Five Sure Ways to Release Resistance


I suppose we can all agree on how annoying it is to have resistance when it comes to manifesting. However, it is necessary to find ways to release these heavy energy blocks, because that is really what resistance is. Having a ton of resistance toward you manifestation can really create blockages for your manifestation to come in fast, and can even potentially prevent your manifestation from materializing. Hence why it is important to look for and implement correct solutions that will make sure you do receive your manifestation, and preferably rather sooner than later. I have come up with five sure ways that are real game-changers and will drop or release resistance, in order to accelerate the whole process and guarantee your wish.


  1. Find peace and gratitude with what is

You must be at peace with the current state of affairs, even if things are difficult. I know that this can be very hard, but the more you practice being okay with what is, the easier it gets. This is very important, because whenever you are trying to manifest something, you are essentially calling in new energy and when you are resisting the present moment, energetically you are contradicting your desired state of consciousness and thus reality. So really try to find peace and acceptance with the present. This will not only benefit you because it  will improve your manifestation game, but it will also make you a lot happier because you are being more present and noticing the little things that actually are working out (that we often overlook when we hyper focus on what is not working out).

  1. Convince yourself that you do not need it (most of the time you do not)

Tell yourself that you do not need your manifestation, for whatever reason applies to your situation. Most of the time we do not actually, most of the time we just really want something and we get annoyed or upset when we do not have it. If it is something you really need, then try to come up with reasons why not having your manifestation is actually a great thing. Example: You are sick and you want to be completely healed and feel better. In this case you could tell yourself that you do not need to get better, because now you can stay at home from work and watch your favorite Netflix series. Of course you still want to get better, but that is just what you are going to tell yourself so to speak, in order to release any resistance.

    1. Convince yourself that you do not want it (because you already have it)

    Another great thing to tell yourself is that you do not want it, because of the very reason that you already have it. And actually you do already have it, it just has not physically manifested yet. But everything you want is really already present within you. You essentially think from the person that already has their manifestation, therefore you do not want it because you already are it or have it. In true essence, it is impossible to want something that you already possess. A great tip here is to really feel the emotions of that version of you that has their manifestation materialized.

    1. Make the manifestation smaller and yourself bigger

    A  mistake a lot of people make with manifesting, is that they make their manifestation so much bigger than themselves. They put their desire on a pedestal, giving it way too much importance and thus energetically pushing their manifestation further away. You must never make something bigger than yourself, because you are the creator of your reality. Therefore nothing is ever bigger than you. Your imagination is God, which means that anything that is seemingly “big” is an illusion. Everything stems from imagination and imagination is consciousness and all is consciousness, therefore everything is equal in its truest essence and nothing can ever be bigger than something else. Do not make things bigger than you, instead remember who you are and that your imagination is God.

    5. Accept the resistance and have sympathy for it

    This might seem strange, but it can really make a big difference. You got to accept the resistance that you are facing and actually have sympathy for it, in order to get rid of it. For me personally this tip helped a lot. The more you try to push something away, the more it actually persists and stays. You can only really get rid of what you do not want, by not resisting it, that is the trick. That is to first of all fully accept the current circumstances, before actively thinking or assuming something else you would want to manifest. Think about it this way: you attract more of what you are. So if you feel at peace and emotionally stable in this moment, that is what you will create more of. From that state you can then successfully set new intentions and create new things.