How To Become Smarter and More Knowledgeable (To Amp Up Your Game & Become More Confident)


If you want to become smarter and simply learn and know a lot more about various different topics, to become wiser, engage more confidently in certain conversations, or if you want to simply gain more confidence within yourself or even make it as a public speaker in the future, then this article is the one for you. To know more can give you a huge boost in being more self-assured, and thus this article is beneficial for anyone who wants to gain knowledge in order to become smarter and be able to be more and speak more confidently and open about all kinds of subjects matter.

There are so many benefits attached to simply “knowing”. Generally speaking, the more you know about something, the more you can help and sustain yourself in certain situations or circumstances. For example, if you do not know how to swim and one day you go kayaking and your kayak boat tilts, you will go under water and drown if you can not properly swim and rescue yourself. This might be more of an extreme example, but it shows how powerful knowledge can be. If we lack knowledge we can actually end up in real (life or dead scenarios) trouble. When you know the mechanics of how something works, you can use that knowledge to apply to your advantage. Sometimes understanding the workings of one thing can even lead to understanding the physics and mechanics of something else. When you know how something works, you are able to use that knowledge to support not only yourself but others as well.  Even though its particular matter might not be much relevant now, it can still become a helpful tool somewhere in the future.

If you desire to know more about something for whatever reason, be willing to keep an open mind and keep both your eyes and ears wide open. Having an open mind is essential; you must expand your mind to think and perceive more broadly, instead of clinging on to old narritives and beliefs. Too many times we believe something to be true only because “so and so” said something to us or we overheard someone saying something and now we believe that what that person said is true. Even the things we hear via media channels are not necessarily always accurate. For these reasons, it is extremely important to always remain critical of whatever information you receive and to decifer for yourself whether what you see or hear makes actual sense. You never want to blindly accept something just because it is said, written, or made visible somewhere. The first thing you always need to do when you are digesting possible important information, is to listen to your intuition. Pay attention to what your intuition is telling you before you accept or believe anything someone or something else is projecting on to you.

Keeping both eyes and ears wide open means to pay attention to details. Often times people are very quick to jump to conclusions without really looking at the whole picture. They forget or are ignorant when it comes to paying attention to the details, which in many cases are important or do matter. There are a lot of people who have very superficial beliefs about certain, rather important topics; they do not really think or consider thinking about the deeper facets and meaning of things and are neither eager or willing to know more ánd often even blindlessly take on the beliefs society has made them to believe. They fail to ask themselves as well as others why things are the way that they are and if what they know are actual true facts. They greatly fail to ask the bigger questions. They assume and believe something, but they lack valid reason or facts for why what they believe is the truth. A very common and good example is the statement that “astrology is not real or BS”. I want to use this example since many people have this belief that astrology is pseudoscience. Because I have been studying astrology every day for the past three years, I can speak for myself and say that it is absolutely “real”. When someone tells me the opposite, I always ask them why they believe it is BS. Interestingly enough, they never seem to be able to come up with any valid reasons for why it is not real or pseudoscience. A lot of people in this case will say and answer “well I’m a Taurus and my sister is too, but we have completely different personalities”. That is not a valid reason or conclusion for why astrology can not be real, that is an assumption based on a lack of knowledge. That is why paying attention to the whole picture and details are important. If you are one of those people who easily claims something is farfetched, BS or hocus pocus, then the reason might be that you believe that because you lack knowledge and therefore understanding. It is simply quite arrogant and even condescending towards the other person, to say that they are wrong or even delusional to believe and know something that they have studied indept for a long time, that you know nothing about. It is not your right to go against such people if you have not done the work yourself to know the details, to know what you are talking about when they háve done the proper work. Just keep that in mind because it can really throw others off and you do not want to fool yourself and come off disrespectful in front of someone who knows a lot more than you do about something and has earned the right to speak about what they know. When you also are willingly open to look at the details of things, you will notice a whole lot more information and be able to see links and understand connections between concepts you otherwise never would have.

There are also a few habits and things you must let go of and a few habits and things you must do and incorporate in your daily routine, in order to become smarter and more knowledgeable or wise. Here are the top ten things to do for both letting go of toxic habits and forming new and better ones, so that you can become a smarter, more knowledgeable and with that also a more confident version of yourself!


To let go:

1. Stop watching the news, preferably for good but if not do not watch the news every day. The reason why is because you do not want to expose your subconscious mind to negative and even false information, especially not right before you go to sleep. If you go to sleep late then that last thing does not count for you necessarily, but it has been proven that two hours before we go to bed our subconscious mind is more susceptible to receive and program information.

2. Stop thinking you know it all, seriously. If you are someone who thinks they know everything, then you most likely do not (surprise). A person who is smart enough realizes that not a single person on Earth knows everything. You can read and watch all the books and documentaries in the world, you might have a Phd diploma, that still does not mean that you know all the answers. As a matter of fact, the more you accept the fact that you do not know everything, the more you can allow yourself to be surprised and expand your mind and horizons to know a whole lot more.

