Create A New Version Of You That Has Everything They Desire To Get What You Desire


In this reality we are living in, you can truly be anyone you want and have anything you want. You can manifest the life of your dreams, the money you desire, the house you dream of, the perfect partner etc. There are a few ways on how to get there.

Think about how you would think, feel, act and even look like if you would have that life or be that new version of you. Would you be sad living a million dollar dream with a million dollars in your bank account? Would you be worried about money or worried about certain habits, people, situations if you created a new reality where everything goes your way? Probably not!

Dropping the negative and old way of thinking and perceiving certain things is key. When you start acting more like the new version of you, meaning these new ways of thinking and doing are now becoming a habit, then you are really wiring into a new version of you and transforming your reality.

The trick is to just simply decide that from this very moment now right on, you are the person that you have always desired to be. It sounds harder than it is and maybe even a little delusional, but it is not. It's also only hard if you perceive it to be hard or difficult. One thing you must know: to reach any goal whatsoever, to be persistent is essential. You can not start something and then halfway or somewhere in between quit the process.

You must decide that this version of you is now who you are and so it means you got to match your daily actions, thoughts and beliefs to that new version of you. You must sever ties with the old version of you that thought negatively about certain things, that had beliefs that aren't beneficial and certain things you did that don't match the new version of you. You can imagine and visualizing doing this in your mind. This is necessary because those vibrations don't energetically align with your new desired reality.

If you want to be a cook for example, start trying out new recipes and make this your daily routine. If you want to be someone specific, you must act as that individual. It's not hard if you decide that that's who you are, it's natural. It's natural for your identity.

If you want to be succesful, do what succesful people do. Do what you would do if you would nów be the most succesful person you want to be. Also start waking up early, start reading etc and repeat on a daily basis. Succesful people value time, they don't waste it and they also repetitively do certain things to become more succesful.

If let's say you would like to quit smoking, make it clear for your identity that you are not a smoker. Start telling yourself things such as "I am someone who enjoys being completely healthy". When you repeat these affirmations, your mind starts to believe it and therefore, you will become that person. View yourself as someone that is healthy and a non-smoker. When you decide that you are now a new, better version of you, you naturally start dropping old ways of thinking, beliefs, habits etc.

If you decide to level up and transform into a new and better version of you, remain consistent. Consistency is necessary to bring more of your wanted desires and to completely shift your reality to what you want. Remember, everything is a reflection of the subconscious mind. The more you become this new version of you, the more situations, people you align with, are automatically and energetically being drawn your way.

You and you only are responsible for what happens in your reality. Given that everything we think, feel and belief now is a reflection of our current reality. Start now if you want to live your best life and don't waste too much time. Every second we go into billions of parallel realities where we subconsciously select a new reality with the current thoughts and beliefs we experience. Unfortunately, we tend to stay for too long in a reality we don't want to be in, because our subconcious is a record of the past. Thus, we experience the same sort of things over and over.

You can simply choose another reality in which you have all that you desire, if you just stay consistent to that new reality. There is an infinite of parallel realities and the fact is that all parallel realities already exists right now at the same time. You just have to wire into and choose that parallel reality where you are already doing your passion or living your dream life, by living as if you have already attracted what you want. 

The more you embody the new version of you that matches the beliefs, thoughts and actions of that version, the more you become that new version and everything around you will shift to that new reality.