Ten Money Hacks to Attract More Monetary Gains


In this article, I am about to discuss some manifestation hacks that will help you manifest more money. Money is energy, just as I discussed earlier in previous articles. In that sense, it is not much different from manifesting anything else. Money knows when you are begging, pleading and desperate for it. Money also knows when you feel gratitude to have or are about to have money. This is because money is again, energy. Energy particles do have a sense of mind and consciousness while carrying information and they are aware when they are being observed.

If you want something, you must expect it to come to you. That is the first step to attracting money and in fact anything into your life. Let any opportunity for money to come in openly and remain energetically in receiving mode. If you do not want it to come in a specific manner, you should set the intention that it will not come in that particular way. When you expect something to come to you, you automatically become vibrationally aligned with your desire. Vibration or energy alignment means everything when it comes to the manifestation process. Expectation and intention setting are two key components that must always be done when manifesting consciously. I have other articles on my website that go into more detail about consciously manifesting, in a more abstract manner. You might want to read these first if manifestation is something that is new to you.

You want to attract what you want using your mind and energy consciously, but you also want to take action when needed. You will notice down below that these money hacks involve a great deal of consciously using the power of The Law of Attraction. Nevertheless, you must also follow the instructions provided to gain profitable outcomes.

Money Hack #1

Keep a $100 bill in your wallet but do not spend it. This is going to reprogram your subconscious mind that you do have money every time you open up your wallet. Make sure to also have a few other bills in your wallet to let your subconscious know that you have more than enough money. Also keep a few coins in your wallet.


Money Hack #2

Keep loose coins around the house, at your desk or in the car, at places you often visit.  This again will reprogram the subconscious mind that you have enough money to go around with.

Money Hack #3

Write a check to yourself. If you do not know how to write a check, you can find examples on Google. Mimic a check by writing down all the usual information and write down how much you want to receive. Then put it away somewhere in the drawer of your desk.


Money Hack #4

Wear something every single day that represents great fortune and wealth. It does not necessarily have to be something expensive. It is about wearing something that you personally can associate with the energy representing abundance. Feel gratitude every single day for this item that you are wearing and feel lucky for being able to afford such expensive and luxury things.


Money Hack #5

Keep a crystal with you that represents financial abundance and prosperity, such as Pyrite, Citrine or Amazonite. Set an intention of what or how much you would like to receive and speak your wish into existence by verbally expressing your intention to your crystal. Keep the crystal nice and clean somewhere in your room or if you wish so under your pillow. A great time to do this ritual is during a new moon. Then expect your manifestation to come by the full moon. However you can use this money hack anytime you prefer.


Money Hack #6

Create a vision board using paper or a Pinterest account or preferably both of how your dream life would look like. Add images of your ideal life representing an abundant lifestyle. If you made one using paper, hang it above your bed if possible or somewhere you would see it a lot. If you made one using Pinterest, commit to looking at it every day for a few minutes and search to add more to your board for another few minutes.


Money Hack #7

Talk to yourself in question form out loud in front of the mirror and ask yourself questions: “Why do I have so much money?”, “Why can I easily afford anything I want?” etc. Your mind will now start to look for physical evidence on why you have that much money and it will create the opportunities for you to manifest it.


Money Hack #8

Make it a habit of every single time when you notice someone either outdoors or on social media that is financially wealthy, to think and feel from the state of consciousness of you having equally as much money as that person of even more.


Money Hack #9

Keep your living space tidy and clean and keep items around the house that represent wealth. Throw away anything that has a negative energy to it. Anything cheap-looking or low quality must be thrown away.


Money Hack #10

Associate yourself with places, people and activities that represent wealth and abundance. Become conscious of the food you are eating (eating a lot of unhealthy foods vs foods that nourish you); become aware of what kind of tv-series or movies you consume, because they also reprogram the subconscious (lower-class wealth problems vs lifestyle of the riches) etc. Visit places where you are likely to meet people that are well-educated or simply financially successful.