 3. Stop being unproductive and instead start investing your time wisely. All those times you were scrolling on TikTok, Facebook or Instagram, you could have written a whole book. We often do not realize how much time we spend on these apps and on our phone in general, and the truth is that most people spend way too much time on their electronic devices. Simply scrolling and spending time on these apps can be incredibly time consuming and sometimes even result into a huge waste of our valuable time. I highly advise you to learn to release this toxic habit and instead start doing something that pays off in the long run. Once you commit to forming a new habit, over time it becomes much less difficult and even emotionally fulfilling, rewarding and fun.

 4. Watch your diet. If you put **** into your body, it has got to show the effects somewhere else – and I do not mean your poop. Your body generates new cells every 28 days of the food you eat. That is why you want to make sure you eat fresh, whole foods, a low carbohydrate diet combined with lots of vegetables and consider going vegan or at least vegetarian. More information about the importance of your diet can be read in my article: ”Eat To Live - Why Your Diet Is Everything “.

5. Do not do drugs. If you do not want to **** up your brain and lose brain cells (and become retarted), stay away from drugs. Drug abuse changes brain chemistry and alters brain function and can potentially lead to permanent brain damage. Even frequent marijuana use can lead a decrease in brain cells and a lower IQ, which is commonly seen among marijuana users.


To adopt:

1. Start researching and asking more questions (to yourself and people around you)

You really got to start researching things and start digging deep in order to find out truths, especially important things that are happening in the world but also things you are interested in or always wanted to learn. It is essential that you find out for yourself what is true and what is false. You really can not assume that everything you hear and see are clear-stated facts. If you do that you really are a fool. Also, time spent on studying things you really have a keen interest in is always very beneficial. Who knows you might just discover you are a born genius at something or discover a true passion. You can only truly find out by dipping your feet into the water and simply getting started. 

2. Start consuming valuable lecture

Whether you are reading books or watching documentaries on or Discovery Channel, everyone knows how important it is to educate yourself if you want to become smarter or more intelligent. You do not have to do both if you do not like doing one or the other, just do whatever you like better. Information and education can literally be found anywhere these days and often even for free (f.e. Youtube) within our world of fast pace, high developed modern technology. So there would be absolutely no reason or excuse for why anyone can not learn whatever they are interested in.

3. Spend more alone time (in meditation)

A lot of people really underestimate the value of being alone. I can tell you from my own personal experience that spending a lot of time by yourself can really be life-changing. Because there is no one else around you and it is just you, you are not really getting distracted by others. There surely is something as thought transmission or (unconscious) telepathic communicaton, but still you are generally less affected by other people when you are spending time by and with yourself. I agree that sometimes we do need to surround ourselves with others, but it goes the same way the other way around. Spending time alone is just as important as spending time with people. Sometimes it is just a necessary thing to do, so that we can gain a new or more profound perspective on certain situations or areas of life. In my opinion, many times people do become smarter when spending time by themselves, only because they then are more able to consciously observe their thoughts and emotions to understand better how to navigate and deal with their thoughts and feelings. You can perform actual meditations at home or outside in your garden too, wherever you are comfortable. But just being quiet and observing your inner world will also do wonders.

4. Listen to your intuition & ask the Universe/higher self questions

Your intuition is your best friend, listen to it and do not ignore it. Many people are confused sometimes whether it is their intuition speaking to them or just their ego. This is a skill that you must develop, to recognize when your higher self/intuition is telling you something. When your higher self tells you something, most often it will be this deep inner knowing or belief that you do not question much. When you develop more the ability to open your third eye and crown chakra by being more conscious and open to information, naturally your intuition will become stronger. Ask your higher self any questions that you want to have an answer to. That way you can achieve access to the Akashic Records, which is where all the information that exists within our Universe is stored. You have access to that information at any given moment and time in space, but in order to successfully access the Akashic Records, you must become more in tune with yourself and develop the muscle of your intuition.

 5. Get enough exercise (and take your vitamins). Getting enough exercise is important for so many reasons; it lowers your blood pressure, makes you look younger, increases blood flow and oxygen to your brain, releases stress levels etc, so you can see why doing exercise and getting fit is important if you want to become more brilliant, but do not - forget your vitamins if you don't get enough from your diet. Vitamins are also very important, especially if you are vegan. Consider taking a daily dose of vitamin C and Omega 3. A lot of people are insufficient in Omega 3 due to consuming too much Omega 6 fatty acids. It is known that Omega 3 has an incredible impact on the brain, especially for those with memory loss and depression and can help sustain normal brain function. Many people can also benefit from taking extra vitamin C, especially if you are someone who eats a lot of carbohydrates, since this can decrease the amount of vitamin C intake.