How To Manifest a Specific Person


Manifesting a specific person can be beneficial if you want to be in a relationship with someone, if you desire to reconnect with someone, even if you want a famous person to be your friend or if you want to be selected to be part of a cooperation. What you must do to attract someone is feeling of having that person in your life already.



We can manifest ányone into our lives by simply thinking about them in a desired way. The best way we can do that is by implementing all of our senses into our manifestation process, so that we can bring our manifestation to life. There are many tactics and things we can think about when it comes to manifesting a specific person.

We can use many tools as well to make our manifestation come into fruition; visualisation, scripting, using a vision board etc. This article explains the most systematic and practical way. The most important aspect, just like manifesting anything else, is that you are trusting and believing of the manifestation process. 

If you want a specific person to be in your life, imagine them being a part of your life. Imagine the both of you doing all the things you want to do together. If you want them to be in love with you, imagine them being crazy about you, telling you they love you and giving you their full attention. Anything you want, you can have it. You decide how harmonious or loving your relationship will be. There are no limits.


Clear Intentions

Have clear intentions on what you want with this person. How do you want them to feel about you? How do you want them to act? How do you want their family to view you (if you want to be with them)? How would you want them to view themselves? This is all within your control.

Every single person you meet is you pushed out and will behave or act exactly as you imagine them to be. Therefore, if you want your specific person to be super confident within themselves, you can also manifest that. It doesn't only comes down to how they act towards you or what you can have together. You are not changing them against their will, you are changing your outlook towards them.



Visualizing A Scene As The End Result

Visualize and feel how your relationship feels like and how they act towards you. Only visualize the end result. This will guarantee that your manifestation will come to pass. F.e: if you want a long-term relationship with someone, imagine a scene which implies the both of you are married or have children together. Always imagine in first person point of view, to make sure no one else receives your manifestation.

This is very important! Of course, only think about what you want and how incredible your relationship is, otherwise you might end up with a situation that is a mix of what you want and don't want. Loop this scene a few times when you're in bed just before falling asleep, as this increases the chances of manifestation. When your brainwaves are in the theta state, you are more likely to impress the subconscious mind.

It's not always necessary to visualize often. In some cases that's not even the best possible option, depending on the circumstances. Sometimes a manifestation arises after only visualizing once. If you feel the need to strenghten your belief, you might benefit from visualizing multiple times throughout the day for a few days.

For big manifestations you can do this for a longer period of time. Ultimately, drop the manifestation after visualizing a couple of times and trust that it will come to pass. Dropping the desire is essential, since the subconscious mind can't  believe the desire has already been fulfilled otherwise, since all exists now.



The Sky Is The Limit

Many people will just try to manifest the most simple and most outspoken things of what they would want to experience, but you can take this a few steps further. As stated before, there are no limits, as long as you believe it will happen.

Let's say that you are a very spiritual person and you would love to go to Bali to experience some spiritual practices. You would probably like for them to have the same sort of interest. Let's go under the assumption that you don't know whether they are spiritual or even have an interest to go to Bali. Set the intention that they are also  spiritual and that they also want to go to Bali for the same reasons.

Imagine and feel them being excited about it and talking about it to you. You don't want to obsess over this or put your intention on a pedestal. Rather just have the mindset of this being a nice story, but never a necessity. Experience it to be natural and live that reality as if it's real. If there's no resistance, the chances it will manifest are much more increased.



Lastly, feel gratitude for them coming into your life. Practice this every day, and say to yourself things such as "I'm so grateful that ... loves me so much". Feel grateful for the fact that it's happening now. You want to make it known to the subconscious mind that your manifestation is present and happening at every moment at all times when you think about it. Whether that means just acknowledging that fact and move on thinking something else or daydreaming about it. Make it feel as real as possible but never force, just like as if all things were true and actually happening in the present.