All Power is Nowhere But Within


Human beings have a power that can't be replicated by any other intelligence, nor can it be fully explained by any science. We are co-creators of our universe. Through the means and intent of one person only, the whole world can be shaped and shifted.

Every single person has abilities within them that many are unaware of. As long as this truth remains unknown to one, the individual will be powerless to create their reality in its highest, most powerful form. Our true power is within ourselves. The universe provides us what we want once we've conformed to a specific intent or desire, but it's up to us to develop or demand our order. That is manifestation.

The outside world is 90% our perception of it. Everything we can perceive of on the outside world is a reflection of our inner world and anything we can perceive within the mind will be manifested into our world. If we can perceive of it, that means it must exist and that we can experience it. Because all exists within awareness and everything is awareness.



We are co-creators of our reality

We are the (co-) creators of our reality. You are the star of your own movie. Who do you really want to be? What lifestyle do you want to live? We are constantly manifesting at any given time in space. Our world is a recap of all we have ever thought, believed, expected and envisioned. The universe or divine intelligence conforms to the subconscious and gives us what we want every single time, if focused on the world we want to experience. The universe will always give you what you want when you are in vibrational alignment.


We never lack anything 

We never really lack anything that we thínk we lack. You don’t lack any knowledge, beauty, health or whatever it is that you think you need and don’t have. You might physically don’t have it right now, but it’s because that’s how you perceive your reality within the mind. Quantum physics shows that all exists right now.

Therefore it's not a matter of creating something that doesn't exist already. We must simply select a reality where we experience all we want nów, where then a bridge of incidents unfold, which ultimately brings us our manifestation.


Believe it before you see it

Most people have the mindset that they must first see something, before they believe it can happen. The truth of matter is that the universe works reversed. We must first have perceived of it in the mind's eye before it can show up in physical reality.

This doesn't necessarily mean that we have visualized everything that's in our physical reality. Our unconscious thoughts and beliefs also manifest. We are constantly sending out signals with our beliefs, thoughts and emotions (vibrations), which all have the opportunity to manifest.



The true power lies within, so be your own boss

Don't be a cameo in someone else's movie, be the star of your ówn movie. Don’t settle for less and accept the way things are, just because everyone else is settling or because having a better life seems to far out of reach. People that are not satisfied with their lives and do nothing or little to change it have a too narrowed mindset.


If you want to live big, you have to think big

Many of the most successful and richest people in the world are big thinkers and dreamers. These people didn't stop after one failure or disappointment. They set goals and go after what they want. There can't be success without perseverance and going all in. If you want to be successful do not waste your time. Figure out as soon as possible what you love doing and what you are good at and make that your daily routine.



Start investing and making money off what you love and what you are good at

Don’t do something just because it pays the bills, because that will never bring success. Make sure you are happy and fulfilled every single day. You can not be happy and satisfied if you are working at a job you hate. Everyone has at least one talent that is destined to bring great success and fortune. Your talents are a gift that the universe gave you for a reason. You are meant to fulfill your dreams with your talents. Work towards your goals every single day, that is how you really will end up rich in the end.