Your Subconscious Mind Rules Your World


There are no coincidences in our universe, they simply do not and can not exist. Everything happening in the world is an exact replication of our subconscious mind. All of our beliefs are reflected as a physical experience in our world. Everything is connected through one universal mind, or also called the "collective consciousness". All is connected through a giant energetic magnetic field of energy and vibrations. We attract what we are and we repel whatever we are not on an energetic level. We become what we think about the most and we move away from what we do not observe and extend our focus toward.

We live in a world where an immense surprising amount of people are still unaware of the power of their subconscious mind. It is the manifesting machine which creates all of your life experiences. Our society is fuelled with poison of negative information, transferred into the subconscious of millions of  individuals every day via the news and media platforms. What this does is imprinting and programming the subconscious to accept incoming information as “truth”. Once it accepts something to be true or a fact, it reprograms the individual to live and experience life according to these truths. Information that contains anything other than these stated or assumed known facts by the individual, are disregarded or overlooked by the subconscious. The individual will simply not recognize any other truth than what he himself is familiar with, the more he is engaged in a mind-set and subconscious program that is different from what he might know otherwise.

Our brains are made up of about 86 billion “computers”, also called neurons, which are connected through biological networks. These networks consist of more than a 100 trillion (according to some estimates 1000 trillion) synapses or neural connections. A neural network is a cluster of neurons that are connected, forming a “database” of encoded information; such as thoughts, emotions, programmed reactions, beliefs and also physiological information. Whenever we focus on something in particular, we are activating a network of neurons that in turn activates a mode of physical manifestation, to create exactly what we are observing. Our brain and entire nervous system work in perfect harmony to bring in physical manifestation of whatever signals we are sending out with our senses. The only manner in which we are able to consciously create the best changes within our environment, is to focus energy solely toward what we desire to experience.The humain brain and nervous system can not differentiate the difference between an actual event and something that is imagined.

We can create new neural pathways or networks by creating new habits through repetition. The things we do over and over become a habit and they become a group of neurons, forming a new neural network. We can easily reprogram ourselves through by repetition, feeding our subconscious mind with things such as mental images and affirmations we desire to see manifest. The only key of importance is to be clear of what you want and to be as specific as possible. The subconscious replicates and manifests physically in the most exact way, according to your own internal state of being and awareness. It is scientifically proven and stated that two hours after you wake up and two hours right before you go to sleep, the subconscious mind is the most active while it is in the “theta” brain wave state. This makes these time periods the best time to consciously reprogram the subconscious mind. 

Manifestation techniques to reprogram the subconscious that are recommended most specially in this regard are; visualization, affirmations, the mirror technique (looking at yourself in the mirror and telling yourself things you wish to manifest), doing any activity within these total of four hour period that reflect your desired future state of being or dream life, going to sleep (recommended with earphones) with binaural beats of 432Hz music, as this particular frequency exhibits the perfect vibrations for positive manifestation and is synchronized and harmonically related to the human heart, laying something underneath your pillow that represents your ideal future state of living and fuelling it with loving energy with help of affirmations and high energy vibrations (emotions) while expressing sincere gratitude.