Fear Blocks Manifestation


If you have ever feared something to happen, which everyone has at one point, you have most likely more than once experienced the phenomenon of the exact thing you were afraid of happening, watch manifesting. This is due to the scientific reason that when we expect something to happen, we are allowing for that energy and reality that we are focusing on to enter into our lives and in essence, become our life experience. When you are vibrating on a particular energy frequency, you attract all kinds of reality possibilities, related to that specific frequency. Thus when you fear something, you expect that this thing that you fear to become a possibility to occur in a physical sense in your life, and so it very often becomes true.

When consciously manifesting, a mistake a lot of people make when they are at a lower level of consciously creating or manifesting, is that they focus on the “what if”. What if they are doing things all wrong, what if their manifestation won’t come through, what if they do not believe enough etc. What they are actually doing is getting in the way of themselves, while blocking the energy to flow through that is necessary to complete their manifestation process. For a manifestation to come through, it has to go through different stages before it is completed and served to the subject in question. When you start asking yourself the wrong questions that do not benefit you and are in nowhere in alignment with your goal or manifestation, while letting them dictate whether or not you will be able to receive, you now fall victim to your own undoings and sabotage yourself from receiving your manifestation.

There is no fear or wondering in perfect alignment and great manifesting. Manifesting should be and feel easy and relaxed. When you operate from that state of consciousness, you manifest easy and effortlessly. Being a successful manifester means trusting and believing in the unseen and feeling as though what you want is already here and now, present. Any negative emotion regarding your desired manifestation indicates misalignment and distrust. You know when you are not in alignment when you do not feel relaxed or excited about your manifestation. When you frequently notice negative thoughts or when you start questioning, tell yourself things that indicate the exact opposite. This way you train your mind to focus on things that work to your advantage, instead of the other way around. The more you do this, the more your brain starts to make natural positive assumptions without you having to do anything. You must keep rewiring and reprogram your subconscious to only work as you decide and wish it to work for you.



What fear is, is an illusion. It stems from unwanted and undesirable thoughts. When people fear something, they are not in their power and they are not fully there yet when it comes to consciously creating their life. When you truly are a conscious being, fear rarely exists in your world. It holds no mental or physical power over you. It all comes down to recognizing that you are the upper hand power in your life and that nothing or no else can make decisions for you, unless you extend your power to outside sources for that to happen. If you do not like or want something to happen, simply take your focus away from it. When you do that, you allow new energy to come in to create what you dó want. Do not give power to any unwanted things, as these will only perpetuate and keep existing. What is meant by this is explained by the following example: you might be able to observe or recognize something in your mind that happened in the past, but you do not dwell on it or give it any particular emotion, except from being careless and disinvested. You act this way on purpose to prevent what happened in the past, to repeat in the future. When you extend this feeling of energy, you are sending out the energy into the quantum field of all reality possibilities, that you do not want that same situation to happen again. When you do not select a reality by means of your energy and focus, you simply are not able to experience that reality in the physical world.