The Power of the Present Moment


The power of the present moment is where all power lies

The power is not in the future and nor is it in the past, when we talk about all things relative to our circumstances, attitude and mindset. All that matters is what you are thinking, feeling and what you are doing right now. For that this very present moment dictates the future.

What you are doing right now echoes on into eternity

As mentioned before, it's not just about what we are doing right now, it's also about the way we think and our emotions. If we would think reckless or low vibrational thoughts, then our immediate future reality will be a direct continuation of that. It's only when we give our energy away from what's not beneficial for us and focus on what is, that we can create a future that we truly desire.

The present moment is the only moment that exists

The present moment is the only moment that actually exists and it is the only moment that we can use to create a desirable future. The past and the future doesn't actually exist. Time is not actually linear, linear time is simply an illusion.

People who live life from a linear standpoint perceive time and life circumstances as "past, present and future". Whatever they want to experience in the future, they project within the mind somewhere out into the future, not realizing that their present state is dictating their future outcome.

Whatever we project at a certain time into the future, will happen exactly at that time in space

If on the other hand we would embody the feelings and attitude of what we want to experience in the present, expecting or intenting our desire to happen as immediate as possible, then our manifestation can happen almost instantaneously.

The art is to stay present at all times

When we are present, it's easier to observe more carefully our state before reacting to outside circumstances or past thoughts and conditions. To remain present is to live a more peaceful, stress-free and happier life. Manifestation becomes easier, because we are creating from how we think, feel and act in the present.

Drawing our energy back to the present

If we are mindful to think and feel great in the present and we can continuously draw our energy back to the present moment, then we are capable to create a desirable future. When our attention and energy wanders to something we don't want, we must be aware and take action to make it habitual to pull our energy back and focus on what we do want.

We can never focus on two things at the exact same time

If we make it a habit to draw our energy back every time we focus on something that's not beneficial, we are starting to live life more from the present moment. Once we get the hang of living life in the now, we become more thoughtful of how we think and since thoughts become things, we are now in power to create a life which fulfills our truest desires and dreams.