How To Level Up | Become A Winner


I hope you are prepared to let go of many old things, to let in the new. What is holding us back most of the time, is attachment to things that aren't serving us; people, habits, places, situations and most of all stories that we tell ourselves. How can we be happy, if we are attached to things that don't serve us?

The past is in the past for a reason. The present is where you must create new and better stories. You must not allow what didn't work out in the past, to repeat itself in the present or future. The present is called the "present" for a reason. Allow yourself to experience the present as an actual present, because that's what it is. Let in the new and let go of old energy keeping you trapped, stories of the past that are not meant to be relived in the present or future.

If you are not willing to let go of old negative patterns, whether it be people, habits or circumstances, it will be very hard for you to level up and create a more desirable reality. We become what we surround ourselves with. We become what we give our energy to. When you become truly aware and accept that not everything and everyone is meant to stay, then and only then you can move forward and let go. We must let go of what is no longer meant for us, in order to be truly happy and fulfilled within ourselves.



Once you have made the decision to completely let go of all clutter in your life, you have now made a big step forward in the right direction to become a winner. You have now leveled up and become a greater version of yourself. Letting go of all attachment in life is one of the greatest achievements one can experience. It is the true essence of what freedom is. The key here is to really let go of any negative experience and emotion that you might still hold towards a person, place or circumstance.

Now that you have reached a stage of emotional balance within yourself, we'll be talking about the next chapter in how to level up and the steps you can take to get there. Remember that emotional balance is what's most important. Make sure that you feel emotionally well-balanced before setting your mind on manifesting something. When operating from a lower vibration and negative mindset, manifesting success become a lot more difficult.



Steps To Becoming A Winner And Great Achiever 


1) You put yourself first. Because your recognize your true value, you choose to put yourself first. Your inner peace is what's most important to you. Therefore, you don't have the time and energy to invest in people and things that are not on the same level as you are, especially if these people and things are operating from a lower vibration.

2) You have a routine. You have a clear every day routine that you commit to that is in alignment with your goals. 

3) You practice self-love. If you want the best in life, you must first become the best and see yourself that way too. If you see yourself as the best, everyone will too and you will also attract opportunities that are aligned with this amazing version of you.

4) You have or surround yourself with reminders to remind you where you are heading towards in life. This can range from vision boards, saving pictures on your phone of your goals or listening to music that is in alignment with your goals and dreams. This can also mean surrounding yourself with successful people that are where you wish to be in life.

5) You don't allow negative thoughts to control you. Because you actually want the best for yourself and be a winner of your reality, you take full responsibility for all of your thoughts and emotions. You are aware of them, but you don't let them negatively influence you too much.



6) You have a plan in mind that you are willing to stick with no matter what. If there are setbacks in your way, you are ready to conquer them and continue to follow your plan through. Nothing can stop you from achieving your goals.

7) You can already see yourself being the person that you want to be. You visualize yourself as that person every day. You visualize how you would look like, the things you would say, the people who you surround yourself with and you can almost clearly see, taste and smell the experience.

8) You know that your desires are only a matter of time away, waiting to be manifest into your life. You fully surrender and allow the universe to let it come to you. You don't chase or wait. You are not impatient, because you are enjoying your life in the present. You have total faith and gratitude for what is coming.

9) Your desire to be extremely successful is just as equal as to being a servant and help people in some way with your goals. You view material gains as being a by-product of your manifestation.