Killer Habits and Mistakes That Repel Money Attraction


There are some mistakes that many of us people make that unfortunately repel the money flow from coming in. These are beliefs that we have incorporated that are very detrimental to us to live the abundant life that we deserve.  We habitually tend to act in a particular way or do certain things without even thinking or considering the consequences much. It is important to become highly aware of these mentality habits because they do shape our (money) mindset and therefore our reality. You want to only exhibit the best possible traits, habits and beliefs in order to create the life and attract the money that you want, and that takes willpower and controlled focus of your subconscious mind. Let's go over what some of these habitual mistakes are.


1. You believe money is bad or evil

It is obvious that if you believe money is bad, little or no money will come to you. Money is energy just like everything else. You will not attract effortlessly what you believe is of any negative character. Since you must be in vibrational alignment with what you desire to attract, you must adopt a positive attitude about money and start thinking about all the reasons why money is good.

2. You have difficulty letting go of old stuff

It is essential that you get rid of old stuff that only fills your house with more clutter. Old stuff means old energy, keeping you stuck in memories of the past. If you want to welcome in the new, learn to let go of old things that have come to their expiration date. 

3. You flaunt about how cheap the item was that you bought to other people

I bet you know someone (or maybe it is you) who loves to tell their friends or family members how cheap the thing was that they bought; "Look at these shorts, they were only $5".  When you do this, you are actually subconsciously affirming to yourself that you are still in a reality where you do not have the money that you want. Chances are that if you would, you would not even buy these shorts or at least your attitude (state of consciousness) towards the purchase would be different. 

4. You are jealous or envy people who are financially wealthy or live a luxurious lifestyle

Whenever you are jealous or envy someone you are actually saying to yourself that that person has something that you lack. When you believe this to be a true statement, now you are only manifesting more of what you do not want, which is lack. Instead start viewing these people as a source of inspiration for what you want to manifest for yourself and be grateful that the Universe has brought you into alignment to show you these people, because that is actually a telling sign that you too can have what they have. Also make sure to be happy for them that they have manifested great abundance in their lives, because this puts you into a higher vibration which makes it easier for you to manifest your dreams.

5. You have difficulty being generous (giving away money or things of material value without the expectancy of receiving in return)

People that have difficulty being generous typically have a lack mindset. They believe that if they give, it will not return back to them or it will be hard for them to manifest the same or more back. If you notice that you have this particular mindset, start practicing giving things away just to help someone who can benefit or needs it. Do it for the sake of helping the other person and leave your wants and needs out of the equation.  You will very soon notice that the very thing you gave away will come back multiplied or in greater quantities. The only important thing is that you do not want or need anything in return. 

6. You always immediately check the receipt after you made a purchase

This is another poor money mindset habit that a lot of people have that keeps you in a low vibration and a cycle of repelling money instead of attracting it. The more you hold on to money (or anything for that matter), the more you are pushing it away. You want to adopt an abundant mindset around money and so you got to let loose about it. If you really think the cashier charged you way too much, you might want to consider speaking up about it. But try your best to let go of the control and simply do not really consider it. This way you are sending out energy to the Universe that shows that you have more than enough money and because of that, more will come.

7. You feel negative about spending money

Recognize the statement "money must flow"? That is actually very true. In order for money to keep coming to you, you must spend it. Because money is energy it needs to flow (literally), it can not stay stuck at one place. It is when we let go of something that it can actually come back, because we then are not resistant to it. This does not mean that you need to spend all that you have, but whenever you have money coming in do spend some of it and feel good about doing it. 

8. You work at a job just because it pays the bills

Working a job you do not like just because it pays the bills is really a manifestation killer, in many ways in fact. When you spend so much time doing something that makes you unhappy, it significantly influences your energy. Your aura becomes weaker and it makes you more prone to all sorts of problems. If you have to work the job because you really have no other choice because of certain obligations (such as children, rent etc), then do not impulsively quit but continue to do your job. But in the meantime I highly suggest to set the intention to find a job or career that is really in your heart.

9. You are an employee doing a 9 to 5 job (non-commission based)

First of all, I understand that some people like a 9 to 5 job for multiple reasons and that is perfectly fine. But from my experience and many others, it does make you more prone to limiting your view of income to solely base it on your job, because you are dependent on a paycheck, a fixed salary. When you work a commission job you have the opportunity to earn more than an exact given amount, and the advantage of that is that it opens a portal to viewing life as being more abundant because you are not so limited by a certain number. There is opportunity to earn more essentially, allowing you to see money in greater ways. These are the differences between the two and in my opinion these differences can make a significant impact on a person's life in a variety of numbers. 

10. You leave your best purchases (clothes, perfumes etc) for that "one special day"

People who truly make an effort to view their life as being abundant and áre abundant want to live their life to its fullest capacity, and because of this you will not see these people leaving their best clothes or jewellery for that one special day. They realize that every day is special and needs to be celebrated. They might not wear these items every month or week, but you will not see these particular people letting these things hang in the closet for years to come.