Updated: 26/05/2024


How To Manifest a Specific Person


Manifesting a specific person can be beneficial if you desire to (re)connect with someone you love, if you want to be in a relationship with another person or even if you want a famous person to be your friend or wish to be selected as part of an organization. Each person is energetically connected to another because every individual merely is a subconscious reflection of ourselves. We all exist as one consciousness and because of this reason, we can influence others to become attracted to us and manifest them into our lives.


We can manifest almost anyone into our lives by simply using our thoughts in a constructive manner; in this case we should think about our specific person in a desirable way. The best way to do that is by implementing all of our senses into the manifestation process, so that we can quite literally bring our manifestation to life.

We can use many tools as well to make our manifestation come into fruition: visualisation, affirmations, scripting, creating a vision board etc. This article explains the most practical way to manifest your SP. The manifestation process itself is fairly easy but the most important aspect is that you are trusting and committed to the manifestation process, since persistence is one of the key elements to make manifestation work.

If you want a specific person to be a part of your life, all you need to do is imagine them playing a role in it and assign them the character you'd want them to play. Imagine the both of you doing all the things you want to do together or visualize them acting precisely how you'd want them to act. Just like William Shakespeare once quoted about life from "As You Like It": “All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.” 

Life is like a theatre or screenplay if you think about it. A person is only truly who they are because they have assigned themselves a specific role, either conscious or subconscious. Therefore, what role do you want to give this other person in your life? If you want them to be in love with you, imagine that they can't stop thinking about you, telling you they love you and giving you their full devoted attention.

You are the one seeking out this person to do something that benefits you essentially but when your desire is to manifest an SP, in whatever context that is, in your imagination you imagine as if they are seeking you; because remember, they are a reflection of you!


Set Clear Intentions

Have clear intentions on what you want to achieve or what type of relationship you want to have with this other person. How do you want them to feel about you? How do you want them to act? How do you want their family to view you (if you want to be with them)? How would you want them to view themselves?

Every single person you meet is you pushed out and will behave or act exactly according to how you imagine them to be. Remember that you are not directly changing them, nor are you changing them against their will unless you act with bad intentions; you are only changing yourself and in doing so attracting another version of them.


Visualize a Scene as the End Result

This method works great to assure a definite successful end result. Visualize a scene that implies your manifestation is already done and feel (act as if) how your relationship would be like if everything was now perfect between you two. F.e: if you want a long-term relationship with someone, imagine a scene which implies the both of you are already married or have children together. You also need to imagine in first person point of view to make sure no one else receives your manifestation.

Now loop this scene over and over again a few times while you're laying in bed just before falling asleep, as this increases the chances of successful subconscious impression. When your brainwaves are in theta state, you are more likely to impress the subconscious mind when you are in a state akin to sleep.

*It's not always necessary to visualize often as some people believe; this is greatly dependant on the circumstances. Sometimes a manifestation materializes after only visualizing once or when before bed doing the previous method right above correctly (SATS). If you still feel the need to strenghten your belief, you might benefit from visualizing multiple times throughout the day for a few days in a row or until you feel confident enough that you have saturated your mind rightfully, but don't overdo it! You will know when you have impressed the subconscious when you no longer question your manifestation or feel the need to do any techniques.

Ultimately drop the manifestation after visualizing a couple of times and trust that it will happen. Dropping the desire is essential because the subconscious mind can't differentiate between what you imagine either positive or negative and won't believe the desire has already been fulfilled if you keep impressing it with negative thoughts.



The Sky is the Limit

Many people will just try to manifest the most simple and most outspoken things because they don't yet fully trust their manifestation capabilities but you can take this a few steps further to test yourself. There are no limits as long as you believe it will happen. So why limit yourself in any way?

Let's say that you are a spiritual person and you would love to go to Bali to attend a retreat with your SP but they aren't interested in coming with you because they have no interest in spirituality. Simply set the intention and visualize that they are more than willing to go with you or that they even are thrilled to share this experience with you. What will happen is that a natural "bridge of incidents" will unfold where they will take the necessary actions to go with you. Often times you won't even notice that certain things are happening to lead you down that path but it is all in the "divine plan" to bring about your manifestation.

This is a clear example of "circumstances don't matter"; it doesn't matter if they were atheist or religious before or something else. You can make the impossible possible because everything is energy and we can manipulate energy directly to our own will.

Be Grateful For Their Ideal Version of You

The last step is to feel gratitude for them being the ideal version you'd want them to be. Practice this every day and affirm out loud to yourself things such as "I'm so grateful that ... loves me so much" or "I'm so grateful that ... now acts in such ways". Feel grateful for the fact that it's happening now. You want to make it known to the subconscious mind that your manifestation is already present and is happening in every moment when you think about it. Whether that means acknowledging it's already a done fact once a day and moving on thinking about something else or daydreaming about it all day long. Make it feel as real as possible but never force it; just like as if all things were true now and happening in perfect divine flow.