Hidden Messages and Wisdom in Things


It is believed since the beginning of the dawn of the human race, that everything holds a deeper meaning. For instance, there is a deeper meaning as to why the sun rises every day and the moon shows up in the sky every night. Without the sun and the moon, we could not exist. The Moon’s gravity on the Earth holds our planet together and the Sun’s rays makes it possible for all vegetation to survive, through its vital source of energy and ability to generate oxygen through photosynthesis. These are just small and obvious examples, but by becoming more consciously aware, you can become able to notice that everything holds a deeper meaning and reason for its existence and functioning. Everything that has been created serves its purpose and its function. We must always criticize and judge well objectively, while listening to our inner guidance system and never take any fact for granted, based on assumptions.

The majority of people view their lives or this reality, through a lens of “circumstance”.  The problem with that is that you also automatically place yourself in a victim-state mentality, doing this based off of your own perceptions and when you perceive yourself to be a victim, not only are you blind or ignorant to higher perceptions and insights, manifesting what you want also becomes a much harder job. The science of quantum physics has shown that there is no such thing as “circumstance”. There is only “probability” and every situation that you can possibly think of exists as a probability in the quantum field. The manifestation already exists as energy, in essence.



Understanding this basic concept of “circumstance and probability” is important. If we can comprehend this, then it also makes sense for us to understand that whenever we manifest something in our lives, it is because we attracted it. Knowing this automatically makes you become more and more aware in general. When we reach a level of experiencing heightened awareness or consciousness, we then become able to perceive of hidden meanings in all kinds of things and the further we are on our spiritual path, the better and easier we get to understand what they mean. One of the most common things that happen among people who have had a spiritual awakening is the experience of perceiving synchronicities. This can come in many forms; a popular synchronicity and number sequence individuals all over the world encounter are  “1111” or “222”, “333” etc.

Those who have not yet reached higher levels of awareness will not consciously experience synchronicities in their reality. It is not that these synchronicities do not show up for them; it is that their rational and critical mind automatically filters these synchronicities as “circumstance”, therefore they will not pick up on it and they will not notice it. The significance of synchronicities means the following: a deeply meaningful coincidence which mysteriously occurs in your life. Thus, a synchronicity can be anything that you perceive to have a deeper and meaningful meaning. Another example is hearing someone saying the exact thing you were just thinking about. Or seeing the car that you want everywhere you look. We do not perceive of these things by accident or because we are “looking” for them and therefore they occur or show up. They occur and we perceive of them because we are subconsciously focusing on it. Remember that the subconscious mind is basically a copy machine and takes in everything we focus on and prints it out into the 3D world so to speak as a physical experience.



Whenever we encounter and experience something in our physical world, there often in fact is a deeper significant meaning to that experience. We already know now by the paragraphs above that whenever we experience anything, it is a physical manifestation that came from thought. What this means is that our physical experiences tell us everything about our self-concept, the way we view ourselves and our lives. So in essence, all of our physical experiences have a deeper meaning in that sense. Our thoughts, emotions and physical experiences tell us everything about ourselves and because everything initially comes from thought, the synchronicities we have also show a hidden part of ourselves. They are a projection of our own subconscious mind. Therefore they also have hidden and significant meanings to them. The way to find out what they mean for you is to listen to your intuition or through connecting with your higher self. You can do this through asking your subconscious mind specific questions while becoming aware of the signs you will get. You certainly want to pay attention to where your intuiton is leading you toward and what information calls out to you. The chances are that this information is vital to the circumstances you are experiencing.The tarot is an oracle that can also help if you are familiar with it or if you know someone who can help by giving you a reading. There are numerous of ways on how you can connect more deeply with your intuition to help guide you through the things you wish to know more about.

Synchronicities  are simply a part of your subconscious mind and they reveal more about what is going on within your subconscious. They can reveal what you must be aware of or what is coming for you in the future, but they can also reveal subconscious fears or doubts. When you experience a synchronicity of the same thing occurring multiple times, it might mean that a specific manifestation is on the way. This is because our physical reality can only reflect back to us whatever we feed our subconscious mind, so our reality starts to show us whatever we are thinking about. Thus whenever we encounter something specific happening more than once, especially within a relatively short time span, you can expect a certain manifestation to come into fruition and to be of significant meaning.



It is also believed and said by psychic mediums and hypnotherapists that spirit guides, ancestors and angels also can be responsible for the reason  why you might be experiencing certain synchronicities. It is even said so by Matt Fraser, a famous psychic medium from the US, that these deceased loved ones and angelic beings choose in which way they communicate with us. For example, your deceased grandmother might have chosen to communicate with you through butterflies. So whenever you see one or more butterflies, you can expect your deceased grandmother to be communicating with you.

It is overall important to remain open to any information and signs you are given. They are given to you for a reason, so you must always listen to your intuition as to why you are seeing or experiencing a specific thing or situation. This can help you to move forward in the right direction with ease and comfort while making better decisions. There are hidden messages in almost everything. By becoming aware and mindful, you will find the answers you seek and need.