You Are NOT a Victim (So Stop Acting Like It) + 7 Practical Tips


Victim mentality is much like a disorder that’s very prevalent among large amounts of people in today’s world. Many have the idea that because their past was tumultuous or even toxic, that therefore their entire life and future is “meant” to be doomed. This sort of thinking creates many problems that particularly block success and prevents the possibility for new neurological pathways to develop in ways that allow an individual to see beyond what appears to be in front of them and take advantage of opportunities in which to think and act righteously. One strong belief many people hold onto is the belief that our inherited DNA is the main responsible factor as to why one is successful in something or not or whether if one is even capable of achieving a particular goal but the truth is that gene expression is dictated by consciousness instead of DNA being the very thing that’s ruling consciousness; meaning, the actual main deciding factor in determining overall success in a person's life, is the right use of consciousness.

If one falls into the trap that their genes are stronger than themselves, their true self, which is consciousness, then the future of the individual will be set into automatic motion in a way that will work disadvantageously for them, where they will be bound to witness the evidence of their wrong thinking. However this is all merely a result of self-undoing behaviour and as long as a person fails to realise this, they will continue to sabotage opportunities that may inherently favour them due to their ingrained subconscious programs. The solution to this would be to acknowledge the differences between both the ego and the subconscious, as well as the understanding that through consciously redirecting one’s focus, DNA or gene expression can be fundamentally altered and become expressed in new ways; making way for a new life, a new identity. The science of quantum physics shows us that particles behave according to how they are being observed by the observer, hence the proof that consciousness dictates our genes. This is one of the most important truths to understand in quantum physics because this shows that man is never a victim of circumstance but rather we ourselves are the ones responsible for bringing things into manifestation. We as humans are the observer of our illusionary reality, giving meaning and physical life to it based on our perception.

Ways to stop being a victim and start taking back control over your life:

1) Enhance your awareness

You can stop being a victim of life by choosing to enhance your overall awareness. Once you’ve become aware that consciousness is what dictates life and creates your life experiences, you must increase your awareness so that you’re able to improve your quality of life. You can do this through reading self-help/spiritual books, listening to podcasts that talk about personal development or spirituality, going to spiritual retreats, engaging with like-minded people, educating yourself on practical tools such as astrology and numerology that are great to expand your knowledge of self etc. On a more mundane level, you should make it a lifestyle to practice mindfulness at all times (and meditation regularly).

2) Stop instant gratification now!

The problem many people face today more than ever before is the issue of instant gratification. We can see this predominantly with social media but also with overindulgence in eating habits, drugs and porn addiction. I highly advise to practice either quitting or delaying instant gratification as much as possible because this habit in particular really is one of the main causes why most people are unsuccessful in life. Whenever you entertain something you know isn’t beneficial long-term but you do it anyway, you are at that moment quite literally selling away your soul. You’ve now given up your ability to have self-control and instead of you controlling your life, life is now controlling you.

3) Quit complaining and bickering

Never have I ever met a successful person who constantly complains about everything; no matter what area we are talking about. If you manage to stop doing this bad habit, you’re already halfway there. The thing with bickering and complaining is, that you will only create more things to complain about. Many people don’t realise this but realise THIS every moment is a whole, entire new moment – a new frame of reality. You are literally a new person in every moment but you can not change who you are and thus change your life if you keep emotionally reacting to things you're frustrated about. In doing so, you will only be moved to other parallel realities where forces seem to be working up against you where in reality, you are only projecting similar circumstances to happen over and over again.

4) Practice daily gratitude

Make it a practice to see life more through rose-coloured glasses if you wish to see how beautiful life can truly be! Some might say that you shouldn’t do that because that’s not practical or delusional or even harmful while actually, the opposite is true. People who say such things more often than not have little to no understanding about how manifestation or quantum physics works. The truth is that when you see the glass half full rather than half empty, the universe blesses you with abundance that much more because you’re literally programming yourself to witness abundance instead of lack. Remember how I mentioned that particles behave according to how they’re being observed; this counts for every particle in the entire universe, not just you. It’s through seeing evidence of abundance within your imagination first, although not visibly present at this moment, that abundance starts manifesting into what we call "physical form".

5) Let go of the past

Leave the past where it belongs because it will do nothing for you if you keep holding onto it. That’s not to say that you must forget about all of your memories but some things are just better left behind. A simple rule is to take the good memories with you and treasure them but let go of the ones that don’t serve you no longer. In fact, keeping a bad memory in your heart and thoughts can greatly impact your emotional and physical health. It’s just not worth it, although we sometimes may think it has some perks or benefits for whatever reason, many times it doesn’t. We tend to think that because we find it hard to let go of the meaning we gave to that particular situation, circumstance or person but we can simply change the meaning and decide that it’s time to let go and move on for the sake of our own betterment.

6) Let go of jealousy

I always say that jealousy is a disease and although it may not physically be one, it sure does can manifest as physical illness if you keep practicing it long enough. Jealousy is a disease of the mind and it stems from wrong perception - cause why or what would you be jealous for if you recognised the beauty and uniqueness in your own individual power and strength? To be jealous means to have the illusionary perception to have not – to not have what someone else does have and envy them for it. It’s a normal desire for us humans to sometimes want what someone else has for ourselves but to be jealous isn’t normal, in the sense that, it's utterly useless. It may be considered normal in today’s society because it’s so common but it’s greatly unhealthy in each and every aspect and it destroys your confidence. Wouldn’t the world be boring if we all looked and had the same things? The “trick” in finding the pursuit of happiness is being content with who you are and recognizing that each and every thing is already perfect as it is. There is and will never be someone like you and that is your power, that is your gift. Someone else will never have some of the amazing character traits or talents you have and if you truly go over what they are, you won’t change them for the world because those traits and talents áre you! They are what make you unique; they are what make you, you.

7) Set goals and strive for success

"A man without a goal is like a ship without a rudder." Remember this phrase next time you're mindlessly scrolling through Facebook, Instagram or TikTok for much longer than anticipated. If you truly set goals for yourself every single day, you simply got no time or little craving for things that don't contribute to your growth. That's why I highly advise to have a goal plan set for each single day. Make a list for all the things you plan to do that day and stick to it. Don't make the list too long but just long enough so that you're able to finish off the majority of the things on that list. It's important to do this every day because this will ultimately turn into a habit where after a period of time, you're doing these tasks on autopilot. Doing them repeatedly daily will become much  easier overtime but ideally, it's best to even then keep making short lists as per motivational means. If you want to motivate yourself even more to get things done, cross over each task after finishing it. This tactic has been proven to work many times and is also recommended by James Clear, writer of international best-selling book "Atomic Habits".