65 Powerful Love Affirmations - To Attract Your Ideal Relationship or SP (Specific Person)


Repeat out loud every day occasionally (preferably right after waking up and right before going to bed) your desired and most personal fitted love affirmations and also regularly in your head, repeat the same or others that you like or apply to you. You can also use these in other ways as per manifestation technique, f.e to create your own subliminals.

  1. Me and my SP are in the most perfect harmonious romantic relationship ♡
  2. My SP is head over heels in love with me ♡
  3. I only attract the best quality partner for me ♡
  4. My relationship is a real life fairytale ♡
  5. My SP tells and shows how much he loves me all the time ♡
  6. I am so secure in my relationship with my SP ♡
  7. My SP can’t stop thinking about me ♡
  8. My relationship with my SP is everything I ever wanted ♡
  9. My relationship is exactly what I deeply want and need ♡
  10. I am always being showered with gestures of love by my SP ♡
  11. My SP always makes me and our relationship a priority ♡
  12. My SP has eyes for me only ♡
  13. I am my SP's favorite person ♡
  14. I am always being treated with the most love, respect and loyalty by my SP ♡
  15. Every day my SP falls more deeply in love with me ♡
  16. My SP thinks about me constantly even when I’m not around ♡
  17. My SP wants to take things to the next level with me ♡
  18. My SP and I are in a happy union ♡
  19. My SP is (healthily) addicted to me ♡
  20. My SP can’t keep their eyes off of me ♡
  21. They want me all the time ♡
  22. We are the ultimate dream couple ♡
  23. Our relationship is blessed by God ♡
  24. I feel so lucky to have found my dream husband/wife ♡
  25. My SP ticks all the boxes of what I have always wanted in a partner ♡
  26. Love follows me wherever I go ♡
  27. Love is easy for me to have and attract ♡
  28. My energy attracts the love I deserve and desire ♡
  29. I am deserving of the love I want ♡
  30. I am open to receive the love I want ♡
  31. I am experiencing the love I want now ♡
  32. The love between me and my SP feels like ecstasy ♡
  33. I am in a relationship with my prince charming/knight in shining armor/queen ♡
  34. I am one with the love of my life ♡
  35. My SP gives me all the attention I want and need ♡
  36. My SP is deeply seriously and emotionally invested in me ♡
  37. I am always on my SP's mind ♡
  38. Me and my SP are divinely guided by spirit ♡
  39. I am my SP's favorite drug ♡
  40. My SP has never loved anyone as much as they love me ♡
  41. My SP wants to be with me forever and ever ♡
  42. I am the only one my SP wants and will ever want ♡
  43. My SP always desires my company ♡
  44. I am in a healthy and loving relationship with my soulmate/twinflame ♡
  45. Being together with my SP feels like winning the jackpot ♡
  46. My SP always supports me ♡
  47. My SP compliments me all the time ♡
  48. Their love for me is unconditional and boundless ♡
  49. I always receive the most thoughtful and loving messages from my SP ♡
  50. Me and my SP are forever together ♡
  51. My self-love attracts the right person for me ♡
  52. My SP always puts me on a pedestal ♡
  53. I am treated like royalty by my SP ♡
  54. Me and my SP are living the dream life ♡
  55. Me and my SP belong together ♡
  56. Me and my SP are a match made in heaven ♡
  57. Every day with my SP feels like a blessing ♡
  58. The love I have for myself draws my SP closer to me ♡
  59. I am a magnet for love ♡
  60. I am magnetic to my SP ♡
  61. I believe in love and that I deserve love ♡
  62. Whom I desire, desires me ♡
  63. I am vibrationally in alignment with my soulmate/twinflame ♡
  64. Me and my SP's heart fit perfectly together ♡
  65. I am and feel love ♡