You Meet Your Future Spouse When These 5 Things Happen


Have you ever wondered when you’re going to meet your future husband or wife? You might think that it’s impossible to predict the timing of when you’re about to meet “the one” but actually, it’s pretty easy to foretell. Just like weather men or women predict weather forecasts based on certain atmospheric variables and doctors are able to conclude warning signs on illnesses, so are we ourselves capable of prophesizing the timing event of when you will cross paths with that one and only special someone. The precise date however may not be known but a general time period can definitely be observed by the five following signs.

1) You have started your spiritual journey

Your true spiritual journey often starts when you become aware of your true nature (a soul in a human body) and went through a "dark night of the soul" period (which often but not always, occurs as a result of significant traumatic experiences). Like most spiritual people are aware of, this particular journey and learning experience is truly never-ending for the soul (whether you are consciously aware that you're on a spiritual path or not), especially for those choosing to participate in the human incarnation, and does play a significant role in bringing you closer to your soulmate or twinflame. It can of course be the case that someone meets their life partner without ever having embarked on their spiritual path, with neither a plan or higher purpose to ever do so, as we see this happening all the time all around the world; however if you have started and especially, have so far come a long way on your journey and want to meet your better half, it could be a sign that you are finally about to meet them. This is simply because of the significant progress you've made in regards to aligning with the transcendental (higher) self, which causes you to naturally attract someone who meets you at that same level. Balancing out the yin and yen energies in your chakra system as a consequence of spiritual growth, also allows for greater opportunities to come toward you, especially in love.

2) You have done the inner (shadow) work

It is furthermore witnessed that when a person has done a great part of spiritual work on themselves: developing conscious awareness, healing inner child, balancing energy system, connecting to the higher self etc, that they finally become magnetically attracted to the one person they truly desire and whom desires them. Before that, they will either find themselves to be single (happily or not) or in relationships with people who are far from compatible with them on an emotional, physical and spiritual level. A general case scenario will be where the outcome of at least one of these three components is not in harmonious resonance with the characteristics of the individual themselves. Spiritual work also commonly gets referred to as “shadow work” and this is because it literally requires you to work on the shadow parts of your personality; you can’t fully integrate and become the new you, when you’re still attached to the old version of yourself and you definitely can’t attract the person you’re meant to be with, if you’re still stuck in an (outdated) unwanted paradigm.

3) You are open to meeting your significant other

Many individuals don’t consciously realise this but you can't meet your significant other if you’re emotionally closed off from meeting that opportunity; it’s impossible to meet anyone for that matter, who’s on a different vibrational  frequency than you. You must be willing first to allow that person to come into your life before it can actually happen; it may sound obvious but it’s not that evident for everyone. How many times have you heard people complain about the fact that their “prince charming” or “woman of their dreams” takes such a long time to come into their lives or has likely lost their way to them? People say such things all the time, not realising that from a non-ego perspective, they really don’t want to meet that person at that specific point in their lives; this may be for various reasons and many times partially plays out at a subconscious level, perhaps because they don’t feel confident enough about themselves regarding their looks, communication skills or even money or living situation. The underlying reason will vary but the essence is that you will only be able to come into contact with your future wife or husband, when you are truly open and ready for them - but when you are, reality will reflect how all of the sudden, almighty universal forces start making way to bring you, your divine counterpart.

4) You have officially given up casual dating and/or only desire "the one"

If you really only want to catch one specific type of fish, you’re not going to keep pouring out the fishhook in search for lots of random fish or settle with one that just looks or tastes good. That is, when you want to find that one person, you don’t care about dating a bunch of people just for the sake of it or the next best person who comes along, because you only want to be with the one who is right for you. This is the typical mindset with people who intent to only commit to that one special “fish”, though more often than not, after initially experiencing some hurdles in previous failed relationships. Nevertheless, once someone has fully committed themselves to solely being in partnership with the love of their life, naturally they will stop engaging in meaningless dating since they simply don’t see value in it; they are willing to wait and go the extra mile for that other person because they know it will be worthwhile in the end. When you come to the realisation that casual relationships or regular dating don’t bring you the pleasure or happiness you seek and that you long for a much deeper connection with someone on all levels, you may have come to the point where you’re ready to meet your future spouse. Now the universe can bring the both of you together in sacred union, because you have made space for it to happen.

5) The universe sends you signs 

The universe likes to send hidden messages via "signs" before something big is about to manifest, and the same counts for when you will meet your lifelong partner. Whether you will recognise these signs, depends on whether or not you’ve already awakened to your true self; otherwise you may possibly overlook them. Signs or omens come in many forms, such as angel numbers (mostly “1111”, “69”, “222” and “2222”, in the context of romance, with each number or number sequence having a specific meaning attached to them), songs, seeing couples who are in love everywhere you go or even seeing or hearing the same name frequently could be an indication that your significant other carries the same or a similar name! Another way signs can manifest is via synchronistic events that lead you from point A to point B; f.e you have asked God or the universe to reveal to you your future spouse and soon after, you meet someone who wants to introduce you to someone they think could be a great fit for you. In this case, that particular person may or may not be the one you will end up marrying but it will be a clear giveaway that you are on the right path to meeting “the one”. The reason why is because you are in vibrational harmony with your intention; even if that person turns out not to be the one for you, they will act as a catalyst to move you closer to the one, who is thé one. The list of possible indicators regarding signs are endless but they are really cool to encounter because they are trustworthy clues you’re on the right path to your future spouse.