Signs That You Are Highly Awake


It is merely but above all a fact that we all are one, as we all, being individuated units of consciousness, originate from the same source energy. In that sense, no one is really more important or special than somebody else. But highly awake people do have that X-factor that makes them stand out, allowing them to have certain abilities to see what others can not and to heal and help humanity evolve to greater consciousness levels. You could say that highly awake individuals are therefore amazingly blessed, as they have a unique power to transcend lower vibrational energy or negativity and psychologically move beyond 3-dimensional based reality. It is certainly much needed to have these people among us, as they are  the pioneers and trendsetters who will change the world to a definite more harmonious place for all humankind.

If you are someone who is “woke” or “awake” you will find that you can tick the boxes for probably most of the following indications. You will most definitely know if you are that person, because most likely you will “just know” that you are a little different and that you came here with the purpose of realizing a divine mission. See yourself as greatly blessed and know that you are indeed chosen to accomplish important tasks in this lifetime, not only for yourself, but the world as a whole.

1. You have a great amount of empathy and compassion for all life forms

This is without a doubt one of the most telling and obvious signs. Individuals who operate from higher consciousness levels almost always have exceptional empathy, love and compassion for other people, as well as animals and plants. Their loving energy exudes vibrations that helps heal the planet and all existing life, because they themselves are aligned with higher universal powers and understand the value and necessity of expressing love above the act of engaging in things that are simply illusions and trap the human soul into lower dimensions.

2. You have experienced a “dark night of the soul” and had a spiritual awakening

Most people who are highly awake go through a spiritual awakening at a point in their life where things seem to completely fall apart. This is called “the dark night of the soul” and it is a hard but very pivotal experience that one will have to face in order to ascend to greater consciousness. After this experience the individual’s life often changes permanently: increased knowledge of self, understanding and interest in spirituality, different yet broader outlook on life, new sparked goals and ambitions, greater faith and trust in the divine etc.

3. You are very interested in the metaphysical and occult sciences

It is a natural consequence once having had a spiritual awakening or simply being someone who is highly conscious, to find serious interest in learning about the occult and everything that belongs to the unseen. Because you understand that everything in the physical manifests from the non-physical, you may find that you are keenly interested or even devoted to understanding the manifestation of how both coincide.

4. You have a developed sixth sense

Highly conscious people always have an extra or sixth sense. They tend to have strong intuition and often can read people’s energy and intentions and are able to feel into situations and circumstances. They can also have precognition about things that have not yet physically manifested. Having and expressing abilities such as clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience and clairaudience are common. Other psychic abilities such as astral projection, mediumship, telepathy and automatic writing are also seen.

5. You can see through the illusion of “The Matrix”

You as a highly conscious individual easily smells the nonsense and deception that is present in this world. You see the world for what it truly is and you can see  through the illusionary veil that certain world leaders have been out projecting and recognize that it is all just a facade to hide the essential truth of who we really are.

6. You are able to pick up on signs of the universe or God

Signs will follow you if you are someone who is chosen. They are there to help you guide along the right path to stay aligned when it comes to living your true authenticity. Everyone receives these signs from God or the universe, but only those who are consciously awake will notice them. They can appear in your life in many different forms: symbols, song lyrics, images etc. However you will intuitively know when something in your life is a sign, showing up to help assist you along the way.

7. You notice a lot of synchronicity on a daily basis

Noticing synchronicities happens to everyone who has had a spiritual awakening and/or is highly consciously awake. When you pick up on a lot of synchronicities, it most often means you are on the right track. But it is important to pay attention to these synchronicities. For example, if you are seeing the same repeated numbers notice which numbers you keep seeing. Some numbers have a more positive or negative meaning than others (f.e: 666 = often paying too much focus on the material). Other synchronicities could be overhearing someone saying something you want to manifest. That would indicate a positive synchronicity meaning that you are about to manifest your desire.

8. You are always in the right place at the right time

You are most likely lucky in the sense that more often than not, you will find yourself being in the right place at the right time. That is because of your intuitive abilities and you trusting yourself by listening to what your heart says. People who connect themselves with energies of higher powers often know where to go and not to go, as well as whom they should trust and allow into their life. This is the gift they possess. They are many times protected and blessed because they believe that they are protected and taken care of, and therefore they are.

