The Importance Of Standing In Your Uniqueness


What makes someone stand out is their differences from other people, their uniqueness. What can not be copied or replicated by another person. Your uniqueness is your advantage. It is these things that we can use to benefit us and make our lives work in our favour. Each individual’s mind works differently, that is what is so fascinating about the human nature. Each individual has their own talents and interests and they must be used to create and express their true nature. They must be used to create something that allows spiritual and emotional growth for the individual himself and the entire collective. What makes you different makes you unique and what makes you unique, makes you stand out.

A great amount of people within our society are bothered about the opinion of others, that they forget to live their lives according to their means. They have completely forgotten that their life is about their truth and not those of other people. It is a truth and a fact that also at the same time, those who care less about the opinions of others, reach further and accomplish more in life, than those who do. We fear these opinions because we want to be socially accepted by society. We want to feel as being a part of the collective, because we have come to believe that being anything else than “normal” or “main stream” is strange, stupid or socially disturbing. These are all false beliefs that have ingrained our subconscious mind and are hindering us from living our own truths and best lives.



Whoever dares to be themselves and live their life according to their own means, is the most happy. If you just take a look around, you will certainly find someone in your life or someone you know where this applies to. If we look at some people who became very famous, you will also see that those who are the most popular, stand out the most because they are “different”.  A few Hollywood stars who became extremely successful due to their uniquess; Marilyn Monroe, Freddie Mercury, Bruce Lee, Prince, Cardi B, Steve Jobs etc. People initially tend to think that expressing their differences is a negative thing or something that will not work out in their favour. However, in actuality the exact opposite is most often true. What people truly find interesting is someone or something that is different from what they are used to knowing. When you come out of your shelf and express the real you, you do not only feel much more vibrant and alive, you also gain more success because you are attracting the right people and opportunities that match your authentic energy. Life is truly worth living, but definitely that much more when you live your truest authenticity.

Do not be afraid to experiment and explore what drives you. You might just find something that you really love or are extremely good at, that you have never even thought about or considered doing or engaging in. We can only know our deepest desires when we go to find out what they are. As long as we settle and view and live life through a limiting mindset, we will always feel and be separated from what is truly calling us. Read the article “Your Judgement Is Your Consent” under the category “manifestation” on this website for greater detail about this subject matter. What differs you from the rest is literally your greatest superpower and you can use it to live the most wonderful life that you dream of. You must recognize it, accept it, use it and honour it. The talents and characteristics that makes you unique can bring you to greater lengths than anything you settle for ever will.