What is the Mandela Effect and What Causes it


The Mandela Effect has gained notorious reputation over the past years due to people all over the world sharing different memories and perceptions about certain worldly events. The Mandela Effect refers to a situation in which a large mass of people believe that an event occurred when it in theory did not. Many people worldwide share a strong memory and belief of certain past events happening, but later find out that these never actually took place. What makes the Mandela Effect so interesting and mysterious, is that in numerous occasions thousands of people recall profound memories of witnessing something in particular happening in the past, while as of the present moment evidence would show that the event never happened. This of course causes great confusion for a lot of people and so many people even question themselves and their own memory, but a large portion of people are also certain that there is more going on with this behind the surface.

There is good reason to think that more is going on first of all. The reason being is that it is almost impossible for the memories of thousands of people regarding a worldly event or  something that is worldly impacted, to be completely false and for all these individuals at the same time to remember something entirely different, yet the same, than what “seemingly” did happen. These events that took place in the past seem to have never existed, except often in people’s memories and some evidence that can still be found on the internet. The thing is that the Mandela Effect is a new but different version of an old event, but most of the time the Mandela Effect will be a downgrade as opposed to the original event. An example of this can be seen with the movie “Star Wars”, where many recall Darth Father saying “Luke, I am your father”, but that according to theory is not what he said. In the movie, Dart Father says “No, I am your father”. Another example of this is the black car Ariana Grande is driving in her music video “Thank U, Next”. Many swear that the car used to be pink. I personally just looked up and noticed that Elle Woods’ car in Legally Blonde is black as well. I find this very interesting since the vibe and aesthetics of Ariana Grande’s music video is heavily based on the movie Legally Blonde.

You can see how the mandela effects in these examples are a downgrade compared to the original (believed) events that happened.  When referring to the Star Wars movie, adding someone’s name to a sentence always gives things more of a personal touch. When considering Ariana Grande’s car in her music video and Elle Woods’ car in Legally Blonde, these types of occurences also seem to be out of contrast with the whole storyline of both the music video and movie. There are possibly hundreds if not thousands of mandela effects of where some are more or less impactful and noticeable than others. It is said that it is possible to also experience mandela effects in your own life where it is only noticeable and directly impacted by you. Anything can be a mandela effect and so chances are you might not even notice that you are experiencing it if you are.

The great question of course is what causes these mandela effects. If we should believe science then it is nothing more or less than our false memory playing tricks on us. But this answer simply does not add up to a lot of people. The reason being is also because there are a lot of mandela effects that have involved the entire Earth population and because of this, thousands of people have memories of recalling the exact same things happening. Another few reasons that would disregard that statement is that there has been evidence found on the internet of numerous occasions of these mandela effects, proving that a so-called original event actually did happen. Another crazy example is the Space Shuttle Challenger accident where 7 astronauts crashed and lost their lives. Profoundly enough evidence has been found that 6 out of 7 of these people that would have been deceased for almost 4 decades now are still alive today, and most of them are even still working as university professors or running their own business. Interestingly, some of them still have the exact same name and others have their middle or first name changed, but yet their facial features seem to match up really well with how they looked back then.

What some believe is that the Mandela Effect is an actual glitch in the matrix, meaning some sort of error in the system. This is in correspondence with the belief that reality is a simulation. I personally do not necessarily believe that that is the case, that these mandela effects are what they call glitches, as I think it is something that might be occurring intentionally. But I do believe as well that it is something that is occurring as part of a larger high technology based system that makes up this reality. What the purpose of it is we can not say for sure, but I think it would be fair and possible to say that it could be happening if done with intent for us to raise questions about our reality and evolve our consciousness.