How to Know if You are Clairvoyant


Clairvoyance is the ability to see or perceive information that extends beyond the third dimensional world through extra sensory perception. The term “clairvoyance” stems from the French words “clair” meaning “clear” and “voyance” with reference to “vision”. The ability of clairvoyance comes in multiple forms and thus a person who is clairvoyant most often expresses more than one characteristic. In order to truly be clairvoyant you most likely will have a variety of signs that are indicative of having this ability. It is important to note that all people are to some capacity psychic, however a person who is clairvoyant will show definite strong signs of clear seeing, separating the individual from other people who do not have the ability and are not clairvoyant.

The following signs may apply to you if you have the ability of clear seeing or clairvoyance:

  1. Having precognition through déjà-vu or dreams foretelling events happening in the future. People who have this ability sometimes will dream things or have random flashes of insight that will manifest later on. These will vary from being rather small, unimportant circumstances or events to warning signs of life-changing events for better or worse.
  2. Seeing auras is a clear physical manifestation of clairvoyance. Some people see colors, others just perceive energy around people, animals and objects.
  3. Another clear sign on the physical side of clairvoyance is seeing flashes of light or dark shadows appearing in the corner of your eyes or just seeing energy moving in front of you and in rare occasions one might witness seeing orbs with the naked eye. These are spirits, ghosts or extraterrestrial beings that manifest through other forms, as human beings are incapable of detecting images and sound beyond and below certain frequencies.
  4. Seeing (flashes of) images, symbols, colors, geometric figures and even spirits in your mind’s eye.
  5. Having imaginary friends when you were a child for parents and often adults themselves when they are grown up is a clear indication of clairvoyance. Children’s third eye below the age of 7 are often more susceptible to perceiving things beyond “normal” conditioned capacity.
  6. Another rather rare sign is the ability to notice the interconnectedness between things, such as through patterns of symmetry and sacred geometry. This most often happens in nature where some people recognize reoccurring themes such as geometric shapes in plants and trees.
  7. The ability to understand something and see beyond what is presented by you can also be seen as a sign of clairvoyance. Many times people who have this ability will intuitively just understand concepts and situations on a much deeper level than what is initially being shown to them. This often stems from the fact that most people who are clairvoyant are also empaths and high-sensitive people (HSP).
  8. Clairvoyants always have very keen insight in reading others and understanding one’s own emotions. They definitely possess a higher sense of awareness when it comes to understanding their own thoughts and feelings and also are good at gaining sense of how others are doing on multiple different levels.
  9. One of the coolest advantages that people with this ability have is that they go their way through life by using their intuition as a compass. They often have a healthy balance of using their rational thinking mind and using their intuition or creative mind. Because of this they often find themselves on the right path, since they continuously develop and strengthen their intuition and therefore learn to trust themselves.
  10. If you are clairvoyant you might be very attracted to things that are visually very appealing. This can include many things of course, ranging from striking outfits to strong visual movie effects. The reason for this is that unconsciously these visuals stimulate your pineal gland or third eye.
  11. You are likely to feel easily overwhelmed in large crowds or groups of people. As a clairvoyant, you are hypersensitive to energy and thus you can be a sponge if you are not careful absorbing other people’s energy. Because of this you want to make sure to take off some time for yourself once in a while and recharge your energy.
  12. You feel a deeper sense of connection, a sense of wholeness with the Universe and Mother Earth or Gaia and all other living beings such as animals and extraterrestrials than most people do. At the same time you most likely also feel somewhat alienated from a lot of people.