This is How You Can Become Emotionally Strong


Emotional strength is one of the most valuable personality traits one can have. Life is not easy and the times we are currently living in do not particularly make it easier for us to stay emotionally balanced on a daily basis. Yet it is attainable and sustainable, but it does take practice. Unfortunately you achieve emotional strength through going through some upheavels and dark moments. However luckily it is these experiences that teach us how to handle difficulties and let us figure out ways to come up with solutions. Thus every time you are in a difficult situation and you are faced with hardships, you learn new ways on how to cope and thus as a result you become emotionally stronger.

There is no other way around than to having to have experienced certain things first and learning how to handle them, to ultimately get you to that free emotional stable place. You will notice that the people who have peaceful and strong minds are those who have gone through life’s battles and faced some opposition in their lives. I believe that to be emotionally strong, certain skills must be learned and attained. Anyone can learn these skills as long as you are motivated to learn, just like learning how to read or ride a bike. It’s moreover a skill that is worth learning about since the stronger your mind is, the better you are able to enjoy life and let me tell you, the mind is a very powerful tool and it is your strongest asset.


The reason why meditation is so powerful is because it teaches you how to become present. To become fully aware and absorb the energy of the environment without giving thought or emotional response to thoughts or feelings. To solely focus on what you are observing, from the awareness point of view itself as well as the emotions and thoughts that are generated by the ego-mind. It is not meant here by the word “meditation”, that you should sit on your bed or a mat every day. You can learn the art of meditation at any place and any time by simply practicing full body, mind and soul awareness through the skills I just mentioned. By practicing this more and more, you start to understand that you are not the ego, but the awareness behind the ego. You now start to gain emotional strength and power. The power in understanding that the ego is not your true self is emotional strength. Most people are not who they think they are. They associate their true selves with their thoughts, which stem from their emotions. Once you start making connections and start to unconsciously link your emotions and thoughts with a certain personality, you are potentially playing a dangerous game. This is what it looks like to be truly unconscious of your state of awareness.


This Is How You Can Become Emotionally Strong

Recognizing the differences and separation between the ego and the true self, is vital. Only by doing so, you are able to rationalize what is going on inside your mind and prevent yourself from seeing or creating problems where there are not any. The truth is, there are no real problems most of the time in the “now”. We tend to project our fears and worries of the future or bad experiences from the past into the now and we identify with them. That is how some people keep getting stuck in a cycle of feelings of unfulfillment and unhappiness. Learning how to separate your thoughts and emotions from the egoic mind is how you will escape from being a victim of your own wrong undoings. While this might not be an easy thing to do dependent on your own present state of consciousness, just like learning anything new you will get better at it in time and the results will show. As you get into a state of observation rather than reaction, unwanted thoughts and feelings start to dissolve, until they eventually almost completely disappear. You will also start to obtain what they call a “flow state”. This is where you have much control over your egoic mind and where you master this mind instead of it mastering you. You will experience a lot more peace and harmony in your mind and as a result, this will of course show on the outside. Life also becomes much easier when you have mastered a state of flow and whatever difficulty or opposition shows up, you will be able to handle it with ease and comfort. Will you never have unwanted thoughts or feelings again? Most likely not, but you will have the control to master them and to not be influenced by them as you once were.

You really want to get into a state of conscious observation throughout your days, instead of  living unconsciously. Because what that does, is drive you away from emotional strength and that is how you attach yourself to undesirable circumstances and situations. It occurs because you are not present in the first place and because you are not present, you are not fully being conscious. You have to sit still so to speak and watch your thoughts and how you react to them. Do your thoughts make you angry, upset , ashamed or fearful? What drives these thoughts to occur? Is your mind stuck in the past or are you constantly projecting undesirable illusionary outcomes of the future into the “now”? When you become aware of these thoughts and your reactions to them, you can learn to make them disappear by making these thoughts conscious. By doing so, you become aware that they only are what they are: “thoughts”. Now you have separated your thoughts that have been created by the egoic mind from what is happening in actual reality. That is how you can gain control over your emotional state and become an emotionally strong individual with the power to choose how you handle your emotions.