The Top 3 Most Important Questions to Ask Yourself to Manifest Your Desires


When we talk about manifestation or conscious reality creation there are certain questions one must ask themselves before taking any action toward their goals. Asking these specific questions are crucial because they will act as a baseline for successfully attracting desires into your life. Sure, we can manifest at will at any time without any preprepared notion but there are certain "guidelines" we should follow so that we can ensure we’ll achieve the results we want and move toward the path that is right for us. When one really understands manifestation, suddenly the impossible can become possible and miracles are merely something that becomes obvious rather than a once in a lifetime occurrence. For this to become our reality, we first need to know and become aware of a few important things.

The first question we should ask ourselves is: “Who do I say I AM?”. This is possibly one of, if not the most, important question of all. In scripture, “I AM” refers to God or in other words, your awareness. This is often a misconceived concept where people believe that God is a physical being, place or person or something else but in reality, God is actually the eternal awareness that is within you. Knowing this, it becomes evident that what we put after “I AM” determines who we are and thus determines our fate in life. If we are unconscious or not careful, we might identify with something or someone that doesn’t benefit the conception of who we’d really want to be. In doing so, we unfortunately will manifest the very circumstances and conditions where we’ll experience the construct of our imagination. We are essentially evermore not necessarily who we want to be rather than the person we imagine ourselves to be. For some people, this fact may prove to work out very well in which they reap the fruits of their  labor where happiness and bliss favours them, for others it means to experience the downfall and consequences of their negative thinking where unknowingly they will enslave themselves to their own detriment. Who you say you are is your fate and ultimately becomes your destiny; your I AM can either be your saviour or slave. That is, we must carefully and consciously choose who we say we are because everything else will be added unto that and inevitably becomes our life experience.

The second thing we really need to question ourselves is: “What do I want?”. I am referring to this question in a big way - not “Do I want sausage or steak for dinner?” kind of way. Ask yourself: “What do I really want from life?”, “Who do I want to be?”. You need to know the answer to these questions and the more specific you can answer them, probably the better. Once you know what you really want and who you want to become, life tends to feel a lot lighter and things flow much easier. It’s when we are unsure of our purpose and place in life that we often feel lost and the burdens of life can feel quite heavy on our shoulders. Take the time now or when you feel ready, to really take a moment to ask yourself what it is you truly want out of life. Ask yourself what you want, who you want to become and why you want it. The “why” behind it is important because this will prove to be the driving force behind your goals and will motivate you toward them; so become clear of why you want these things. Grab a piece of paper and on one side, write down the things you want and on the other side, write down why you want them. You’ll be surprised how much more clarity you suddenly have on your goals for the future by doing this. Make sure to really do this step because without really knowing what you want, you’ll continue living life the same way you’ve always done while wondering why you’re still in the same position you were five or even ten years ago. Nothing changes unless we change; that is the first step that we must understand to become the change in order to experience it but in order to do that, we also must know what we need to change by figuring out what it is we exactly want!

The third and last most important question is: “What do I believe?”. This one is quite tricky because many times we may think we believe something while reality shows us something entirely different. The mere truth is that our outer reality will always show us what it is we believe in our hearts; we can’t fool the universe because we are the universe! It’s a good thing to be honest with yourself and ask: “What do I really believe?”. Asking yourself this question is also a great manifestation technique to find out whether or not you truly believe your affirmations or what you're intending to come into fruition. If the answer to your question is negative, then you know you should keep working at it until you do believe you’ll manifest your desire. What you believe is vitally important in the manifestation game because we essentially manifest what we believe. Therefore, if you want to do any manifestation practice, practice the art of believing.  As one of the most prolific and well-known actors of Britain, Anthony Hopkins, once expressed: “Whatever you want to do, believe it, believe it, believe it. Even if you don't believe, play the game of belief! Act as if you believe! That is power! That is sheer power! And it will happen!”. Simply believe it into being. I myself personally only recently realised that the world “believe” can be split up into two separate words: “be” and “live”. Meaning, be it and live it, then you’ll achieve it. We don’t actually learn what many of the words in our vocabulary system really mean in school; however there are no accidents nor coincidences as to why the word “believe” or any word for that matter, is spelled the way it is. Nothing is ever random since everything is interconnected; that also counts for your beliefs and desires. Bath yourself in the awareness of the ever-present moment and then simply, believe it until you see it and watch what happens!