Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone – Shift Your Identity


The things we do the most become the most familiar to us. It’s the things that we feel comfortable doing and tend to do the most, that make up our identity. We tend to love staying within our comfort zone because it provides a feeling of safety and security, but the downside is that it keeps you stuck within a cycle of facing the same reality over and over again. The good news is that we can stretch our comfort zone whenever we desire, in order to create better and more fulfilling future life experiences.

To step out of your familiar zone, you must start making different choices to ultimately create new habits and a new you. Making different choices is nothing more but a simple choice that you yourself have control over. In other terms, creating new habits and a new identity requires deciding to make choices that benefit you. It starts with a decision to choose to expand your comfort zone. Once you decide to do that, you choose to do something in a different way, f.e: doing something you have never done before because you were afraid, doing a particular activity in a new way or by creating a new habitual pattern in your life. Incorporating these habits will shift your identity into a new and better version of yourself.



If you seek to make radical changes in your identity to manifest particular desires, then you must repeat the same tasks on a daily basis that require to make you become that successful individual until it becomes a natural habit and it becomes a part of you, your identity. It’s only the first 3-4 weeks that you might have some difficulties staying consistent because your mind and body isn’t used to these new changes. However, with time and patience it becomes a natural process where you start to find joy and you’ll be able to look at yourself in a whole new way and be proud. Set up a time or schedule for yourself for when you’ll be making time to fulfill these important tasks. Don’t trap yourself into excuses for why you can’t do something if you feel lazy. Focus on every reason why you should do it and remain faithful to your end goal (which is shifting the identity), which can only be done by making new choices about who you are and taking action on it.

Challenge yourself as often as you want or can to get the most out of yourself by setting new goals and standards. See how far you can push yourself and stay committed to these goals. You will notice how fast it becomes a fun and natural process to push your boundaries and to create a more ambitious and successful you. Think of things that seem amazing to achieve or experience and challenge yourself to commit and work towards it. If you want to be successful at something, then you must absolutely be committed  towards your goal. Only see your end goal as your vision and leave the rest out if you don’t want it. The reason why a lot of people take so much time to reach their full potential or become very successful, is because they aren’t fully committed to what they’re doing. If you want to successfully shift your identity into the person you desire to become, you must be faithfully devoted and in commitment with your desires.