Two Simple Rules To Getting Things Done That Will Change Your Life


I know of two very simple rules that both consist of the number “five” that will change your life if you apply them to your every day life. These rules are called “the five seconds rule” and “the five minute rule”.  These rules are life-changing for anyone who wants to use their time more wisely and proficiently and wants to get rid of procrastination. You will notice that within a very short time span, if you apply them consistently, a boost of progress will be there regarding your daily to-do tasks and desired achievements.

Let’s start with the five seconds rule. The rule is that anytime you come up with an idea in your mind to do something, you have five seconds to start doing that particular thing. This technique ends the cycle of procrastinating. We all have been there and many find themselves being guilty of this terrible habit more than they would like to. It leaves us feeling guilty and bad about ourselves for not using our time in more useful ways. Applying this technique will finally mean the end of that!



Now let’s discuss the five minute rule. This rule goes as followed: whenever you have to do something but you are somewhat bothered by it or feel like not doing it, commit to only doing the task for five whole minutes. You can set a timer if you want. This technique tricks your mind to not perceive the situation as  being “a hard task”. What will happen is that you will commit to fulfilling the task at hand, but instead of doing it for only five minutes, chances are high likely that you will end up doing the entire task or double or triple the time you originally intented to spend on it.

These rules are very simple to understand, apply and explain. Hence why this article is very short, but we do not need to overcomplicate these rules. If you start applying both these rules or techniques to your life, you are guaranteed to get a lot more done! These self-development rules are game changers when it comes to becoming a more enhanced or successful version of yourself. They work great for any situation or anyone out there from the university student to the regular housewife or business entrepreneur.