Why You Need To Let Go To Let It Come Back


Have you ever heard someone say "when you don't look for love, it will come to you"? This is actually something to be very true. When you hold on to something you're saying "I don't have it". Given that you attract what you are, not what you want, it will be hard to attract love when you are desperate for it.

Notice the guys or girls you know who are always "running" after the ones they want. They don't find love and they continue to stay single because they are looking for it. You see, when someone is chasing, it implies that the other person is running. That is the analogy of how you could interpret this and that is how energy works. They constantly affirm to themselves subconsciously that they have a hard time finding someone or that they háve to chase to stand a chance and so, that's the energy they project out into the world and only experience more of.



Another example would be people who are greedy. They hold on too much to their money, but then what often happens is, they always seem to have to spend a lot of money some way or another. They get unexpected payments of large sums of money, they lose their money etc, because money is also energy

If you never think of money in a way of abundance, you will never have the amount of money you want. In fact, if you think "I need to be very careful with money and spend very little on everything", you will continue to stumble upon situations in life where you need to be careful and spend small amounts. Nothing will make a huge difference in your bank account until you change your mindset. Not so much when you start saving more.



Letting go is so powerful and essential to your manifestation process. Set the intention of what you want, you can also say it out loud or write it down if that makes you believe more in your abilities to manifest. When you affirm to get what you have asked for, feel the emotions while doing so, as if you have already received it and then just let go.

If you're not able to let go energetically, you're creating resistance. It is in our nature to worry about things and believe the same old story, that it is difficult to do certain things, that it takes a lot of work to have something. We are in a way programmed like that. We think when we see it, we'll believe it. The universe doesn't work that way. A lot of famous people in history have always known this. We must first belíeve that it can happen, before we are able to experience the wish fulfilled.

When attracting a specific person, it is important not to "put them on a pedestal". When you do that, you're instantly separating yourself from them. Don't make them so much more important than you. People can feel energy and can sense it when you're doing that and as a result, they will find you to be less attractive. It's never attractive when someone is desperate for your attention.

Of course when attracting a specific something or someone, it is not only important to set an intention and then letting it go. It is also beneficial to visualize as if you already have what you desire. When you set your intention while keeping faith at all times, you just need to know that it is "done". So don't look for it everywhere or wait for it when it will come (as this creates resistance).

The universe has got your back and that what you've asked for is coming. Just make sure what you're asking for has a positive intention and that it is never to harm others. Otherwise you might deal with the consequences later. When you practice this and you're able to let go when manifesting, you will see your manifestations coming in quicker and easier than ever.