What Happens When You Are Grateful


To be truly grateful means so much more than just being positive and recognizing what you have. Anytime you are and feel grateful for something, that what you're grateful for becomes bigger and greater.

Gratitude will allow you to experience more of what you're already grateful for. Gratitude provides you with more abundance. The Law of Gratitude is one of the twelve universal laws. Everything in the Universe operates according to these laws.

If you are grateful for the money that you already have, even if that amount is only $5, the amount of money that you own will increase. Being in a state of gratitude means that on an energetic level, you are in possession of what you're grateful for (even if you don't have it now) and you are open to receive more of it. Therefore, you will attract more of what you're grateful for. The opposite also happens when you're not grateful.

In the Bible it also says that being grateful will get you rewarded with more abundance, but the same is also true that when you aren't grateful, "even the last thing will be taken from you", according to the Bible. It doesn't matter if you're not a Christian nor if you aren't a believer, this quote that is stated in the Bible is found to be true and you can test it or simply look at the history of your own life or others to see how this does appears to be a true fact.

The book "The Secret Gratitude" from the series "The Secret", written by Rhonda Byrne, talks about gratitude. This book solely talks about the power of gratitude. It's a good book when you are starting to learn more about the power and the secrets of gratitude. Always feel grateful for everything in life, for the smallest things and also the things that you want to manifest that you can't currently perceive of in your reality.

The universe always blesses you with more when you're grateful. Everything in our universe is energy and is constantly vibrating. When you feel grateful, you are vibrating at a higher frequency, which makes it easier to attract good and positive things. Be grateful all the time for everything in your life, even when things aren't going 100%. You will always have something to be thankful for when you truly think about it.

Make it your every day habit to write down or at least say to yourself out loud 5 things that you are grateful for. Do this ideally right after waking up and just before going to bed, when you are more in an unconscious state. The subconscious is now likely to accept it faster.

In time, you will experience more money, better health, a better relationship etc, whatever you are already grateful for, to be improved.