Ghosts and Spirits Presence Indications


Ghosts and spirits can be found anywhere. They are present in if not, all homes and places. For most people, it's not possible to perceive of these entities with their main vision or physical eyes. People who operate from higher states of consciousness are more likely to perceive of these entities.

Sometimes they let people know that they are present by making noises, touching, moving things or even showing themselves. For most people, it will go unnoticed that there is a ghost or spirit around. Generally, it takes a lot of energy for these entities to make themselves be known and even then, most people will not be able to perceive of them.

(Haunted area in Sail Scotland)

The difference between a ghost and a spirit

Ghosts are entities that have not yet crossed over to the other side, many times because they are afraid or due to traumatic experiences. They feel bound to a familiar place or person on earth and/or they are scared to move on to the spirit world.

Spirits are entities who have already crossed over to the other side, but have come back temporarily to look after people, places or things they care about.

Below you can find the signs to look for to be certain, if a ghost or spirit is around.

Seeing flashes of light

Sometimes you can notice a flash of bright light moving in the corner of your eyes. This is often a phenomenon that happens when a spirits energy passes by. Most of the time you will not see this with the central vision of your eyes, but with your peripheral vision.

Seeing energy

A ghost or spirit exists out of pure energy, just like everything and everyone else in the universe. Some people are able to perceive of their energy. They can see that there is "something" in the air, but they can't perceive of any details except the energy particles.

Seeing shadows/shadow people

It's possible to see shadows in various types of colors, such as; white, grey or black. Seeing a black shadow or shadow person is not necessarily worse than a white shadow. However, the temperature of their energy does indicate whether the spirit is good or bad, because of its vibration. These shadows can take on a human form, or no human form at all. Their shadow can also manifest without clear contours. They simply can manifest in any form, often also as geometric shapes.

(The Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles)

Seeing orbs

Orbs are light ball manifestations of spirits' energy. Orbs appear in various forms, such as circles or rectangles. They can differ in size and color too. Most of the time they appear as white, but many times they also appear to be blue, green, yellow or even pink.

It's possible to see orbs floating through the air for a few seconds and then watch disappear with the naked eye without using your third eye, however that's very rare. Most people can't naturally see orbs with their physical eyes, yet it's possible to catch them on specific cameras.

Sensing their presence

Spirits and ghosts can feel somewhat cold (demonic entities feel extremely cold, angels' energy have a sense of warmth). If you can sense that there's someone with you and you feel a cold spot of energy somewhere near, then it's high likely that it is the presence of a ghost or spirit.

Seeing spirits during meditation or while closing your eyes

If you experience seeing faces very frequently during meditation, it is high likely that these are spirits trying to come in contact with you. It is high likely to see them in your mid or far peripheral vision, while the eyes are closed, since they know that you can see them from the central vision. You could also experience this while just closing your eyes, especially when focusing on the third-eye.

Hearing whispering or your name being called

You might hear light whispering, as if it comes from afar. You could also hear your name being called very subtle. Sometimes or when your third-eye is just starting to develop, these voices often sound extremely soft.

Being touched

Ghosts or spirits will sometimes touch you, because they like and care for you or just because they want to. This can feel like a tingling wherever it is that the spirit is touching you or like bugs crawling on your body.

Objects getting lost

If you keep losing certain objects, when you know it was at a specific place and now it has disappeared or you suddenly find it somewhere else, then that can be another sign. They do this in order to get your attention.

Fluctuations with electricity

Spiritual energy and electricity are of a very similar vibration, therefore it is easy for entities to manipulate electric devices. This sometimes happens with lights, cellphones, the tv... This can result into lights flickering on and off etc.

Strange noises coming from nowhere

Spirits and ghosts sometimes like to use noise to let people know that they are in their presence. These noises can sound very subtle to not subtle at all. Most of the time, these noises are rather subtle, since they don't want people to be afraid. What you might experience is; ticking, buzzing etc. The ticking is the most common among most people.

Ringing in the ears

If you frequently experience hearing ringing sounds in the ears, it's likely that a spirit is trying to communicate with you. Sometimes it's to let you be aware of their presence and other times it's a confirmation for something that you have been thinking about.

Popping in the ears

A phenomenon that sometimes happens if there's a spirit around, is that your ears will "pop". It means that they are trying to let you know that they are there and they are trying to communicate.