Nothing is Final; Each "Script" is Already Written


So many times people worry or fear some of the worst things will happen to them. We feel stressed or anxious over even little things so often; it’s something that’s just innate within us and it has become normal for us to experience these low vibrational emotions. We see and accept them as being part of our life and sometimes even our identity. Most would even argue that the regular absence of stress and anxiety is an abnormality or that it should ring alarm bells (however in some cases healthy stress is actually positive). When we believe we are lacking control of a situation, frequently nervousness immediately arises and the fight or flight mode state then gets activated as a result of high stress levels due to things not going as planned or hoped for. The real question here is whether one should really worry as much as they do and if potentially there is another much better and healthier way to look at and deal with life’s daily and unforeseen circumstances and our direction in life.

Most people are completely clueless of the fact that they are merely a character who is playing out their part in a particular film role they picked out themselves. They are essentially actors acting out their own part in a play following a script. In essence, you are not who you think you are but the character you either assume or attached yourself to be and that character has all sorts of physicalities, traits, preferences, skills but also limitations (limiting beliefs) etc. Every one of us chooses their own destiny by their thoughts, feelings and imagination which simply concludes your overall state of consciousness. Your script or life story therefore is already written to a certain extend in every moment by the thoughts you think and intentions you made previously, whether that is conscious or subconscious. You may not know in this moment who you want to become or what you desire to achieve in the next 20 or 30 years of your life but you will inevitably be moved to a life line where you are that person you assume yourself to be then in this present moment, if you keep following your current script. That is why many spiritual teachers always say that the power is in the present moment because it is the only moment that really exists and that you can create from. Nothing in your life is ever final until you make it final. There is no such thing as failure when you realize this because you decide! You decide when, where and how things will unfold in your reality or when things take a turn but that is only when you are truly aware of your true nature.

There are infinite amount of scripts or possible life lines you can pick for yourself that exist in the alternatives space – that is your free will. At any time, at any moment you choose what part of reality you want to experience next by the thoughts you think and the emotions you feel. You can choose to get swayed by perceived negative experiences and think negative thoughts as a result or you can choose to perceive things differently and see things the way you want them to be. Your whole life depends on the perception you have of your reality; that is whether you fail or succeed you will always get what you focus your energy on. The moment you feel happy because of an experience that you perceive or label as “positive” you will be moved to more favourable life lines of similar experiences of luck and happiness, this is called “the wave of luck” in Vadim Zeland’s book “Reality Transurfing”. The only time this “wave of luck” gets interrupted is when your attention is focused on present or possible future circumstances that you perceive as unwanted or undesirable; then the wave of luck gets torn apart and you shift to a life line that is further away from your ideal reality. You see how your perception either calls forth your desired or undesired reality by the quality of your thoughts.

The only thing you need to do to become successful in any part or area of your life is to simply choose wisely and to only ever consciously entertain thoughts that benefit your desired outcome. If you do not, you may fall victim to your unconscious state and by default will be entering a script that is unfavorable. However, it’s not about trying to think better thoughts and neither is it about forcing to think better thoughts. It’s about you choosing in every existing moment who you want to be and what part of reality you wish to experience next, as Tom Kearon from “Be Something Wonderful” regularly states in his Youtube videos.  In Reality Transurfing, Vadim Zeland talks about pendulums which are energetic thought form structures that exist or can exist for almost anything and any condition or situation you can imagine. Not all pendulums are equally negative compared to other ones but they are negative in the sense that they always take energy from the adherent. The trick is to not get sucked in by a pendulum that does not benefit you. An example here would be that most people disbelieve they can grow old past one hundred years old but say your desire is to make it past that age mark, then you should not get involved and turn away from that particular pendulum. The moment you get sucked into the pendulum you lose your power and you will face that reality where you won’t grow over one hundred years old. You can easily win over a pendulum by just ignoring it and sticking to the thoughts and reality you have in mind you want to call forth and experience next. The recognition and understanding of pendulums is very powerful because it shows how easily people can create their own hell instead of heaven by choosing wrongly, often unknowingly.

Your script is already written even if you are not totally aware of what that script entails; it simply concludes the life line that corresponds mostly to your current assumptions. However, it's totally possible to choose a new one and decide to play out that script instead in every moment. Let’s say your dream is to become a famous musician but right now you are working a 9 to 5 job you are dissatisfied with. In order to become the person you want to be, you have to transfer to a new script by consistently thinking new conforming thoughts, feeling different emotions and imagining yourself as that famous musician. You can not get “there” from your old state of consciousness, you have to metaphorically die to that old state. You are always free to choose otherwise or to “start anew all over” and call forth your desired reality. Only you decide what that looks like; what you want to incorporate into that new script and what to steer clear from. Knowing this, you can also decide to simply let go of any worries or fears. Believing in them makes no sense because once a script is selected you are automatically catapulted to that reality through a bridge of incidents (Neville Goddard), regardless of unwanted or unfavourable temporary conditions; this is very important to understand and remember. A lot of people connect their past to their present, therefore bringing in problems from the past to the present but they are never related unless you say so. When you believe that they áre connected you create the same unwanted experiences from the past into the now all over again. Your dream life already exists, it ís already written – you just have to follow the script! You are the actor, creator and director all at once of your own movie. Nothing is final because you decide which script you choose and therefore you create your own destiny!