Why Spiritual People Are Often Alone


It is a true fact that most spiritual people simply are loners. This is the case for various different reasons, but it is something that naturally occurs when someone starts to walk their spiritual path. I want to emphasize that “alone” does not necessarily mean “lonely”, even though some people that are spiritual experience loneliness once they have their spiritual awakening. Most people who I know who are spiritual and had their awakening, are individuals who spend most of their time by themselves. They generally do not crave or are much interested in socializing with others or developing emotional connections, in a platonic sense, as well as romantically speaking. It is not so that these people despise others, it is just that they realize that being alone is an essential aspect of spiritual growth. These individuals many times realize that alone time is just necessary and something that naturally happens and can not be avoided, when you are evolving your consciousness.

You simply need to be alone and most often you will also want to be, when you are growing spiritually. We can of course grow and develop our consciousness whilst spending time with others or while being in a relationship, but in a general sense, people will need their time alone to meditate and contemplate even more once they are awakening to their true self. The concept of spiritual awakening is for most people so profound and life-changing, that it can shake up many things in their life, and it usually does. A lot of people go through a lot of changes during their time of awakening; many people change their job, some end their relationship and others simply decide to finally do whatever it takes to go after their dreams. This all takes a lot of mental strength and courage, and once you truly awaken, you really only go up from there. That is why you never see Buddha pictured with someone else, he is always by himself. This is because the more enlightened you become, the less attached you are to pretty much all there is. A person who is enlightened understands that peace is internal and can only be found within yourself. One needs to align themselves with God or the divine that is pure love and abundance, in order to reach that state and to reach that state, one must learn to know who they are, be still and spend time with themselves.

Most spiritual people actually enjoy spending time by themselves, because that way they find value in getting to know themselves on a deeper level. Many times their interest also changes, they become more interested in acquiring knowledge rather than playing videogames for example. By being alone, they are less distracted by thoughts and opinions of others. This is very significant, because other people do often impact and influence us whether we are aware of it or not. When you have the wrong people around you, it becomes evident that that can become a problematic issue and cause detrimental stress. That said, it is always wiser to be alone rather than being in the company of someone or a group of people who do not align with your true morals and values, whilst while you go higher up that ladder that is consciousness, your morals and values continuously changes. The reason being is that you evolve more into who you really are, which is the higher and true aspects of yourself. The higher you climb up that ladder, often the less social contacts you will have, just because high vibrational people still are rare as of today speaking. We essentially can only come in contact with people that align with our own core energy frequency, that is why the more evolved you are, the more rare you become and the harder it is to find people that are on the same wavelength as you are. I am a firm believer that the universe always sends us someone, as long as you remain open to receive. Therefore there is no need to panic that you will not find the right people to connect with. The people we are meant to meet will always find us anyway when the timing is right.

Again, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being alone or being somewhat of a loner. But something some people do need to pay attention to, especially those on their spiritual journey, is to not isolate yourself too much. I know that is a common thing to do among people in the spiritual community, but too much of anything can never produce great results. There are a whole lot of benefits attached to spending time by yourself, but it is important to still remain open and receptive to having connections with others. Surely we learn a lot by being alone, but we also learn a lot from other people. A healthy balance between the two is important, but if for some reason for a certain period you lean more to one than the other, then of course there is no need to force yourself to do things differently. To find a healthy balance simply means that you do whatever feels good for you, while compensating your energy. For example, this week you prefer to spend the week at home instead of going out with your friends, but next week you may seek out your friends more often because you want to socialize and do activities with other people. We are human, we do not want or prefer doing the same things 24/7. As a spiritual person myself, I know how satisfying it can be to be alone by myself, to develop my knowledge by reading books and watching Youtube videos. But I also make sure to have balance and to keep watering the connections I have with the people in my life. Whether you are spiritual or not, make sure to have a healthy time and energy balance with the relationships you have with others, and if you are a spiritual person or truth seeker like myself, remember that spending time alone is often a gift and you must use that gift to make the best of it.

*final personal thought: I thought to just add one more thought to this article. I do believe that the spiritual journey is often one that mostly needs to be walked alone and can be a lonely one, but that also has a higher purpose and reason. I believe it is a blessing in disguise and if you are able to notice the hidden blessing, then a portal will open for you leading to even greater prosperity and abundance. Embrace and cherish the journey, because it ultimately is a beautiful one.