Wealth Habits – The Successful Habits of Wealthy People


The reason why wealthy people are wealthy, is because they have adopted certain habits that made them wealthy. The choices they make every single day provide them the opportunity to become successful over time. It is no secret that we become who we are by the decisions we choose to make on a daily basis. Many people know this, yet few people are highly conscious about the consequences of their every day decisions and therefore create poor habits, leading to a not-so monetary wealthy life. Below I have listed a variety of habits that are common among wealthy people, so that you can adopt them and become wealthy, too.


1. Investing in yourself

Every person who is successful will probably agree that the best investment, is the investment you put in yourself. If there is something that you want, you better make sure that you are qualified to obtain it. Yes sure, it all comes down to what you want to obtain more specifically, but generally speaking, the more you invest in yourself the more advantages you will be able to profit from. You must do your homework if you want something, whatever it is. Make sure that you are working towards the vision that you hold for yourself every single day. Remember that you, are your most valuable asset.


2. Reading books related to your niche/field

Reading is a habit that tends to be overlooked by many, yet it is so essential and worth the investment. This habit is a must if you want to grow both on a professional, as well as on a personal level. It becomes a natural effect that when you invest into learning more about the field you specialize in, you also understand it better and you are also able to provide better services to the people you work with. Consider committing to reading the same amount of books or pages every day or week, whatever applies to your abilities and schedule. That way you develop a routine which makes it easier to continue doing it long-term.


3. Starting your day productively

The things we do in the morning right after we wake up, often determines what the rest of our day will look like. Ideally, you should wake up early between 5-8am, depending on your own schedule of course. By waking up at an early time, you get to enjoy more of the day while it is still light outside and it will much more likely cause you to be more productive during the day. When you wake up late, you are often times less alert as darkness progresses due to the chemical melatonin your brain releases. So when you start your day early and productively (provided the tasks you do related to your business or personal development), you are in the perfect space to reprogram the subconscious mind from old negative beliefs, since the brain then operates from the theta state or goes into theta brain waves. From the moment you wake up until at least one hour after, only do activities that provide benefits or are in alignment with your goals.


4. Only remaining close in contact with successful people, or people that aim to be successful and are taking initial steps to achieve it

There is a famous saying that goes; “show me your closest friends and I will show you who you are”. It tends to be true more often than not, that the people we surround ourselves with the most, influence us the most. Therefore, you do not want to surround yourself with people who do not strive to be wealthy and successful, as this will have a negative impact on yourself. Such people tend to hold you back from where you need to be, even if they do not intend to do so. Minimize the amount of contact with people who have the potential to do that, and surround yourself with people whom you can learn from and are wealthy and successful individuals themselves.


5. Only speaking highly of yourself

What you put after “I am”, is what you become. Carefully use the right words and be mindful who you identify as. Think highly of yourself in a healthy confident manner. To exert confidence is a highly important and beneficial skill in any social interaction. It shows that you know what you stand for and that there is something about you that is special. Healthy confidence is mesmerizing, sexy and exciting. It is quite the opposite of grandiosity; you display a charming confident energy while still maintaining a sense of humbleness.



6. Daily visualizing

You can only manifest your dream life when you know how that life looks like. Get into a habit of daily visualizing your goals in first person point of view and watch your dreams becoming a reality. Pretty much anybody who has acquired great wealth at one point started visualizing the life they desired to have. Visualizing your goals is essential and must be done every single day in order to shift realities. In order to acquire wealth, you must see yourself wealthy first. You can visualize anytime and anywhere, so make use of the power of your imagination.


7. Realizing asset vs liability

Most people that are wealthy know the difference between an asset and a liability. The difference is simple: a liability takes money away from your pocket, an asset puts money into your pocket. An asset is simply an investment, something you spend money on which in turn allows you to grow money over time. This is a famous concept from the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. Whenever you want to buy something, it is important to ask yourself whether the product you are buying is an asset or a liability. The essence is to limit the amount of money you spend on liabilities and focus on investing and growing your assets.


 8. What’s most important comes first

If you want to become wealthy, you have to prioritize things that are important. Tasks that are less important can wait until you have finished what is most important first. For example, watching your favorite Netflix show is not really a priority. Therefore it should be done after finishing writing emails or reading a book or doing other activities related to your area of work. It is more efficient to do the things that require the most work first, before doing things that need less attention, or physical or mental input. This way you are more likely to succeed doing the dirty work by the end of the day, even if by chance you get interrupted by unforeseen circumstances.


9. Maintaining the “right” attitude

Your attitude means everything. Your attitude is determined by your mindset, so make sure your mindset is always in check. That means training yourself to remain a positive outlook, recognizing abundance in every situation, expecting good results, knowing that you are rich already, knowing that you are worthy etc. With the right attitude, you can get almost anywhere in life. If you lack that attitude, probably not so much.. A good attitude is essential, it is so much more than exuding positivity and confidence, even though these are important factors. Your mindset and behaviour, which forms your attitude, needs to be rightly balanced. If you want to be wealthy, wear the positive attributes of a wealthy man. Think like a wealthy man and act like it.


10. Never giving up on your goals

This last habit is a very essential one, since without it you have already lost. A person who wishes to become successful and wealthy must never allow himself to give up. To achieve wealth is often a journey and for many one that comes with setbacks. As long as an individual refuses to give up, he is already a winner. But if he does, he has thrown away all of his chances. Do not allow for a difficult moment to disrupt the possibilities of the realization of wealth and success. Never forget that acquiring something great often takes building something from the ground up. It takes patience and resilience, but it is never impossible.