Your Judgement Is Your Consent


Whatever you decide about yourself and your environment, is your consent. Many people think that their reality is mostly fixed and that there is not much that can be changed about it. The truth is that they give their consent, regarding their emotions and future event possibilities, in each situation they encounter. Their judgement is followed by their own unique self-image, beliefs and perceptions. If you don’t like something about your life, you must simply change the way you view your life. Many times our judgement runs on autopilot, resulting in undesirable life circumstances. The good news is that if we become aware and change our judgement towards something, then we can find positive feedback and create better lives for ourselves.

We judge ourselves and our lives all the time, even if we are unaware of it. The fact that we are who we are, is because of our own judgement that we hold of ourselves. Because of the fact that we view ourselves a certain way, is the exact reason that our lives are the way that they are. We give our consent unknowingly, while sabotaging our lives from living up to our fullest potential. The cause of all of this is a lack of awareness and greater understanding of our truest powers. When we have limiting beliefs about our lives and ourselves, we will stop ourselves from achieving greater things and we will conform with a life that’s beneath our best capacities. Whenever we find ourselves in undesirable circumstances, we must remind ourselves that we hold the power to change any future reality possibility, by changing  the way in which we use our creative mechanism.



Our creative mechanism is a mechanism that sits within all of us and it either works in our favour, meaning  as a success mechanism or against us, as a failure mechanism. We control and decide in which way we let it work for us. The problem comes when you are unaware and you let your creative mechanism run its show, especially when operating from a negative self-image. In this case, it will provide unwanted life circumstances to the individual, while he himself being consciously unaware of the causation. We all have an entire cybernetics system within us, ruled by our brain and nervous system. We own the power to direct and control this system, if we know how to demand it. This is not the most difficult process, but it must be continuously developed to acquire greater skill. Demanding is opposite from requesting and begging. These last two are what many people do when it comes to wanting to change outside circumstances.

They first of all look outside of themselves for help and subsequently request for a change. Even though this is all possible and if the subject has faith that this might turn in his favour he might find benefit, the subject is not operating in a way that is successfully created through his creative mechanism. In this case, the subject operates by chance and while faith has a positive vibration to it, even though its vibration is not as strong as “believing” and “knowing”, he will still most likely manifest because of his positive assumptions.  What we must do is not operating from a mindset of “chance”, but through a knowingness that we can alter and create, by simply reviewing our inner mechanism and changing our system into one that always works in our favour. It’s about changing your entire self-image, inner dialogue and imagination to work on your best behalf.

The self-image here is extremely important, because it always reflects the outer reality. It reflects the entire range of possibilities and non-possibilities. The better and wider positively developed the self-image is, the better opportunities one will encounter in their lives and the happier the individual will be. We set up our own limits, so it is extremely important to become as aware as possible of the limits that we hold regarding our self-image. Our built-in servo-mechanism functions as a guidance system, to automatically steer you in the right direction to achieve certain desires, or make correct responses to the environment. It also works as an electric brain, which is able to function automatically to solve problems, provide answers and new ideas or inspirations. An important factor to be mindful of, is that the interpretation of the environment is always subjective to the individual.



The reaction to any environment’s circumstance is in the hands of the subject, as well as the ability to set up goals. The interpretation of the environment must be changed first, before any reaction can be complied desirably. An individual will always behave according to their interpretation of the environment, which stems from the individual's self-image. The goal-image is to change the self-image, to view no opposition of the subject’s desired environment, when encountering any opposition. This way, the subject themselves will not act destructively when they encounter a situation that is not in harmony with their own wants and needs. When one sets up goals to be achieved and sticks to these goals, his creative mechanism will automatically strive to accomplish these goals. It is the function of the automatic and creative mechanism to supply the means whereby when you supply the goal.

Every human being has been created to live and strive for success. We are “engineered” to live up to our fullest potential. Our total inner mechanism is complied with all the resources for us to succeed. It works in perfect harmony when a goal is set up to be achieved and accomplished. Once a mental image is confirmed, we are lead by the success mechanism through a process of events to accomplish the end result. We are however often not aware of these events occurring, leading us to that particular goal. We must not know the “how” or “when”, we must simply set up a goal or intention and let our inner guidance system actualize the manifestation into physical form, as any interference by "trying" or "forcing" will work invertedly. The automatic mechanism works spontaneously and effortlessly, as you set out the intention and physically act on it as if the goal is already there.