Manifesting With All Eight Phases of the Moon


The Moon is the closest celestial body located to Earth, with its distance of exactly 384,400 km away from our planet. Because of this, the energies of the Moon has enormous influence on the Earth and us human beings. The Moon is said to affect all aspects of life, from the weather to fertility, of which some provide more scientific evidence than others. One of the most obvious effects of this phenomena can be seen in the ocean tides. The gravitational force of the Moon depends on its distance at any given time, hence the portion of the Earth closest to the Moon is most strongly impacted by gravity. As the Earth rotates each day, the Moon’s gravity pulls the water on the nearest side of the Earth towards it, resulting into a tidal bulge. And while the Moon orbits the Earth, the tidal bulge behaves like a wave speeding around it. This effect manifests as the tides.

(all eight phases of the Moon, counter clockwise)

If you want to use the energy of the Moon to optimize your manifestation results, it is adviced to set intentions and/or do rituals especially at the time of the New Moon and at the time of the Full Moon, 2-3  days before both. However, it is also definitely possible to use all eight phases of the moon cycle to more precisely direct and follow up your manifestations, and perhaps accelerate them.


The eight phases of the Moon:

New Moon: This is the breeding and starting process for new energy to manifest and to think about the things you want to achieve by the Full Moon. It is very beneficial to write down these manifestations in a journal or piece of paper to get a clear picture on what it is you desire, and to set your intentions. Give yourself the time to really think about what exactly it is you want to manifest.

Waxing Crescent Moon: During this period the energy of the New Moon is building up. This is the time where you will take the first steps after setting your intentions, to make your manifestations come into fruition. You can do this by incorporating a specific ritual like taking a salt bath (to remove old negative energy) or even through setting up an altar including all four elements (air, fire, water, earth), while doing a specific prayer. Just make sure your environment is clean and serene and that you are comfortable.

First Quarter Half Moon: At the time of the First Quarter Half Moon, you want to take the real physical and mental initiative to make your wishes materialize. Think about all the things you have to do to make your manifestations come true. If you find it hard to figure out what those initiatives are, you can just ask your Higher Self to give you that answer, and it will come in due time. You want to essentially really “get to work”, when the Moon is half visible.

Waxing Gibbous Moon: This is the last period before the Moon reaches its full completion. This is the time to cut down on your physical and mental manifestation work and to allow yourself to relax a little more. At this time it is important to get into “receiving mode” and to visualize yourself having your manifestations, using all five of your senses. Preferably create a short scene and loophole this scene until it has all the tones of reality. Then you want to completely let go and just stay present, while remaining open to receive.

Full Moon: At the time of the Full Moon, the energy is very high and intense and at its peak. During the Full Moon and three days before, it is important to sit back and let go, and let the Universe do the final finishing work for you. Let go of any doubt or worry during this time and instead just go with the flow. You should now focus more of your energy on gratitude and keeping your abundance mind-set in check. A way to focus on gratitude and being grateful for the things you already have and are yet to come, is to write down what you are grateful for in this present moment and what you want to manifest, as if they have already happened.

Waning Gibbous Moon: Three days after the Full Moon, The Waning Gibbous Moon indicates that it is a time for self-awareness and reflection, as the Full Moon diminishes in light. It is now the time to get real with yourself on what might be holding you back from achieving your greatest potential. Dive deep during this time and try to find out if there are still some insecurities or limiting beliefs that stand in your way, and release them. The purpose of doing this now, is because during the Full Moon you were focused on being grateful for what you already have and what you are manifesting, and thus now is the moment to really reflect and ponder upon why or if there might have been difficulties or delays related to your manifestations.

Last Quarter Half Moon: During the time of the Last Quarter Half Moon, you are again going to put in the work, but now to work on your limiting beliefs. This is the time to focus on that and work through whatever is holding you back. A good idea would be to write down all the limiting beliefs you have and to cross over and write down the opposite of these beliefs. Do whatever you can to work on improving your beliefs and letting go of beliefs that do not serve you. If you find that you have resistance to letting go of old beliefs and welcoming new ones, a great tip is to not “fight” these old beliefs but accept that they are there and embrace them. By doing so, they will automatically fade away and your new desired beliefs will take place instead. Remember also to have patience in the process.

Waning Crescent Moon: The Waning Crescent Moon appears in the sky 72 hours before the New Moon. During this moon phase it is important to release any remaining negative energy and mental blocks that you have associated with certain things, and to allow space for a new cycle with new energy to emerge. It is advisable to clear your mental space and energy body during this time, in order to prepare for the New Moon. Activities such as meditation, yoga or anything that makes you feel calm and renewed are excellent during these three-days period. Do the necessary inner work so that you are emotionally and physically prepared to attract new manifestations when the next moon cycle starts!