9. You trust and lead by your intuition

Your intuition is your inner compass and you know that deep within you. You rely upon your intuition because you recognize that your intuition is actually your higher self, speaking directly to you. The higher you go up in your consciousness level, the more you will live by and trust your intuition because that equals trusting and knowing yourself. High conscious people have the advantage and privilege to do this, because they train that muscle of the mind that opens themselves up to broader perspectives while feeling into different energies.

10. People often ask for your advice and see you as “the wise one”

You probably are the wise one among your peers and friend groups and people always love to come to you for advice, because they (subconsciously) know that you have the right answers to what they need to know. Because of this fact you might actually feel much older than your age or as if you have lived hundreds, if not thousands of lives before (which you probably have, hence your notable wisdom). People can just sense that there is something about you that is trustworthy and worth guiding them to make the right decisions.

11. You “just know” that you came here for a greater purpose

You have probably always known internally that your purpose or destiny is not meant to be ordinary or to live a normal life, whatever that means to you. You have always sought out greater things and you view life on a very large scale. Settling for anything less than what you deserve and came here for will just not work and you will most likely dismiss or quit anything rather sooner than later, if it does not mentally and emotionally stimulate you.

12. You face a lot of hardships but always come out much stronger

The toughest struggles are often given to those with the greatest destiny, I truly believe that. You are given those struggles to become stronger and to help others by learning from your own mistakes and experiences. Great thing is that your level of awareness allows you to look beyond the surface of your struggles and to see them for what they are, which is temporary difficulties. That is what makes you incredibly strong, admirable and a powerful leader, giving you the strength to overcome hardships with much more ease.

13. People notice your greatness

People sometimes can see what we fail to see about ourselves. However truth is that when you are a great person who does great things, people naturally gravitate toward you because they simply notice your potential and greatness. They essentially look up to you because they are inspired by the charm and talents that spark your personality and also because they can tell that you are a pure and loving soul.

14. Things not meant for you quickly fall apart

Certain experiences and people that are not aligned with your life purpose and who you are meant to be, quickly seem to drift away and leave. This is because you are operating from higher energy frequencies, causing anyone and anything that is out of alignment with your vibrational state to inevitably move away and exit your life that much faster.

15. You do not fit in with the crowd (lone wolf)

People who are chosen or highly awake simply do not fit in with the crowd, generally speaking. Their mind is just on a whole other level, making communication with individuals who are not awake to be rather found meaningless, dull and superficial. This is the reason why such people like to socialize with other individuals who are also highly awake, because these interactions stimulate their mind to become even more consciously aware by sharing and learning new  information.

16. You are highly ambitious

Setting up high goals for yourself is very important to you and you do not shy away from going after them. That is the drive and ambition that awakened people possess. The ambition these people have is uncanny because they know that anything is possible as long as you have faith and belief in yourself. Often such people become very successful in their chosen field and ultimately reach the very top of their profession. Many times these people are creative artists, teachers or healers of any kind.

17. You are unstoppable

Nobody can ever stop a person who knows who they are and has a developed conscious awareness. People as such are just otherworldly because they have done the exponential work to become their greatest version and due to that reason, they can not be stopped from whatever they set their mind on. Strong willpower and persistent driven ambition is what makes these individuals win time and time again.

18. You are a pioneer

The pioneers in any field are mostly visionaries, individuals who can see beyond what is regular or mundane and intuitively know what others need and how to be of service. They are the first ones to undertake and accomplish something others can not do and this particular quality is often seen in people who are awakened. Awakened people are often true pioneers and trendsetters ready to alter and disrupt the status quo; especially when it comes to questioning  people’s perspective on important topics that involve human consciousness and development.

19. You quickly learn from your mistakes

If there is someone who quickly learns and bounces back from mistakes, then it surely is you. Your upleveled state of consciousness allows you to not make the same mistakes over and over again, but to instead learn and move on from them fast. A very important factor for this is the fact that you are able to see the truth in things that do not serve your highest good.

20. You are a master manifestor

One of the best things of all as a highly awakened person, is that your life simply becomes ten times better once you become awakened from the truth of all there is. Because you understand life and who you are so much better, you now understand how to manipulate reality to how you want your life to be. That is such a wonderful thing and must not be underestimated, because the truth is that a lack of developed conscious awareness is the death of life. It means that life is leading you instead of you leading your life. Developing your consciousness and working on building a connection with the divine (whatever that looks like or means to you) is essential if you want to master your life.