Why Your Life is the Way it is


The entire construction of your life of how it is built and set up, has to do with a variety of different set of principles that is discussed in this article. These ideas or principles extend beyond the fact that one's thoughts create reality and so on. Let's start with the beginning. I guess you might be thinking (if not you probably at least thought so before) to yourself that you have ended up where you are in life, for better or worse, because of some random coincidences or circumstances - nothing could be further from the truth. Your whole life, from birth and even pre-birth until now, is a rather divine orchestration of events. Many important life events that we encounter were predestined to happen before we even physically arrived on this planet. Your life and your life purpose has much more significance than what seems on the surface. Many people deep down have always had this feeling or inner knowing that this is the case, and others still are and some will remain, completely unaware.

Why your life is the way it is essentially has a great deal to do with “the cycle of karma”, which rules over your life's quality and your life purpose or destiny. Because all energy is continuously being recycled and thus never disappears or goes away, it always must come back around in some way or form. The energy we are signalling out into the Universe always must come back to us in the form of physical experience. According to Newton's third law of motion - “every action has an equal and opposite reaction”, so whatever vibration or pattern of energy you are giving off or producing, will ultimately come back to you so as to equalise the effect. This law or “The Universal Law of Cause and Effect” (also referred to as “causality” and in the “Kyballion” as the Sixth Hermetic Principle) also holds an influence on us based on our past life experiences. Meaning that our past life decisions determine our present life circumstances or conditions. I personally certainly believe that there is life after death, just because we as human beings are energy at our core being and that means that the body dies but the soul never ceases to exist; that energy simply takes on a new form. Our next life then involves the karma we take on from our previous lives. I have exposed parts of my own past life memories in other articles on my website and to furthermore add to my belief and conclusion: video material proof has been recorded of successful past life regression therapy sessions from specialized professionals, such as Dolores Cannon, by hundreds of people all over the world. These people not only went back during hypnosis to their past lives, they could also explain why they were here on Earth at this time. They would all give similar answers, and one thing they all said is that we keep reincarnating on Earth until we have resolved our karmic lessons. Until we do this, we would not be able to reincarnate somewhere else, such as on another planet or on another solar system. This information is according to Dolores' Cannon regression sessions and the people she interviewed over her 45-year career period, as many of these people referred to Earth being "just like a school we must graduate from and evolve into higher levels of being." 

Now going back to the beginning, we have of course been conditioned to believe that our life's circumstances are just - whatever - by our society. You can prove this to be true if you just ask an acquaintance or one of your family members whether they believe life is just a random set of circumstances with no meaning behind it whatsoever; we all simply get out of the womb, live our lives and die one day, “just because”, for no real reason or purpose, or if they believe that there is more than what we have been told. Chances are that quite a few of these people will look at you strange for even questioning life or reality. While it is actually completely and ironically sane to question everything that you supposedly know, it is funny how people will easily point out you as being silly or a conspiracy theorist. This in of itself should ring many alarm bells, because what this tells you is that most people are not comfortable with leaving their comfort zone. A lot of people are so comfortable with their life, whether they like it (and admit it) or not, that they refuse or neglect the fact to ask questions and use their own analytical mind to expand their mind’s ability and overall awareness. Many individuals just accept what they are told and put their faith and beliefs in people in positions of power, simply because they have authority according to social conditioning. But the truth is that many people are simply blindsided by what they think they know to be true, which involves a lot of false and corrupt information that has been indoctrinated in schools (history = HIS story = includes false information), what is told and shown by the media and everything our parents have told us since we were toddlers.  

The media explicitly uses propaganda to manipulate the public’s political opinion. Its main job is not to help raise public awareness on worldly affairs for people’s well-being, safety or entertainment, but to influence the masses' perception in order to create the outcome of a political cause or one point of view. The media and its agenda is all politically biased and has little to do with providing information with the purpose of drawing attention toward certain topics for the greater good of humanity. In the United States, as much as 90% of U.S. media is owned by just six companies, controlling excessive amounts of what we watch, read and listen to on a daily basis all over the world. The purpose of media outlets and their function is not to necessarily serve the interest of the people they control, but instead serve the interest of their owners. Objectivity in journalism is a mere illusion; journalists who work for these six major corporations simply answer their call and agenda and by doing so, we come to believe that the world is what we see on our tv screen. Their agenda is to have total population and global control, because this of course puts them in a position of power and great material possession. It is also not just the media that purposely deceives us, but also the entire worldwide education system is corrupt, as it is also governed and controlled by these big political leaders or the “elite” group. We as “regular” people are essentially powerless to their agenda, but only if we truly let it be so, and here is why.

I have spoken on this subject numerous times before, but reality is simply an exact reflection of one's state of consciousness. This is why I say that we as regular people are powerless to their agenda, but only if we let it be so. If you deliberately shift your focus to instead pay more attention on the world you wish to see happening, then slowly but surely that will happen. If we would all do this we would create a wonderful world, almost utopian like. In that case corrupt corporations and political leaders would not even stand a chance ruling our world. The world is what we make of it by how we look at it and sadly enough, these "elite" world leaders play a great part in why your life is the way it is. You may think you are not much impacted by their influence, but you really are. Even if you never watch the news or use (social) media, your parents most likely were impacted and influenced themselves by their parents or caregivers, causing them to unconsciously program you in a way that is again, unknowingly toxic. They might have had the right intentions towards you and your upbringing, but the matter of truth is that if they were raised and programmed to have a lack mind-set while being unaware of it or unable to change this destructive way of thinking, then they automatically will pass this way of looking at life unto you, inevitably creating a lot of problems in your life. Your life is the way it is because it has essentially been programmed that way; by your parents, school, the media, friends etc. But since it is a subconscious program, you have the luck and privilege to change the program. For this I advise you to read my other articles; “How To Become a Successful Conscious Creator”, “All Power Is Nowhere But Within”, “Reality Is An Illusion”, “Reprogram The Subconscious Mind For Success” and “What Exactly Is The Matrix”.