Living Your True Authenticity


If there’s one thing that will get you where you need to be in life, it’s living your true authentic self. Your authenticity must shine, it must radiate and it must be felt by yourself and your environment. Being your true self is so empowering and inspiring. It’s magnetic and it’s real, therefore it’s supernatural and simply wonderful.

The ones who are authentic and being their true selves are the most successful in life. If you ever notice celebrities or artists who stand out from the crowd, it’s because they seem to be different. This “differentness” is actually their authenticity and it’s different because they are unique from most people. Everyone is unique in a sense, but the reason why they are unique is because they live their life being and showing their true selves. Most people these days live up to others expectations and follow the crowd. The crowd is that group of people that simply follow a “trend” just because it’s a trend. Simply because it’s what most people do. But what most people do, isn’t necessarily what’s the right thing to do. In fact, often times it’s not. The people who choose to expand their mind and are driven to look what’s beyond the veil to unravel their true selves, are those who go the furthest in life. They are the ones everyone look up to, in the end, after breaking society’s boundaries and showcasing themselves to the world.



Who cares what people think. Those who are opiniated and judgemental of others often wish they were as courageous. It’s a shame that because of this the ones who are meant to stand out are afraid to be judged, for no real apparent reason. Holding yourself back from expressing your true authentic nature is damaging, to your soul. It’s keeping a void inside that must be filled with love and true self expression. Challenge yourself to live your life as the true you. Who you really are without fear of declining when it’s a “no” to yourself. The you who is not afraid to tell the world who you really are. You want to become your true authentic self to become free. Unless you are free from living a life and persona that isn’t really you, you are a slave to your own mind, body and soul.

Start small and take things step by step. Let go of the identity that isn’t the real you and become who you want to be and are supposed to be. Being your true authentic self will enrich your life like never before. You will feel actually free for the first time in your life. You are not truly living freely as long as you are not living up to your truest potential and hiding who you really are from the crowd. The crowd must know who you are because you can’t shy away from your true self. To be truly accepted is to be yourself. Any time you are not being your true self you are lying to yourself. Our differences and imperfections makes the world perfect. It’s beautiful because it’s imperfectly perfect. Therefore, share your uniqueness and stand out by being as authentic as you are. The more you are you, the more the light shines upon you and the more the universe smiles back at you. The person who’s in alignment with themselves is in alignment with the abundance of the universe.