Clear-Cut Signs That You Are An Old Soul


Most people and also quantum scientists and spiritual teachers believe that a large amount of the population and also extraterrestrial beings from other planets and star systems are soul beings. A soul being is a conscious entity and exists separate from the ego, it is essentially “the real you”. It is the awareness that experiences everything that is the universe and its own existence. We are as Tom Campbell from MBT (My Big Theory of Everything) describes “individuated units of consciousness”. Each one of us is part of the larger consciousness system and at the same time unique from everyone else in the sense that we all experience our own reality. That said we all are the same because we come from the same source but also differ from one another since everyone experiences a different reality or simulation through their own consciousness.

The term “old soul” entails that some people are old souls and have lived many lives on our planet before, and that others are young souls who have only compared to old souls lived a few incarnations. The premise of reincarnation is that we as human beings keep coming back to evolve our consciousness. People who are old souls most often know that they are old souls or will at least have an inner gut feeling that they have experienced life on Earth many times before. These inclinations often come through a variety of different things. While some experience strong intuitive feelings, others physically remember past lives through their ability of recalling memories, dreams, past life regression (hypnosis) etc. There are many ways to find out if you are most likely an old soul. A very telling one is simply when you “just know”. Down below I have listed some of the most obvious signs that will tell if you are, an old soul.

1. "Been there, done that"

If you often feel bored or uninterested about many of the day-to-day stuff and even things that most people enjoy doing, such as visiting theme parks or going to the zoo, whatever it may be, then you might actually be an old soul. The reason you are not as excited about these things could have to do with the fact that you simply have done it so many times already! We obviously are not consciously aware that we have already experienced these things so much over and over again, but the subconscious mind still remembers. Somewhere deep within the subconscious there is still a record of our past life experiences, and that is why we just are not as excited as we used to about some of the things that we are ought to enjoy more or be more excited about.

2. You are not really a materialistic person

Do not get me wrong here, you might be someone who enjoys going out for a fancy dinner or likes to wear expensive clothing, but that is not really the point. The point is that that is not the only or main thing you care about. You value the spiritual side of life at least just as much. You can have a lot of material things and not be materialistic, it depends on your outlook towards life and those things.  Is your purpose of living solely to acquire a lot of money, spend it on luxury items and live a rich lifestyle? Or is it to become wealthy so that you can live your best life and at the same time provide service and value to other people? The first premise would indicate that you lean more toward being materialistic, which is not always a bad thing, but generally speaking souls who are older and more spiritually mature tend to be somewhat less involved or interested in the material or superficial aspects of life.

3. You are very skilled or talented at multiple things

A person who has lived life on Earth many times before has had the chance to practice and become a master at something due to their many incarnations and because of that often are multitalented people. These people are those crazy talented musicians you see on tv, those keen-minded entrepreneurs who own over ten different companies, those gymnasts who naturally seem remarkably talented etc. The truth is that these people have such incredible talents because they have done it so many times before. Whatever you do plenty enough times you naturally become skilled at, or at least that is generally speaking. But still these people deserve great honour for their hard work and talents because it takes a lot of courage and perseverance to become highly successful at something.

4. You feel one with everything and everyone around you

When you truly see yourself as being part of a greater whole and you intuitively feel the interconnectedness with everything that exists, you definitely could be an old soul. A person who is more advanced in their consciousness will often feel connected on a deeper spiritual level toward other human beings, animals, the Earth and everything else. You do not view yourself as being separate from everyone and everything, but you can see and feel into the oneness of the whole universe. This does not necessarily mean that you are extraverted or very sociable, it just means that you recognize that there is no separation between you and other living beings, dimensions etc. Many times it is also seen that these people enjoy spending time outdoors in nature and love to do activities such as yoga and meditation to become more in tune with their surroundings. A lot of these people are also very creative and love to express their creative self-expression toward others as an emotional outlet; think of actors, singers, painters etc.

