The Four Royal Stars (Guardians of the Whole Sky) – Fame & Fortune Written in The Stars


What are the four Royal Stars?

The four Royal Stars of Persia in astrology, also called Archangel stars (referring to the four Archangels), are Aldebaran (Michael) , Regulus (Raphael), Antares (Uriel) and Fomalhaut (Gabriel). The fixed stars were considered as the guardians of the sky during the time period of the Persian Empire (550 BC – 330 BC) in modern-day Iran, because they are the brightest stars of their respective constellation. The Persians believed that the sky was divided into four separate sections or districts, with each district being guarded by one of the four Royal Stars. They were believed to hold significant strong power of both good and evil. The Persians studied these stars and looked upon them for guidance in matters of scientific calculations and lunar/solar cycles, as well as for worldly predictions.


History of the Royal Stars

These prominent stars were mainly used for navigation in order to prepare for events that held the possibility to greatly affect the world. Think of events of disastrous nature; such as earthquakes,  tsunamis, volcano outbursts, but also events of political nature. Many big historical catastrophes and also massive positive breakthroughs were seen when the stars were in certain prominent alignments in the sky. When the alignment showed favorable positions of the stars, significant constructive world-changing incidents would take place. During times when the stars were very misaligned and unfavorable situated, huge dreadful global affairs occurred. It was also known that when the star Regulus held dominance, either the most ravaging and devastating or important incredible shifts happened. This is due to Regulus being the most influential of all four Royals Stars (Regulus is associated with “the king” or “kingly star”, translating into its effects being stronger and amplified compared to most other stars). The ancient civilization regarded it as a sign of transformation in their lives every time one of the stars appeared in the sky.


Signification and location of the Royal Stars

Aldebaran: Aldebaran, Alpha Tauri, is a 0.9 magnitude giant orange star in the Left Eye of the Bull, Taurus Constellation. Aldebaran is located at 09°47′ Gemini and has an orb of 2°30′. The fixed star Aldebaran is of the nature of Mars and sits in Rohini Nakshatra.  The traditional name Aldebaran is from the Arabic word الدبران (al-dabarān) which means the follower (of the Pleiades). Aldebaran is one of the 15 Behenian Fixed Stars. Its image is the likeness of God, or of a flying man. It was the guardian of the eastern sky, as it predates the vernal equinox. It is associated with honour, intelligence, eloquence, steadfastness, integrity, popularity, courage, ferocity, rebelliousness, leadership, gain of power and wealth through others etc. Much often it is seen that benefits often prove to last temporarily and there is also danger of violence and sickness.

Regulus: Regulus, Alpha Leonis is a 1.4 magnitude blue-white star located in the Leo Constellation and sits in the nakshatra of Magha. Regulus is located at 0°’ Virgo and has an orb of 2°30′. The fixed star Regulus is of the nature of Mars and Jupiter. The traditional name Regulus is Latin for ‘prince‘ or ‘little king‘. In Arabic it is قلب الأسد (Qalb al-Asad, ‘the heart of the lion‘), the same as the Latin Cor Leōnis and Greek Kardia Leontos. Regulus is also referred to as “the heart of the lion”. It was the guardian of the northern sky, as it pre-announces the summer solstice. It is one of the most fortunate stars in the heavens. It is associated with high honour, glory, royalty, leadership, ambition, power, generosity, wealth and riches, strength of spirit, independence etc. But also with disgrace, deceit, destruction, burning, poison, violence, violent death, imprisonment etc.

Antares: Antares, Alpha Scorpii, is a 1.0 magnitude fiery red and emerald green star in the Scorpio Constellation. Antares is located at 09°46′ Sagittarius and has an orb of 2°40′. The traditional name Antares, is from the Ancient Greek Άντάρης, which means “anti-Ares” or the “rival of Mars”, because of its similar color to the red planet. The fixed star Antares is of the nature of Mars and Jupiter and sits in the nakshatra of Jyestha. Antares is one of the 15 Behenian Fixed Stars. Its image is a man armed with a coat of mail, or a scorpion. It was the guardian of the western sky, as it predates the autumn equinox. It gives understanding and memory, help against evil spirits, and the power of driving them away and binding them. It also rules sardonyx, amethyst, long aristolochy and saffron. The star is associated with courage, toughness, pride, liberality, open-mindedness, (self-)destructiveness, malevolence etc.  Antares according to tradition, is of violent character and is despite by its also buoyant characteristics well-known for a violent death, either in battle or by process of law. Danger may also come about by fire, weapons or machinery.

Fomalhaut: Fomalhaut, Alpha Piscis Austrinus is a 1,16 magnitude reddish fixed star, the largest star in the Pisces Constellation (Piscis Austrinus = the Southern Fish). The name Fomalhaut derives from Arabic fum al-ḥawt, meaning “mouth of the [Southern] Fish” (فُمْ اَلْحَوْتْ), a translation of how the classical astronomer Ptolemy labeled it. Fomalhaut is located at 03°52′ Pisces and has an orb of 2°30′ and sits in the nakshatra Uttara Bhadrapada. According to Ptolemy, it is of the nature of Venus and Mercury, with a blending of Neptune influence. It was the guardian of the southern sky, as it pre-announces the winter solstice. It is said to be a very fortunate and powerful star, but it can also cause malevolence of sublime purview and character. As per tradition, Fomalhaut is of quite varying effect, either very positive or negative, depending on the overall cosmic structure of a person’s chart. This fixed star is associated with mysticism, poetry, music, magic, spirituality, idealism, escapism, artistry, creativity, everlasting fame, romanticism, great fortune/misfortune, envy, worshipping, charisma, victimhood, savior complex, mind-blowing talents, fanaticism, impracticality, utopia etc.

