Ten Every Day Habits To Become Your Greatest Version


If you want to upgrade yourself to become the best  you, check out the following 10 golden rules below.


Waking Up On Time

Wake up on time to get the most productivity out of your day. Succesful people tend to wake up between 4am-8am. It's scientifically proven that people who wake up between these hours do not only get more things done throughout the day, they are also more persistent and less stressed and depressed.  Getting up on time will make you feel more energized and satisfied with your daily life. When you wake up early (4am-8am) you are likely to feel better emotionally, as well feeling less tired (if you have slept enough) and have more drive to complete your tasks for the day. Starting off your day well is crucial if you want to be the best version of yourself and be successful. 


Making a Daily Goal List

Make sure to have a notebook where you write your daily goals. Mark or strikethrough each goal you have completed. This will make you feel more motivated to complete all of your desired tasks for the day. Doing this daily will grant you with more determination and success to complete all that you want to achieve.



Investing in Your Appearance

Not everyone puts a lot of effort in their daily appearance, especially when they feel they don't have anything important to do. Start putting in more effort into yourself to make yourself feel great every single day. This includes your appearance. When you look great, you feel great and you do great. Make sure you are always nicely dressed, have your hair done properly etc. You don’t need to look your absolute best every single day of the week, but the better you look, the better you feel about yourself. That confidence will attract the right situations and opportunities.

If you always put little to no time into your appearance, subconsciously you are setting yourself up for a casual day and so that is what you will be attracting. If you want to be the best version of yourself, you want to attract more than just having a casual day. Therefore, dress for the energy that you want to attract. You will also feel more confident within yourself, that’s a win-win.


Using Affirmations

Be the best version of you by using positive affirmations every single day. Remind yourself to when you wake up in the morning (you can also always do this during the day) to immediately use powerful affirmations such as “I am successful”, “I can do anything I want”, "I am wealthy” etc. Reprogramming your subconscious mind to live an abundant life is extremely powerful to manifest your dream life.



Keep a journal where you write in every single day, every morning (and/or evening before going to bed) what you would like to manifest into your life. The great thing about journaling is that there are absolutely no limits. Journaling must be done and written as if it is happening in the present moment. So write everything down in present tense. Then feel the emotions with what you are writing down. When you feel something, your mind starts to think that you are living that reality.

Start off writing with being grateful for all that you already have (even if you don’t actually have it currently), thank God, The Universe… then start writing down how your day went and how you are feeling doing all of these amazing things (with what you would like to see happening for your manifestation). Lastly, close it off by thanking God, The Universe for all the blessings that you have received.



Working Out

Do a workout every single day, even if it only takes 15 minutes. You want to preferably do this in the morning before or after your meditation. This can also be yoga, it doesn’t have to be physically exhaustive. Exercising makes you feel more energized and excited for the day, because of the endorphins that the body releases. It’s also great for many health reasons and to get your blood pumping.



Meditating is extremely powerful to become a better version of yourself, because this will raise your awareness. This is important to have a greater and more meaningful understanding of life and yourself. Meditation has so many benefits; feeling more calm, increased consciousness, better control of (negative) thoughts etc.


Keeping Everything Clean and Neat

Keep your environment tidy and clean to surround yourself with positive energy only. When you are in a neat environment, you automatically feel better and more energized and motivated to do the things that you want to do.


Eating Healthy

You are what you eat as they say and it’s true. Every 28 days, the body produces new cells of the food you eat. Therefore it's essential to watch what you consume carefully. Make sure to eat healthy foods that benefit your body and spirit; little or no processed food, eat fresh fruit and vegetables every day and preferably no dead energy = meat/fish (because energy is transferable).



Loving And Accepting Yourself

Always love and accept yourself for who you are no matter the situation or curcumstances. Mistakes happen to be learned from and to make us evolve into better human beings and souls. Everyone is an unique individual with their own specific character, personality traits and talents. There’s no other single person on the planet like you and that makes you, you. Learn from the past and mistakes and own them, to make you become better. There’s no point in being sad or bitter about what happened in the past. We can choose to change the future in how we act and feel in the present moment. And remember, nobody is perfect. But you are perfect the way you are.