5. You have a higher level of consciousness (you reside in the 5th dimension)

As an old soul you will definitely have a higher sense of awareness and you will most likely experience Earth living in the 5th dimension. The 5th dimension is where unity, love and compassion resides. It is no longer about low-energy based circumstances and conditions, but about viewing the world from a higher perspective. When you live in the 5th dimension, there is a deeper sense of love and empathy that you have toward the world around you, even people you do not know. That is because you can see through the illusion of separation; race, colour, nationality, sex, sexual preference etc. A higher level of consciousness also means that you will have higher intuition and sometimes even psychic abilities. You will have the ability to download and channel divine wisdom from higher realms. To have higher levels of consciousness is amazing in many ways, because you just see and experience life very differently from other people which is a true gift. You can rest assure that you have been chosen to do something great and inspire others if you have greater levels of consciousness.

6. You like to research and learn about spiritual subjects

Typically old souls are fascinated with learning about all things spirituality and enjoy reading books or magazines and watching documentaries about esoteric related topics. It is not uncommon for these people to often become teachers due to their interest for occult and higher knowledge, whether in day-to-day life toward friends and family members or as professionals as they tend to be born with a talent for teaching. Many old souls have a wide variety of interest in spiritual subjects and love spending time digging deep researching and applying their knowledge in 3D reality. Some of these include holistic healing, gaining higher intuition, developing super human abilities, astral traveling etc. You are most likely an old soul if you love and find yourself indulging into spiritual related matter on a day-to-day basis.

7. You have had a spiritual awakening

If you are an old soul you definitely must have had or will have a spiritual awakening in this lifetime. It is pretty much inevitable as someone who has lived many incarnations. This is most likely to happen after going through some very emotionally painful events and circumstances in your life. These experiences are meant to happen to broaden your perspective on life and heal inner wounds in order to move forward in a more productive and successful manner. For most people a spiritual awakening is quite difficult and painful as I described earlier, but the person himself is always radically changed in a positive way after having the awakening. When you have a spiritual awakening you will just know that you experienced something significant, and in each case this also reflects on the outside.

8. You value serving and helping other people

Old souls find pleasure in serving and helping others because they are selfless and see the value in doing so. They feel happy when they know that by helping another person they can make someone else’s life a little easier. They also often have an inner awareness that it is their purpose to help people where they can. As an old soul you most likely will provide some kind of service that is of divine wisdom within your career, whether you are an artist, school teacher or business man. It does not matter what your occupation is, because it is just something that is innate in you. You are naturally very helpful and also a natural healer and often you have the right answers within you to help or assist someone else. Know that as an old soul your purpose is to be of service to others so that other people can benefit and learn from your wisdom that you gained through your own personal experiences.

9. You learn fast from your mistakes

You tend to not make the same mistakes as much as younger souls do because you simply have “been there, done that”. You are much more wise and spiritually developed as an old soul which grants you with a lot of benefits in this life. That is not to say that old souls do not make a lot of mistakes or that life as an old soul is a lot easier, in fact for most of them the opposite is true. Many old souls tend to make the worst mistakes especially before having their awakening, as part of their soul’s journey to reach greater levels of awareness. Life for them also is not always that easy as it is seen many times with old souls. Just like in a video game the last level is the most difficult one but also the most rewarding. In the end stage you are essentially fully developed, a lot wiser and more courageous. That is the beautiful part, but before that you need to go through a lot of hurdles along the way. In the beginning these hurdles seem very hard and discouraging, but after many trials and tribulations it gets easier and it becomes a lot more effortless to overcome these obstacles. This is because each experience simply makes you more experienced and the more experienced you become, the easier you can look past any difficulties and see the objective truth within a situation.

10. You know you are here for a higher spiritual mission

You know that your life purpose involves a greater, much larger spiritual mission than those who are not yet spiritually very evolved. Your destiny is to become a light for other souls who are lost and to show these people the path to love and self-realization. Your life path is different in the sense that you have other lessons to learn that are higher level-based compared to young souls. As an old soul you already went through and learned from the first levels’ lessons that were needed to level up to the higher levels. It is very likely that you always knew or had a feeling that your purpose is different from those around you and that you are supposed to become of greater influence toward humanity as a whole. If you are an old soul your purpose and life mission is to work hard on yourself so that you can become one with your true self and the universe. The reason for your life on Earth is to become that and lead others along the way to inspire and create a new Earth.