Effects on one’s personal life

The way to notice the impact of these stars on our planet and human society, is to look at the planetary aspects that are astronomically occurring in combination with the stars. Aspects such as conjunctions and oppositions always tend to make a significant impact, depending on the tightness of the orb between the stars and the planets located. The other aspects such as the trine, sextile and square can also represent a specific indication between the manifestation of both the stars and planets and furthermore explain their relationship to each another. The effects of the four Royal Stars on one’s personal life can also be seen in an individual’s astrological birth chart. As the famous saying goes: “as above, so below”, that also counts for these powerful fixed stars. It is most definitely possible to see in the birth chart whether a person is almost guaranteed to come into fame or fortune in their life. Each person of course is born with their own free will, but people with these stars prominent in the chart are in essence born with such positive planetary alignments at their time of birth, and therefore have the possibility to encounter and create more opportunities to make those particular things happen.  In order to figure this out more accurately a knowledge of advanced astrology is recommended and most likely needed, since a variety of astronomical combinations are necessary to more precisely predict. The birth chart is essentially comparable to a person’s life map, composed of the cosmic influences (a sky snapshot if you will) one was confronted with during their moment of birth and one will carry on during their life time. The energies an individual is born with one reintegrates from their previous past lives. Karma or the Law of Cause and Effect plays a pivotal role in this aspect. We could as a matter of fact state that a part of our existence as human individuals is already set and stone, and while that is true, a lot can be accomplished when one has striking control over their subconscious mind and has strong belief and willpower to accomplish their desires.

The Royal Stars in celebrities’ birth chart

Let’s take a closer look at two celebrities who have these fixed Royal Stars very significant in their chart. It is important to take a maximum orb of 3°’ into consideration when analysing whether someone has a planet or specific point in the chart either conjunct or oppose one of the fixed stars. If the orb is greater than that, the star does not really have much of an influence on the individual, also depending on the star itself. The tighter the orb or distance between the two, the greater the influence will be. In case of some fixed stars the orb consideration will be slightly larger, for others smaller depending on its strength. I will be choosing the kingly star Regulus and I will also look at the ascendant for this specific example. As we now know, Regulus is currently situated at 0°’ Virgo. I have found that famous supermodel and business woman Heidi Klum has her ascendant in Leo at 29°30’, which in astrology is an exact conjunction to the fixed Royal Star (an aspect by less than 1°’ is considered an exact conjuction). The ascendant in astrology represents the first house and the first house signifies you as an individual. It is all about your overall life’s quality, personality, approach towards life and also your physical appearance. Her ascendant being exactly conjunct Regulus means that she is blessed with great honour, wealth, strong will and a courageous personality. She is also seen as someone who has the qualities of being a leader in many ways and someone who is simply of great power and influence in society with this aspect. The sign of Leo represents honour, leadership and fame and having the ascendant exact conjunct this fixed star can showcase a person who is destined to achieve high levels of success in life. For the next example I will choose LeBron James, who has his Midheaven (Medium Coeli or MC) in Pisces at 1°58’. As I have earlier mentioned, royal star Fomalhaut is located at 03°52′ in the constellation of Pisces. This makes the orb between the fixed star and his Midheaven 1°67’. The Midheaven represents your social status, professional success and reputation. LeBron is notorious for his outstanding talent in basketball and is worldly famous for his career success. He has gained great name and fame due to his public reputation as being considered one of the greatest basketball players of all time.


Royal Stars in your birth chart

The examples above are a clear representation of how one can see whether or not a fixed (Royal) star has influence on one’s life. You can look at any planet in your chart and see whether you have a planet or specific point (such as the north node of the moon, which is correlated to your destiny and karmic path) in close conjunction or opposition (orb of generally max. 3°’) to one of the fixed Royal Stars and which house this aspect falls in. A conjunction simply means that at least two planets (or in this case planet and star) are together in the same sign. In case of a tight conjunction (up to 5°’) there is always a strong energy of the celestial bodies influencing one another. With an opposition this too is the case, but the energies work a little differently; there is a sense of a push-pull effect with these energies, like a tug-of-war. An opposition is indicative of two planets that are located oppose each other in the opposite astrological house. When looking at an opposition, you are essentially looking at the opposite sign of the sign the star is situated in. For example, Regulus sits at 0°′ in the sign of Virgo, meaning that the opposition to this sign is the sign of Pisces. Therefore you will always look if you have any planets or astrological points at 0°′ Virgo or 0°′ Pisces, 3°’ below or above this degree. Below these degrees we are looking at the last three degrees of the sign of Leo, as well as the last three degrees of the sign of Aquarius. The planet will show the specific flavour, as of its nature and characteristics, and the house shows the area of life in which these stars impact you. If you do not have any of these Royal Stars prominent in your chart, it obviously does not mean you can not or never will be wealthy or successful. There are other fixed stars with great attributes that can make someone well-known or achieve a lot of success in life.