How to Always Get Hired and Get the Job Position You Want


Let me discuss and reveal some secrets about a topic I've become very fond of and know quite some interesting stuff about. I will unveil to you how you can get into your desired position at the workplace you want to get hired at, while becoming your boss' new favorite employee. These so called "tactics" are designed to ensure you get what you intend and strive for, they are not misleading or manipulative in the negative sense whatsoever. I will disclose details and share information I gained on the professional workfront from my own personal experience, which I have accumulated plenty of throughout my 27 years of existence. You will see that I know very well what I'm talking about if you read the whole article,  since it is only from true and plenty of life (and work) experience that one can teach and help others about what they know.

You see, I was once that girl who continuously and almost "religiously" went from one place to the next  to apply for a job. I was constantly in a ratrace and to say that I was sick of always trying and seemingly not getting anywhere, is an understatement. I have written countless of motivation letters throughout the years and rewrote and adjusted my CV probably close to one hundred times, only to find out I wasn't accepted in the end, which then forced me to apply somewhere else again. This went on for years and even though I would get accepted sometimes, I'd often soon leave because I just didn't like the job or the people I was working with. Now mind you, I was also very picky about which jobs and positions I wanted to apply for. I didn't just wrote an entire letter for something that was minimum wage or something I saw as "low on the social scale". I do want to emphasize that there's nothing directly wrong with doing or having a job that's not particularly considered as highly regarded or preferable within society, but it just never was something I considered for myself personally or that resonated with me. This particular mindset finally got me where I am today, which is having multiple streams of income, making way more money than the average person and doing what I love for a living. It's this mindset that I will admit for sure got me to experience many trials and tribulations, with earnings often being unpredictable and going up and down, but also helped me to develop experience in business with lots of different people from all sorts of backgrounds and achieve greatness and status, all while becoming a successful entrepreneur at a young age. Ultimately I would be foolish if I told you that mindset is less important than hard work, both are extremely important, but it is the right mindset first and foremost that will get you from point A to point B and anywhere you want to be.

Whatever you do, don't settle

If you want to get the job, then you must learn first to never settle for any first or second thoughts or opinions you may have. It is many times not that hard to get the job you want, but what's more important is that before you even accept the job if you get accepted, is to have clarity on what it is you truly want out of the position or career you are applying for. This so important and too often tends to get overlooked by people. There are plenty of opportunities out their in this big world we're living in, but if you're thinking "small me can only do small things", then you will inevitably be destined to achieve small results. The moral of the story and truth of the matter is that a lót of people settle. They settle for a job that will just pay the bills or perhaps because they don't want to travel outside of their city or even because they're afraid of what others may think if they choose a career path that goes against society's norm. That last one is possibly the worst one of all, but they all involve extreme self-sabotaging behaviour and they all are directly related to lower states of consciousness. It's very sad to say,  but this is what our world has become. People don't want to look bad in front of others. They guard their reputation to the point that they would rather give up on their deepest desires and dreams, all for the sake of "what they would think". Well I tell you where that's going to get you - in the gutter. If you don't believe me, look at the people who always tell you to nót do something because there's "too much risk involved". I bet that these people are not at the very top of their field or profession themselves or where they want to be in life and this is why. Successful people on the other hand know that it takes a bet and risks sometimes to get where you want or need to be. If you think like all the rest, you will end up like all the rest and that's not just a warning, that's a mere fact.

How to stand out from others and shine bright

To make a real impression on people, you have to be outstanding, you have to shine and be different. The funny thing about people is that a lot of people themselves secretly want to shine, yet they shy away from the spotlight because it puts them in a vulnerable position to be criticized by others. However, when you do that regardless, you often get the effect that people actually respect you more becáuse you are showing your vulnerable side, even when they don't speak up about it or tell you in your face. We people look up to other people who are daring, courageous, self-sufficient and confident. We love to see people win big, because it makes us feel that we can do the same and also can become successful just like them. But in order to do that, we have to show ourselves and put ourselves out there. Thinking that doing this and showing who we really are to the world is bad, is simply wrong and here is why: people always sooner or later find out the real you, so pretending to be "better" or someone you're not is a waste of time.  We have to become and feel confident within and love ourselves primarily, because if we love ourselves, we show others that we also feel worthy of their attention and validation. We are of course always worthy of someone else's attention and approval of who we are, but it's important to realize that we ourselves project unto others how they view us, based on how we perceive ourselves. You being your authentic self is often more than enough to influence and have a real impact on people, on the contrary, it's even attractive to show authenticity and to expose your vulnerable side to the world. The fact that you are different from the person next to you or someone else will always work in your favour, so make use of it and expand on those unique traits and let them shine through.

