Updated: 11/03/2024


How to Become a Successful Conscious Creator (a Quick Guideline)


Our lives have been created and formed through mostly unconscious thought patterns. We often think that we are and do a lot of things while being conscious but that is not the case. We are living our lives on autopilot 95% of the time generally speaking; meaning that we are only aware of 5% of our cognitive activity. The solution to increasing conscious activity in the brain is becoming more aware of the unconscious thought patterns and shifting those to conscious thinking or awareness.

This requires a great deal of focus and persistent discipline. It requires training the mind to become more present and becoming aware of whatever you allow to enter into your mind through practicing self-awareness. You simply practice being an observer rather than an emotional indulger in order to slow down your brain waves, so that you are more easily to choose benefic thoughts rather than focusing on thoughts that are a record of the past.

It's possible for unwanted thoughts to interrupt when doing such practices. Whenever this happens you simply recognize but then ignore the thoughts by remaining emotionally detached from them. Practicing this will remove negative thoughts and attachment to a greater extend over time.

The subconscious mind is an extraordinary powerful tool; it works just like a computer, built-in with a "perfect" system that regulates and dictates our life experiences based on our own interpretations from our environment. If you create the right software for the subconscious to operate on, the computer (the subconscious) will work excellent. If you insert and download faulty programs, the computer will have issues and won't work as it's supposed to. Once a person has mastered greater awareness and controlled discipline over their subconscious mind, the computer will work out to do amazing things, efficiently and without much effort.