and so it is a shift in consciousness. Spiritual awakening has become inevitable and evident because of current global occurences. It is most definitely a thrilling and life-changing phenomenon to acknowledge such vital changes on the planet, altering future possibilities for all of human society for the greater good. As this awakening will continue to affect more people, the collective will slowly adapt to higher states of consciousness and move into elevated energy frequencies.

How you can be comfortable and happy within this fast-pacing world is to teach yourself to not attach yourself too much, but more so detach from the material world, as well as things you have no control over. Let go of the need to control things and try to stay present as much as possible.  This will allow you to be more focused on what is happening now rather than worrying about the future or remaining stuck in things that happened in the past. You furthermore only want to be concerned about your own share of tasks. It is impossible for one person to stop wars or prevent GMO foods from distributing and it is also not your responsibility. Focus on what you can do and what you are good at. You can do your part as a means to save the world, but within your own means. Meaning if you are a great speaker for example with significant knowledge in regards to what you want to speak about, you might want to consider public speaking and sharing your viewpoints. Take your awareness of the negative and focus on what is working well. Even one person doing this matters since we are all connected and entangled with one another and thus the more you do this, the more you also positively impact the whole world. Another important thing to remember is that there is no need to worry too much about these mass global changes, as these are part of human and global evolution. This might sound somewhat contradictory when you consider the subject of wars and humanoid robots etc, but the truth is that humans will continue to want to experiment, with whatever that may be. In some cases this will mean a destruction at firsthand, but ultimately even the destruction signifies the cause for greater awareness, empathetic abilities and an ability for more love in our world.