Attracting an Emotional Vulnerable Relationship


In today’s society many people are afraid to show their true authentic selves when it comes to the dating world. The rates of people separating and getting divorced has skyrocket compared to decades ago. This circumstance has resulted into people developing a fear of showing vulnerability towards potential love offers and relationships and therefore rejecting romantic opportunities.

Yet, in order to have a deep connection and sustain an emotional healthy and happy relationship, emotional vulnerability between both parties is an important factor for a relationship to keep blossoming and remain successful.

What you want is what you yourself must become. If you desire to attract a partner who is emotional available, then you must in turn also be that. Many individuals don’t realize when they desire something they lack it because they lack being it themselves. Think about it this way: imagine you are complaining about something the whole time. Your partner now picks up on that energy and eventually starts reacting to you in an undesirable manner. Your partner reacting this way is a result of your own low vibrational energy state. If you perceive yourself being a victim, you would get annoyed with your partner or even become angry with them. But if you have the awareness that what the situation has become is the result of your own cause, then you can alter and change the future in a more benefic way.

Taking responsibility has a lot to do with attracting what you want in essence. If it’s being in an emotional vulnerable relationship, then this would implement showing your vulnerable side, without fear of judgement. Doing this shows strength and self-love. These are attractive components and characteristics to have.  Many people fear that vulnerability will make them lose something. The irony is that this “losing” that they fear is not even realistic based. It’s based on the fear that’s inside their ego mind. A fact is that emotional vulnerability is actually sexy and shows maturity and confidence. It shows that a person is not afraid to be themselves and is not afraid about being disliked or disregarded. The truth is when you really do love yourself, you don't care as much when you get rejected because you already know how amazing you are and this is often found to be very attractive. Many fear losing something that they don’t even have in the first place. If there’s one thing to fear losing, it’s yourself. One way to overcome this fear is by being emotionally vulnerable towards other people by speaking your heart and mind.

There really is only one big and obvious secret to attracting an emotional vulnerable partner or relationship and it’s what is stated in the above paragraphs. In actuality, the answer is the same for anything you desire to attain or manifest. Anything you want you must become. The answer is often so much simpler than we initially imagine. Putting it to practice can be too. As long as you remind yourself that nothing can be changed without taking full responsibility for your own shadow side, the parts of yourself that aren’t so perfect and must work on. What we want we must always first fulfill within ourselves. Our lives are the mirrors reflecting back to us what we are entertaining on the inside. The characteristics you seek in a partner you must first of all seek and complete within yourself. When you do this, you will find exactly what you search for in a relationship and a partner. Your partner will complement you because they are what you already are.