Reality is an Illusion


Many scientists throughout history have tried to discover and find out what reality exactly is. How we can define reality, how all existed before humans were involved and if anything is by chance or if everything has been and is created in divine order. 

Quantum science has proven that time is actually not linear as we perceive it to be, but that the past, present and future are happening all at once. This science has also shown that multiple versions of reality exist at the same time, meaning as now in the present moment. We can refer to this as 'parallel realities'. 

If multiple realities exist at the same time, then another parallel reality must exist somewhere in the quantum field. Quantum physics has also proven that because all versions of reality exist currently and so meaning that all exists in the present, that we must be able to activate another reality, since it already exists. 

If we understand the mechanisms of reality, we understand that the universe works in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. All is energy at its core being and everything is always in motion and vibrating, or as a true matter of fact, oscillating. The way we are able to activate or experience a different reality, is by changing our current energy vibration to the reality and its energy dynamics we want to experience.

Each and every version of reality has its own energy dynamic. Think of this in a way that if for example you would want to experience a reality where there's a healthy family dynamic within the home, whereas to the current circumstances, things are the opposite. If you would want to change the current reality, you would then have to perceive reality where the energy dynamic within the home is favorable to your desired outcome.

Reality is an illusion because reality is only our perception of it. If we change the way we perceive things to be, then what we are looking at will also change. Reality is only what we make of it and how we look at it. Whatever we desire to experience is possible as long as there is faith. Without faith nothing we desire can be accomplished. If we don't trust or lack faith, we can't activate or experience a reality of that which we wish to experience. 

Everything in this universe stems from infinite awareness. That is us human beings, each thought we have and everything that has ever been created and will ever happen. Everything in our world is an illusion, because it all stems from our imagination and is mostly empty space. All that exists comes from something that exists everywhere and within everything, that is infinite awareness. 

If we can imagine something then it must exist. That is because we can only be aware of and experience within our imagination, that which physically exists. There is an abundance of everything, since infinite possibilities exist. Think about it, is there something you can't be aware of or is there something that is impossible? Apart from some things, a lot of things are imaginable and therefore almost always possible!

Whatever we believe to be true is constantly being reflected to us. The universe is non-selective. Therefore we are never a victim of our circumstances. We exhibit great power and we are in control of a large extent of everything we experience.

Nothing is also ever coincidental, since everything that exists within our awareness is constantly being manifested in the outside world. That means that whether you believe you are poor or rich, or whether you believe that the world is a bad or good place, you will always experience in your outer reality that which you believe in your inner reality. The universe responds to how you identify your world or yourself to be.