The True Impact of the State of Mind


Your state of mind is dictating your reality. Rule your mind or it will rule you. If you fill your subconscious mind with positivity, then that's what you will get back. If you fill your subconscious mind with negativity, then that's what you will receive. It doesn't care about what you want, it takes what you give and it replicates it into physical reality. Your state of mind rules your world. Your state of mind is reflected back in everything that you see in your world. Everything and everyone is a reflection of you. All that you are deeply within is found within your state of awareness.

Whether you’re vibrating on a high or low frequency, it is the type of frequency you tap into the most, determining whether you live a happy or not so happy life and whether you manifest successfully or not. Given how the Law of Attraction works, you magnetically attract things vibrating on a similar frequency. These are things that reflect your internal state of being.

This means that if you work to maintain a high frequency (through positivity, love, compassion, high productivity...) then you inevitably end up with more good things in your life. It is unfortunately also the same way around. When you have a lot of negative beliefs, you have a lot of negative thoughts, which inevitably will make you feel bad. Those negative thoughts hold a specific vibration which attract negative circumstances.

When we feel good, we send out positive energy into the Universe. We then are able to meet people who are on a similar vibrational frequency and we meet up with opportunities that match our high frequency vibration. Doing meditation and practicing self-love can invoke higher vibrational energy in your life.

When you practice meditation, you feel an inner peace and you are able to connect more to the higher self. You will learn to find stillness and calmness and to let go more of negativity. You can also practice self-love through meditation. While being in a complete calm sense of being, telling yourself things repeatedly like "I am worthy", "I am a person who's abundant", can really help change the way you see yourself and therefore in time, change the outer reality to your benefit.

Take a minute and think about what you’ve said to yourself or how you felt about yourself today. Was it critical? Or was it kind and helpful? The conversations you have with your inner self can be destructive or beneficial, because they are often at the root of your emotions. They influence how you respond to events in your life. Start to pay attention to your inner dialogue.