How to Let God Work (Miracles) Through You


Almost every day we are met with certain challenges in our daily lives that weigh our energy down and sometimes make us feel as if though we’re completely dealing with them on our own. This quite often leaves us feeling lonely or perhaps even fearful because our problems tend to give off the impression that we are the only ones who are able to fix them. The truth however is that you’re never really on your own in any situation whatsoever, even when it does seem that way! How does that work? Whether you’re a Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Bhuddist or even atheist; most people can agree upon the fact that there exists a far greater power than any of us are capable of fully comprehending and this power is called God, Infinite Intelligence, All That Is etc. It’s an all encompassing universal power that is found anywhere, in everything and everyone and you are also a part of it. Every single person on Earth and everything in the entire Universe is connected through it, hence separation is but a misconceived perception; it's an illusion. 

When you recognize and learn to harness the magnificent power of this ever-existing force, you literally open up the gateway for miracles to come in and flow through you and as you in the most magical ways, reaching far beyond your human imagination. This particular force of power exists right here and now and thus can be called upon whenever you want. However great God works in its many mysterious ways, you can see his works be done through your spirit guides, angels and deceased loved ones. They are always available and listening to you whenever you need them; so don’t hesitate to ask for all the assistance that is available to you in every now moment!

God’s vision is greater than ours

Understanding that God’s ways are greater than (y)ours automatically releases a lot of weight off your shoulders and gives you the opportunity to live life with much more ease and comfort. If you really think about it, it’s quite humanly impossible for you to know all the right steps to take or see what lies there waiting for you in the far distance. God is your infinite awareness that has levels of intelligence beyond what we are able to intellectually grasp with our physical minds. Our minds are limited in such ways that the conscious mind can never perceive of the small details that are necessary to bring us our end result. It knows our heart's desires and wishes but it’s only ever designed to analyse, critically think and make conscious decisions. On the contrary, the subconscious mind operates from God-level awareness and therefore can see the entire picture of how something will and should unfold in the best way possible. Understanding this concept will make your realise that each problem is futile when attempted to dissolve by means of using the conscious or physical mind only; instead it must be handed over to the subconscious so that through the works of God or Infinite Intelligence, it will be worked out perfectly systematically in divine synchronisation.

Giving God the permission slip to help you

Many people want help for a variety of different reasons but ironically enough rarely ever ask God or our higher powers to actually help them; perhaps because they think it won’t bring them any solid solutions or because they generally aren’t used to asking for help ór because they feel embarrassed about doing so. Whatever the case is, the next time that you find yourself in a “critical” situation, remind yourself to just ask for help. Remember as previously mentioned that you are never alone. You are never weak for asking God or someone else for assistance or guidance, in fact it shows character and it’s what you should do! We are sharing this earthly experience with others for a reason; not only so it’d be a less lonely experience but also to help each other in the best ways we can. Also, don't expect people to presumably read your mind when you haven't openly talked with them about your issues. Dare to physically open your mouth or say a little prayer within yourself and speak up. Note that when you ask for help, the form in which it may come might be in ways you’d never think of and it might even surprise you. Therefore, have an open mind and be acceptive to all sources in which it may arrive and welcome it with gratitude.

Following your highest excitement

Following your highest excitement is a powerful thing to do because it keeps your vibration in flow while invariably staying on your most optimal timeline. It’s simply doing the thing you’re most passionate about in each given moment. Notice how people who always follow their passions are generally happy, carefree individuals with a real lust for life. If you want to become one of those people, then you need to constantly start acting on the things that call you out the most. Forget about what you think you should do or when or how you should do something. All that matters is that you start trusting and listening to your intuition because that's your higher self speaking directly to you. Your intuition or inner guidance system will always know and tell you what decisions are right for you; you just need to be willing to listen and acknowledge its voice. Darryl Anka who channels “Bashar” refers to this concept as being one of the five principles to self-mastery and happiness. He claims that “following your highest excitement in each moment until you can take it no further” is one of the best ways to achieve more effortless manifestation and experience more synchronicity in your life.

Trusting yourself and your life path wholeheartedly

Trusting yourself and your own unique path in life means living your life according to your own terms without fear or expectations that things need to happen in a certain way. When you let God work through you, you let Him show you the way instead of interfering with the creation process and doing everything by yourself. Remember that you don’t have all the answers except for what you need to know. What you need to know is often far more different from what you want or seek to know and that’s perfectly fine! The problem is that many people have a great difficulty with accepting that they don’t know everything and thus they try to control their circumstances, only to find out that it never works and only makes things even worse! If you want to truly live a fulfilled and happy life, then you must learn to trust where you are and know that everything will work itself out the way it should; as long as you put your faith in God or the Universe and follow your highest excitement. Your life path has already been laid out perfectly for the most part before you were even born and you chose that path! Knowing this might sound almost unbelievable or hard to accept but it’s actually enormously freeing - it means that you will be okay, no matter what happens. This goes to show that the quote “God only gives you what you can handle” is true; however the truth is more so that we only give ourselves as much as we can handle.

Asking for guidance and signs

Become familiar and used with asking for guidance and signs from God, angels, spirit guides and your deceased loved ones. One of the reasons why they are here with us is to lead us where we are ought to go on our (spiritual) path. They are more than happy to help and will always listen and respond as long as you make the effort to ask. They mostly don't interfere with our free will; that's why we must contact them first before we can be sure to count on their support. Their love and aid is unconditional, so don’t be afraid to ask for what you need. Furthermore, when you ask God for something, you are speaking to a part of yourself that is all-knowing and all-loving. God is infinite intelligence and has all the answers to whatever question you may have. For this reason, it’s wise to reach out for answers to the one and only source of creation, for that it knows more than we could ever possibly know. “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing” – Socrates.