Align With Your Higher Self and Receive Everything You Want


Life can be confusing at times and for many, there comes a moment or period in our lives when we don’t know what it is we actually want or desire for ourselves and reach a standstill. This experience often feels like running up against a wall and not too uncommonly, this feeling of opposition can haunt us for a long time. For the person going through such an experience, it feels horrible as there’s generally nothing more than what's truly fulfilling other than having found the meaning of existence or your life purpose. Even though being unaware of one’s life’s mission can cause a lot of dissatisfaction and destruction in a person’s life, it’s a fated experience most souls will go through once incarnated, as life itself is meant to be figured out by facing challenges. Luckily, there’s a trick that can help you figure out what your life mission is so that you can finally align yourself and get into receiving-mode to achieve all the abundance you deserve. This little “trick” is merely something you must become aware of and will quickly become a natural habit as you adapt to it and apply it consistently. Once you develop this skill, you will noticed that you’ve become a magnet to all things you’ve so long craved for. Things will start falling into your lap and find their way to you faster than ever before, once you become aligned with your higher self.

Who’s the Higher Self?

The higher self is the part of you that is not the body but instead the “real” you. It’s the true essence of you that is your soul, that has been part of the universe since the beginning of time and will continue to exist forevermore for eternity; whether that is on our planet, different star systems, other galaxies etc. Your higher self is who you are beyond your avatar, as the avatar is nothing more but a meat suit we “put on” in order to play the game of life, here on planet Earth. Our physical bodies do represent an accurate signature of our soul essence and thus it is never a coincidence why you look the way you look; however the real you or spiritual you is pure energy and completely formless. That’s why sometimes getting overly attached to looks while attempting to change the outside is silly, since physical beauty is actually only ever created from within and then starts showing its imprint on the external. You can see how the physical part of us acts as a perfect mirror and is direct in correspondence to the mental image we hold of ourselves. The mental in essence determines the physical and that is seen not only in physical beauty but in absolutely everything that makes up our reality. Therefore, the most important realisation is that you, in true reality, are your higher self and not actually the body; at the very top,  you are an individuated unit of consciousness that is part of the larger consciousness whole or system. The realisation of the truth that you are more than just your body is extremely important because only when this is truly comprehended does one become able to consciously direct their reality to their command. You must now realize that you are a soul (you don’t have a soul as many believe), your body is only a temporary “suit” you wear until your last day of (re)incarnation and you’ve been here and will continue to live on forever.

Align With the Higher Self(and Receive Everything)

People tend to attract what they don’t want because they are letting their ego take over the driver’s seat when it comes to the creative manifestation process. Rule number one is that you can’t ever let your ego make decisions for you where intuitive guidance is necessary; referring to the analytical part of the brain that’s based on logic and abstract thinking and collects information or data solely based on past memories. If each time the decisions you make are based on old memories or evidence your left brain side has stored, then chances are much more likely you’re setting yourself up for failure, especially if those memories were negative. The ego is important for our survival mechanism and can help us make logical reasoning (1+1=2) and decisions but it can only do so much and doesn’t anticipate or approach situations in a creative manner. It can’t predict the best possible outcome for your situation and lead you toward where you should go like intuition does, which is always lead by the eternal or higher self. This is where a lot of people unfortunately go wrong: they only make decisions using their ego-mind or they confuse both minds and end up miscreating or interrupting their manifestations. The right way to go about it is to know when consciously which mind or brain hemisphere to utilize.

Our focus in this process lies more heavily toward the right brain because this side of the brain governs our creativity and intuition; training the analog brain will help you greatly  in becoming more free-spirited as well as enlightened. People who are more spiritually inclined or even religious tend to automatically have significant right brain activity as opposed to those who are atheists. Ideally of course, there should be a healthy balance between both brain hemispheres. In order to be in constant flow with universal energy, which is love and total harmony, we ourselves must become love and therefore become aligned with the elevated part of us. Our true self exists of pure positive, unconditional loving energy but because of the lower frequency of planet Earth and past karma from this and previous incarnations, our energy has become more dense and we have moved further away from our original energetic signature or frequency. We have also overall become more egotistical, careless, impatient, intellectual, resentful etc - because we have forgotten who we are through the veil of forgetfulness - and have moved into a state of disorder rather than structured order. Those who are already on their spiritual awakening journey will find it much easier to connect with their higher self but even if you haven’t reached that level of spiritual awareness yet, I highly advise to just start connecting with that divine part of you.  In essence, each person must do this in order to truly find themselves and become awakened and we all ultimately will do so, in divine timing.

Connecting with the higher self can be done through many different practices, such as (guided) meditations, yoga, subliminals, crystals, tarot cards, psychedelics etc. I do recommend to try out at least one of these, depending on what suits you best personally. However, my recommendation in this article is fairly simple and doesn’t necessarily involve any of the practices above: it’s simply asking yourself how you would feel, think and act if you now were that person you truly want to be and fully embodying that state of consciousness. Asking yourself these questions can help as a tool to help you guide toward your true self, especially for those who have strongly identified with the ego part of themselves in the past. Perhaps for others, it’s less necessary to go into specifics about these questions as they are able to more naturally adapt to the frequency of their higher self (they will already be more attuned to their authentic self and thus know themselves on a deeper level), especially those who have a strong spiritual connection with the divine. It’s important to note that for the most of us, this is a process and not one where you will instantly become perfectly aligned with your higher or true self and manifest everything you want within a week or even month. Realistically, you will most likely start to identify more with your true self, as you leave behind old identifications and as a result increase in confidence and success will start showing up (and other things you identify with as your higher self). You can overall expect the following things to happen: loss of identification with previous thoughts (you will observe more intelligently instead of reacting emotionally), you will imagine new, exciting things for the future (instead of worrying and remaining stuck in the past) and you will find to be extremely attractive by other people because you are projecting a total different reality, hence a different version of yourself (they will most likely unconsciously start to feel drawn to you).

Practice tapping into your spiritual self and find that connection with the divine or God, so that you can fully surrender and just become one with divinity. Doing this will allow you to release excess parts of where the ego may have taken over control in your life. You don’t need to be religious in order to do this; the only thing necessary is that you recognize the other part of you beside the ego that is the higher self and connect with it and then start aligning more with that version of you. Think about what that version looks like on every different level (what does their life look like, how do they think, speak, act etc?). Ask yourself these questions and start imagining these things and live in that reality now, as if it’s already happening right before your eyes. You want to live and be that reality as much as possible. You will see that this isn’t that hard to do as you once may have thought, if you don’t give up but continue practising (being). This is because when you’re aligned with true divinity and the higher aspect of you, all things automatically line up and start working for you. Anything that didn’t go quite right will now start improving or will disappear and make room for something better. This is a good thing because the more you become aligned, the more things and different aspects of your life will reflect back your alignment. Remember that in order to align, you must become and then you’ll receive because you’ve literally become the very thing you’ve set out to happen.