How To Control Your Mind


The manner in which the mind operates is very much like a computer. The mind believes everything we tell it and it conforms to anything we tell it. This means that for example: whether we tell ourselves that we are beautiful or whether we are ugly, the mind accepts it and our world starts taking shape to whatever we tell our mind.

The mind is always listening to what we are saying. It takes action on whatever it is we say and believe to be true. What the mind doesn't know is the difference between what's actually true and what's false. It's ourselves who perceive something to be true or false and the mind only accepts whatever we tell it.

Controlling the mind is necessary and essential, since whatever we feed our mind is what will manifest in our reality. The first step is to start becoming aware of whatever it is that we are feeding the mind with. Do you have a lot of negative thoughts, which stems from negative beliefs? Is there a lot of negativity within your personal environment, which causes anxiety or depression? It's only when we are aware of our destructive state, that we are able to change our reality to whatever we wish to experience.



Not always are we aware that our state of mind and behavior is destructive. If our thinking and actions cause discomfort and undesired result patterns in our life, then we know that we are operating in a destructive way. To become aware is to observe our thinking and actions. Rather than immediately reacting to something, observe before critically starting to think and react. Observation is powerful to get a clear grip on a situation.

If we intend to first observe, we are then closing out the possibility to immediately recklessly react and say or do something that we shouldn't have said or done. We give ourselves the time and permission to intelligently, from a higher perspective and point of view, review something and think about it in a rational way. 



We must observe the situation first, before formulating a personal opinion. Insanity is to recklessly act before figuring out what's the true content and moral of the story. We must give ourselves the opportunity to critically look at a situation, not from an emotional point of view, but in a way that's rational and logical. If we do this, we are then in power of our thoughts and our thoughts do not longer control us. We must always remember that we are not our thoughts, we are the observer who observes the thoughts.

When we become aware of what we are thinking, we can then choose to not extend our power to it. To extend power is to give away energy. We can either to this emotionally or physically or both. We are fully in control whether we do this or not, it's solely but a personal choice. It's only when we aren't aware, that we aren't able to take control over our circumstances.

When experienced unwanted thoughts, we can choose to observe the thought and let the thought pass, without giving any emotional response. This is a powerful act, since we are then truly becoming aware of what we are thinking, instead of indulging in unwanted energies and actions. This is ultimately how to control the mind. We are in total power of how our thoughts control us.

We can block unwanted thoughts to enter through the mind. It does take repetition to brainwash yourself to only think positive or to solely think thoughts that are beneficial. By continuing to become aware every time an unwanted thought enters the subconscious or conscious mind, it will become natural to gain more control over the mind and block out negative or unwanted thoughts.



By using positive affirmations, we can brainwash ourselves to experience exactly that which we wish to experience. The subconscious mind will ultimately replicate into physical reality that which we have told ourselves over and over. Affirmations are a great concept to use to change any situation to create a desired outcome. It's beneficial to use affirmations to create anything that's desirable, for example: valuable self-concept, dream home, wealth, perfect health etc.

To have control over the mind is just like any other practice, it gets better with repetition and time. The mind hardly ever sits still, we are constantly observing, thinking or analyzing. Therefore, it's something to be constantly mindful of to choose wisely what to think. It's not specifically necessary to auto-correct yourself any time you experience having a "bad" thought. Though, if it makes you uncomfortable, you can always choose to replace it with the positive opposite for example.



In time, it won't be necessary to correct yourself every time you have unwanted thoughts. Because as stated above, to control the mind is like any other practice. If you continue to think in way that's more beneficial, eventually the mind accepts what it is that you feed it or present it with.