Manifestation 101: What is Manifestation and How to Manifest Easily and Effortlessly


Manifestation is simply the result of bringing something from the fifth dimensional world into the three dimensional world or the physical world. In actuality the Universe exists within an infinite amount of dimensions, but physicists refer to the 5D or fifth dimension as the birthplace of material manifestation. In the 5D, it becomes possible to manifest by using conscious awareness and deliberately control one’s life direction. Hence the ability to carefully and successfully use the power of manifestation is essential and contributes a lot to the success of an individual.

In all essence, the process of manifestation is quite easy and simple to understand. However the success level  of its application depends much on your understanding of it and your own state of consciousness. It’s evident that the more developed you are spiritually, the better your understanding of manifestation will be and the stronger the ability is to create your desired reality. That said, manifestation should not be overcomplicated as it is not a complicated concept. Yet you do need to know the most important basics of what exactly manifestation entails, so that you actually use the correct and needed steps to manifest whatever you want.

I have written down a simple three-step way for how manifestation works in the most basic terms. These are the most important rules you need to follow in the right order to basically create anything. As I said, manifestation is not a complicated concept and therefore I will make this very easy and very straight to-the-point to understand.

The formula in which manifestation works is the following:

  1. Ask
  2. Believe
  3. Receive

In very simple and short terms, this is how it works, in the same order shown right above. Now I will get to the details of each of these steps, so that you know for sure what I am talking about.


Step one: “ask”

The first step when it comes to manifestation, is that you need to ask for what you want. In order to ask for what you want, you must be very clear first on what it is that you exactly want. The thing with the Universe or God, or whatever you like to refer to as being the great creator, is that it can not give you what you want unless you are specific about what you want. In that sense, the Universe is not a tough guy, when you know what you want at least. However the problem comes in when you are clueless about what it is you want. When that happens, you can remain in the same place or reality frame for months or even years. The matter of truth is that nothing changes, unless you change. This is what many people do not understand. Our reality comes from within us, it is all a mirror projection. That is why it is very important to figure out what you want out of life and to be as specific about it as possible, because that is what you will create in your life. Furthermore, to ask simply means to decide. It is always helpful to write these things down in a notebook, so that it remains in your subconscious and so that you can more clearly picture your goal or end result in the next step. Once you made a clear decision, you must follow step two.

Step two: “believe”

Belief is the driving force for you manifestation to materialize. It is important that you believe in what you are desiring to manifest, because this will create the energy magnetism for the manifestation to be drawn towards you. If you have trouble believing in your manifestation, try using “The Law of Assumption”, which I have also written an article about. You can also build beliefs by using repetition, which I will now further disclose. In order to truly believe in what you want to manifest, you must be able to see yourself having the manifestation in your imagination. The more you can see that reality within your mind as if it has already happened, the more you will start to believe that what you want is possible. That is why visualization is essential when it comes to manifestation. You must make the effort to practice your visualization skills to improve your manifestation qualities. By doing so, you will manifest quicker and better. There are also many different techniques or things you can do to enhance your beliefs. One of them is creating a vision board, which I have also written an article about on my website. In that article I explain the benefits and how to create one. But one of the most powerful things you can do to create a strong belief and manifest your desires, is to use strong emotions combined with positive thoughts. When you do this, you are amplifying your energy field and thus you become more able to manifest what you want. For this you can read my article “Match The Vibrational Frequency - Get What You Want Every Single Time”.

Step three: "Receive"

The last step is to let go and receive your manifestation. This is the step where many people go wrong, because they are impatient and as a result mess up the whole manifestation process. You have to learn to truly let go so that you can release complete detachment from your manifestation, in order to successfully receive the manifestation. This is where belief comes in. The truth is that if you truly believe that you will receive your manifestation, there would be no resistance. The problem with miscreation is a lack of confidence. A lot of people are too attached to the outcome, because they lack the confidence that what they want will come to pass. The thing with manifestation however, is that circumstances do not matter at all! People fail to successfully manifest because they hold on to specific circumstances in their life. As long as you do that, you will remain to be a victim of your own wrong undoings. It is the ultimate self-sabotage. So, if you wish to receive the correct way and not postpone your manifestation longer than necessary, trust and belief that when you have asked and did everything you were supposed to do, you will receive your manifestation. The easier it is for you to release the resistance of holding on too tightly to having it, the more rapidly and effortlessly it will come to you. The key is to really have trust in yourself and know that when you want something and you have done the work, you can let things over to the Universe to bring it into the physical for you.

Manifestation is really a two-way street, between you and the Universe or God. The creation of your life is within your own hands, and God or The Universe only assists us into giving it to us, after we make the decision about what it is we truly want. Please remember that you are the ultimate power in your reality, and that no thing or no one can ever be bigger than you.