Manifestation Through Concept Of Self


Everything in the universe and within our lives is manifested. Everything is manifested through words at its foundation. Like said in scripture, in John 6:63 Jesus says: "words are spirit, and they are life." These proverbs add that anybody's words are what's referred to "spirit" in The Bible. Many holy books and texts include great wisdom. They are often referred as being a manifestation and help guide to life.

If we would just think logically, a manifestation is a physical representation of a previous thought and thoughts in essence are words. Therefore we know that creature at its core starts from words. When words are being spoken, the spirit of something unseen is brought to life. Words are untangible but hold energy, just like anything else that exists within the universal realm.

What this says about our self-concept is that the way we think about ourselves essentially means everything. The manner in which we speak and think to and about ourselves creates our self-concept and it's our self-concept that manifests our reality at all times. 



This means that whatever you think and more so believe about yourself, is what always is reflecting back to you. If for example you believe that you're unworthy , you will attract all kinds of people and circumstances who will proof your belief to be true. You will find a reflection of people treating you the exact way you view yourself. You will stumble upon life situations and circumstances where how you see yourself is also being reflected.

It makes sense that in order to change our self-concept, we must change the way we view ourselves. In essence, we need to change the way we think to change our beliefs. Our beliefs about ourself = our self-concept. So we need to change our thoughts to change our beliefs before anything can change.

Changing thoughts is not that difficult, if you know how to do it correctly. To change a belief we want to repeat desirable thoughts over and over, until they are imbedded within the subconscious mind, so they become accepted as truth. Once this happens, a new belief is developed and the old belief no longer exists. Once the new belief is accepted by the subconscious, the reality of the person completely shifts to that new belief.



How to not do it is "trying" to convince yourself to believe a new belief. This results into obsession and resistance and repelling you further from achieving your new self-concept. How this would look like in reality is repeating thoughts in your mind or out loud such as "I'm so skinny", while feeling resistance, because you know that you're actually not skinny.

Then you have thoughts telling you the opposite and they cause you to feel low vibrational energy. Possibly you then start to obsess, overthinking the right thoughts and you find yourself in a battle, trying to change the circumstances.

The best possible way to create and keep the ideal self concept as you like, is to tell yourself all the things you wish to be, as if you're that person already. Like previously said, it doesn't matter if you don't believe it all yet. The subconscious will, once having affirmed these new thoughts enough times.



You simply start affirming desirable thoughts to create new desirable beliefs and you think fróm the state of consciousness of your new reality. It's easier to first affirm thoughts that are beneficial to your new self-concept, than immediately starting to think from the new state of consciousness. To not create a fallback to the old self-concept, start with affirming the thoughts you want to experience with your new self-concept. New beliefs are then easier and also most likely more quickly to be developed.

When these new thoughts become your currents dominant thoughts, they turn into new beliefs. The old beliefs and self-concept falls away and now you find to start believing to be this new person. What happens next is that the world starts to shift to your new perception of self. Meaning; you attract people, opportunities and circumstances that match exactly with your new concept of self. 



When wanting to manifest a specific person using the self-concept, we are not supposed to manifest and change anything outside of ourselves. Meaning in this case the other person. We are always only supposed to be changing the way we perceive ourselves and from there, the specific person's perception of us changes.

Whatever you would like to manifest using the self-concept, it's essential to remember that your self-concept always needs to be positive, bright, uplifted and desirable. Your self-concept should be exactly who you wish to be as a person, to reflect back the life experiences you wish to experience.  Remember that everything in your reality manifests from the concept of self. If our self-concept is amazing, so will our reality be.