The Essence of One Thing That Was Never Taught and Why (Super Important)


The essence of this subject has never been taught in regular school education and has most likely never been taught to you as well. Not in school, not at your job, not by your parents, nor by someone else you probably know and it's this --> awareness.The importance of awareness or consciousness has never been taught to the world community and there's a good reason why that is.

When a person has a certain level of awareness about who they are and the essence of reality, they become a master at creating their own reality. They gain more control over creation with their thoughts, beliefs, feelings and attitude. This is explained very simple, yet the physics of this goes much beyond this simple explained statement.

There are 6 levels of human consciousness within the universe. Some say there are more, it depends on how you would categorize and divide these levels. Most people on earth have been living in 3D consciousness for hundreds and thousands of years. At the current moment, there is a shift in consciousness happening on the planet where many are shifting from 3D to 4D and 5D consciousness. 

The reason why the importance of consciousness or awareness has never been taught in school education, is because there is a selective group of people in power that own control over keeping this information secretive. As much as this sounds like the definition of insanity, there's scientific proof which proves that human beings are a biological internet.

This information has purposely been left out, because it is if not, thé most powerful information for people to be aware of. The ability to have higher consciousness is similar to having superpowers. It means to create and shape one's reality in a way that's exact and beneficial to their own desires (becoming wealthy, healing oneself or others from diseases, to have telepathy, to predict future outcomes, to be able to perceive things out of this dimension etc).

The true essence and reality of this reality is that our world is only what we perceive it to be. The saying "reality is but a dream" is actually true in some way. Everything in this reality is our own consciousness pushed out. Every single person  has the ability to create and manifest their reality to their own desired wish fulfillment. We can only experience in our reality that which exists within our awareness. Whatever we give our energy to and focus on must be expressed in our outside environment.

If we are to watch the news every single day, like many people do, unconsciously we consume its low vibrational energy, since the media is designed to have people to focus on the negative (a reality where "normal" people operate from lower consciousness so that it's easier to control people's emotional and so financial well-being). We are then unconsciously impressing negative thoughts into our subconscious about our perception of the world, which then become replicated into our world.

If we are to day by day consume the same low vibrational energy, we are impressing our subconscious with negativity and fear, even if we aren't directly aware of it. As stated above, we can only experience what we are aware of, since the subconscious mind is constantly replicating what we experience with our senses.

If what we focus on most of the time is fear-based, we will collectively create and for ourselves individually, a reality where what we are focusing on is true. If 90% of the world population focuses on a reality similar to their own individual perception, then that reality becomes the true experience that we all experience collectively. Everything in our world is moved by energy and focus in particular energy directions.

By the perception and energy focus of one single person, the whole world can be moved to that reality. It's the job of the media, which is controlled by world leaders, to control what we focus on. In this manner these "world leaders" are able to create a reality for themselves that's beneficial and financially secure. Yet, this is at the expense of manipulating energy and people to their personal advantage. 

If the whole world population would have access to this information, there would be no governments or the system which governs our world would be extremely different from the current reality. There would be significantly a lot more people who are self-employed and there would be less poverty overall. The divide between rich and poor would be less great or extreme.

Because of our worldly hierarchy system, the riches are easily to become more rich and the average class and the poor stay in lower power. That is the number one reason why there are governments and people that control our finances and banking systems. Our world has a hierarchy system, which is originated by extremely wealthy people for centuries and is still governed by some of the wealthiest people in the world.

This information has been known for decades by the ancients. Yet, The Elite have been keeping this information exclusive from the outside world. By doing so, they have managed to work themselves to the top of society, because they understand that all is mental and reality is simply managed by where we put our energy and focus.

This system is created to bring in more wealth, from benefiting from the "lower" or average class people. Many of the richest people in the world are part of this system. Most of them keep themselves hiding behind a radar, yet most of these individuals are big CEO's, politicians, bankers etc. These people, as some call them the "Elite" or "Illuminati", have been controlling the world population for decades. They control nearly everything of true importance in our lives; from the media, school education, loans and even what's in food, tap and drinking water, which are designed to keep people operating from lower consciousness.

To become a master of your own reality instead of a follower, start having a mind of your own and think for yourself. Most people ignore their inner voice or their intuition too often and are therefore easy to be mislead and manipulated. They don't use their mind to analyze and think critically, because they are often too lazy or they think that because they hear people of higher society saying something on the news, that therefore it must be true.


People who don't use their higher mind and don't think critically for themselves are easy to be manipulated by people of higher society, who lead the world for their own financial profit. As of today there is more global world control and manipulation happening and it's becoming more obvious. We are seeing this with more rules and restrictions coming up with COVID-19 and its vaccine.

It's essential to continue to raise your vibration if you have already shifted into 4D and 5D consciousness. People that are still in lower vibrational energy will not most likely intentionally make that shift or raise their vibration, since they don't have the understanding of what it means and the purpose of it.

Therefore, there is also no point in pushing people to raise their consciousness, because they don't have the ability yet to analyze and understand its importance and therefore won't commit to doing so. However, if you find yourself exhibiting 4D or 5D consciousness, continue to raise your vibration and consciousness by f.e. meditation and consuming the right beverages.

Raising one's consciousness is essential to get the most out of life, to live a more happy, meaningful and fulfilled life, to make dreams and wishes come true more easily and to perceive more than only the 3D world. The 3D world is very restricted in what is actually available to perceive, as well emotionally, spiritually as physically. The more elevated one's consciousness, the more exciting and effortless life will be.