Now we've already discussed one part of what inhabiting the right mindset really means. There's one side that entails knowing who you are and letting the unique parts of you to come through, so that you affect others with all the different facets of yourself that make you interesting and appealing. Another part of the deal is that you have to convince on a professional, business-minded level why you are the right catch and teammate. So here's a quick tip: don't just tell the manager or person who's in charge of interviewing you what they want to hear, but speak and express yourself as the highest version of yourself who's already where they want to be and behave accordingly. I've said before that people can actually smell the roses or intuitively are able to tell when someone's pretending to be better  or different from what they actually are or is hiding things from them. Therefore the trick is to be as honest as possible about your previous and current work experiences as well as your competences, but also to create and give your personal story a nice twist. Also if you know that you have certain points or characteristics that would make you a less adequate candidate, draw more attention towards your strong skills and put less emphasis on your weak capabilities, unless you're asked about it (in that case do remain honest). This all works amazingly well because you are in essence not lying, instead you are wording your professional background in a qualified and more technical manner. Another note is to not worry too much about the things that you would consider to be your weak spots. Everyone has those and no one will expect you to know everything or do everything perfectly from the get-go. Remember that people don't remember as much all the things you mentioned you've done in the past or even the exact things you said to them at a specific point in time, as they do remember how you came across and if you were able to articulate and present yourself well. That is why you want to give more focus, I'd say about 70% to your personal presentation and 30% to your skills and experience, when it comes to your job interview.

Your act of présence during the interview

During your interview as you are being asked certain questions,  you're going to focus more on what you can bring to the table and how your presence or why hiring you would benefit the company you're applying for. The manager or CEO of the company is going to want to know why exactly they should pick you over other applicants and this is where you're going to need to convince why you are the best candidate. Sure being articulate, well-mannered, soft spoken and polite is going to get you somewhere,  but it is not going to get you all the way to the finish line. I've previously discussed that honesty is a very important element, but also the way you go about formulating your sentences and sharing all of that information. When you're having a conversation with authority figures at work, especially when it is the first time you're speaking to someone such as in this case, it is highly advisable to use words and speak in a tone that is commendable and respectable. If you do that, you have a much higher chance of your application being accepted and applauded. Other things that you should naturally do, possess or abide by during a job interview to make the best impression are; good posture, fine articulation, listen more than you speak, ask questions, ensure being well-informed about company and job position and behave and dress accordingly to business' policy, be on time (min 10min beforehand) etc. These are not ranged from less to more important, they are all essential to follow through in order to guarantuee the best results and book great succes and get hired. Of course there are even other things to consider that also matter when it comes to whether or not you will be the chosen one, such as creating a wonderful resume or application letter, but I will not get into that in this article. 

Why I always got the job and was most favored

Now I will tell you why I always got the job after going on so many interviews (literally have lost count a long time ago), as this will provide more insight for you to understand how and why every business owner or manager I talked to during interviews was always so in awe with me whenever I sat across their table. As I said at the beginning of this article, I literally went from job interview to job interview, from one company to the next, because either I wasn't good enough in their eyes or because I just didn't want to be there. But little did I know back then, that all of that would really turn out to work in my favour in the end. It is éxacly because I've had that many job interviews, that now I've become incredibly skilled at conversating and talking to people on a professional and even personal level. I now know perfectly which words to choose and how and when to use them. I've learned how to present myself in a way that is prestigious and honorable and because of that, people automatically assume from the moment they meet and talk to me that I'm successful. It's quite evident for me that people in most cases naturally think of me that I'm capable, intelligent and accomplished because they will either tell me or proof it to me in other ways. I can't tell you how many times I've been told by people in positions of power that they find me special, unique, intelligent, striking (in a good way), a good leader etc. I tend to be liked a lot, especially at the workfront because people sense my aura and my aura radiates exactly those things I just mentioned. I don't allow myself to give off any other vibes that are less deserving than who I really am or desire to be. By the age of 25, despite having many different and frequent job changes, I've either been or been asked to be in or take over a leadership position at the place I was working at at least three times, each time within a period of just one month. I do believe of course that some have a better understanding on how to act and behave professionally better than others and that it's just naturally innate within them, granding them a much bigger advantage when you're applying for a job, but just like with anything else, you can always learn how to do it and become better at it.

I will now give you a quick summary in order to greater enhance the possibilities of you getting the job you want. 

1. Be and act as your greatest version - who you would be in your desired professional setting (if this job/career is not your current desired professional setting, I suggest to not even apply)

2. Speak eloquently and have a good variety of vocabulary

3. Show genuine interest and be well-informed about the company and vacancy (do your research)

4. Be aware of your energy! (very important) Make sure you're relaxed and calm. Having a good preparation will help calm down nerves and stabalize your mood and vibe 

5. Invest in your appearance and hygiene and dress in correspondence with your line of employment

6. Focus a little more on your own unique traits and make sure they stand out in a subtle way

7. Convince why you are the best candidate to fill in this position by emphasizing what experience or skills of yours would add as a benefit

8. Make sure they know you're a real catch by showing confidence in who you are and embody your true authentic self, so that they get the impression that by not picking you, someone else will be priviledged to have you